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Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2012-10-03

Truly awful. Here's your 5.

SixDigitDebt - 2012-10-03

Who are these he-bitches?

Evil. 5.

bac - 2012-10-04

Hey remember a few years ago when everybody (well a whole goddamn lot of people) were using the word gay in reference to anything that was lame...you ever notice how people don't do that much anymore? The reason is that it's degrading and insulting and I'm fairly happy that as a society we seem to have left it by the wayside (the same with being "jewed" out of something). if you don't see the correlation between that and how a majority of insults are gendered and shameful to women...well that's pretty shitty man.

SixDigitDebt - 2012-10-04

You mean the way that the homosexuals took the word 'gay' which meant 'happy' and changed it to mean 'homosexual'?

And then the rest of us took the word 'gay' and made it mean 'lame ass retarded'?

And the way the homosexual community lost their shit when that started happening because apparently faggots are the only group of people who are allowed to change the meaning of a word?

Whatever you're selling, I'm not buying.

Caminante Nocturno - 2012-10-03

If telling bad jokes is more important than the issue you're talking about, then it's not a very important issue to you.

TheMarsTravolta - 2012-10-03

There is no correlation between a good sense of humor and one's conviction of principles. Not funny, but I enjoyed the video.

Old_Zircon - 2012-10-03

Gaydar needle: pinned.

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2012-10-03

From his Wikipedia page:

"Branum was hired as a writer for Unscrewed with Martin Sargent while it was still on TechTV in San Francisco.[citation needed] On Unscrewed, he regularly appeared as a sweater model and as The Ambassador of Gay."

So please refer to him as MISTER Ambassador.

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2012-10-03

Wow. Checking his Wikipedia entry:

"He attended the University of California, Berkeley from 1994-1998 where he was a history and political science major. He wrote a column there for the Daily Californian, one of which brought the United States Secret Service to his apartment for a column in November 1997 before the Big Game between Berkeley and Stanford University, in which he made mocking suggestions that Berkeley students attack Stanford Freshman Chelsea Clinton."

Just about everything else is tagged "Citation Needed," but a lot of it involves working at G4. If you're going to lie about where you've worked, who would pick THAT?

Blue - 2012-10-03

I worked at G4 for several years. I think it's a great place to lie about working at.

TeenerTot - 2012-10-04

I worked at G4 too, and I'm lying about it right now.

StanleyPain - 2012-10-03

This is awful, but at least he's sort of right-ish side of things rather than some screamy, counter-pounding wanna-be YouTube celeb who wants to be edge by calling women bitches every 5 seconds and thinking it's funny to invoke rape jokes pretty much as much as you possible can. (i.e. Amazing Atheist)

FABIO - 2012-10-03

Sort of-ish. Complaining that men are more visually stimulated than women? That aint ever changing.

Women use "bitch" a lot more often than any guy I've known. It's about as sexist as gendered pronouns.

Blue - 2012-10-03

What the fuck are you talking about? He doesn't even address sexual objectification as an issue, that's a single sentence in the intro to the section about rape. However, pretending that this issue actually was in this video, that's not what feminists are objecting to. The issue is not that gentlemen like looking at attractive ladies. That you thought that was the issue make you dumb. It's not my fucking job to explain it to you, but I'll give you a hint: The most common rebuttal to a feminist argument made by a woman is a negative evaluation of that woman's appearance.

Bitch is the least sexist gendered insult he could come up with. It's not an example of someone being particularly sexist, he was demonstrating how hard it is for normal, non sexist people to avoid using gendered insults.

Cherry Pop Culture - 2012-10-04

So at my campus, we have a white kid named Dennis. He feels like a victim because he was told he was racist back him high school and says some women don't like some of the terms like "Master and Slave" drive. A white male who's heterosexual that complains about being disturbed from his high place in the food chain.

I hope I'm not derailing anything. This just happened the other day. Blue's response made me think of the lad.

American Standard - 2012-10-04

You're offended by something I said or did? Well, THAT offends ME!

- White People

Gallez - 2012-10-03

Doesn't deliver. He's lispy and schlubby and not exactly electrifying, but at least he's got sets, a camera person, and some editing. That and the fact that it seems like he did more than one take and he's trying to talk about something that's not other videos on Youtube makes this better than 90% of Youtube.

dairyqueenlatifah - 2012-10-03

I made it to 2:13 and couldn't take it anymore.

The only thing worse than a flamming queen is a fat flamming attention whore queen on a soap box passing off opinions as facts while attempting forced humor and failing at it.

So yeah, five for evil.

Blue - 2012-10-03

What opinions is he trying to pass off as facts?

Old_Zircon - 2012-10-04

Yeah, I agree with him on pretty much all of the issues but my god is everything about the presentation of them a disaster.

Blue - 2012-10-04

Yeah, I've yet to hear anybody actually comment negatively about any of the things he said. Every time feminism comes up people always react this way.

No, it is not obvious what is wrong with what this man is saying. He is right. None of the goals of feminism are even remotely controversial but merely supporting the movement is. Why?

All that people ever have to say is "that feminist is ugly" or "her voice is shrill" or some bullshit about hating men. Or this gem: "attention whore". What's wrong with wanting attention? Is making a Youtube video REALLY going too far? Why would you even be on poenews if you couldn't stand to watch videos made by people that wanted you to watch them?

People on the right and a large part of the left agree that feminism is bad simply because the voices of actual fucking feminists are drowned out by people repeating shit that originated from Rush Limbaugh's show.

American Standard - 2012-10-04

These are for Blue. Attacking the speaker: Proof you haven't got a rebuttal. Always has been, always will be.

Simillion - 2012-10-04

I'm GLAD this only has 20,000 views because this is evil and this shouldn't be seen by too many morons because it doesn't even have its facts right and that guy is gay btw.

Blue - 2012-10-04

What is wrong with the facts?

American Standard - 2012-10-04

I keep hearing from y'all that dude's got his facts wrong, but I've yet to hear which facts those might be.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2012-10-04

Well, I think he's dreamy.

Lucid arguements, a nice fast pace. Don't know what else you want from this kind of video.


kingofthenothing - 2012-10-06

Yeah, I mean, it's not a lot of new stuff, but it's not bad. Sometimes people need to be beat over the head with truth. Even me, once upon a time. Hung out with the wrong people, let other people's bad personalities bleed into mine, and it took some time to see the error of my ways.

I think everyone who has a brain can understand that people getting fair treatment and acting like decent human beings to one another is a good thing. If you have any kind of honor code, you have to believe that. That's all women are asking for. Yes, society still treats women like shit. So for the people who think this video is "evil", let's do some thought experiments.

If someone tried telling you what you could or couldn't do you with your balls, you'd throw a fit. "What do you mean I can't beat off but so many times a week? It's my seed, I have the right to waste it if I want." If people put up graphic spooge billboards saying how God punished Onan because he let his jizz hit the dirt (Never mind that he was fucking his brother's wife and didn't want his brother to have to raise his kid- PULLING OUT is the real sin), complete with Bible verses trying to guilt trip you into feeling bad for all the potential future people society missed out on during your morning shower, etc., you'd have a fit. You wouldn't stand for it, and you know what? You shouldn't. That'd be fucked up. It's your cock and balls, nobody has the right to tell you how you use them.

And the thing is, if you're a short dude, and you have a fat, taller, ugly woman boss who's constantly sexually harassing you and making your work life hell, and the economy sucks and it took you a year to find the job you have now, and you live in a state where they can just fire you for no reason, and every day you go to work you feel ashamed because nobody would have sympathy if you told them, that's even if they believed you, and the whole time have to constantly look over your shoulder and hope your boss isn't stalking you, then congratulations, because then you'd feel a little bit of what it's like to be a woman in almost any situation. Like on a dark night, in the laundromat by themselves, wondering if their eyes are playing tricks on them or if someone really is watching them from the shadows.

Now imagine you watch t.v. or movies and it's almost all dudes with no shirts and the camera zooms in on the guy's ass or takes a slow shot of their muscles. Some of you would probably be alright with that, but if you're a straight dude, you're going to be like 'man, this is gross. Change the channel.' But you change it to another channel and it's still reverse Baywatch, showing David Hasselhoff slowly coming out water. Or some dude bending over slowly to pick up something he dropped. And it's like that all the time, pretty much 24-7. Instead of looking at the cleavage you've become accustomed to, you've got to deal with crotch shots of jean semi-boners. Seriously, if t.v. and movies started becoming one big sausage fest, you'd either have to become comfortable with your own sexuality real quick, or you'd be like "man, this is bullshit." Or maybe music videos with dude construction workers washing cars all slowly is your thing?

Alright now for the real kick in the balls. Name me a good woman supervillain. I don't mean some chick in a bondage/cat suit, or the Joker's hooker. I mean a woman who could be considered bad, and badass, in her own right. Seriously, how would it be if all the really juicy evil roles were just women, with 80's style Fabio or Dolph Lundgren as their dumb eye-candy sidekicks? You'd probably stop going to the movies. "All the guy ever does is the manual labor and just stand there seducing the camera." The thing is, real life has had a lot of real life woman badasses of crime. Check out the "Cocaine Cowboys" documentary for a good example.

I'm not even going to get into the pay rate thing, except to pose a test you can do for yourself - have a female friend play along - have both of you call up job offers around town, with the same relative background and education, and just ask how much you think you could make, starting out. Call the same places to keep it fair. At the end of the test, add up the totals, average out the starting salaries from the places you called, and the places she called. I'm sure you'll be surprised.

bac - 2012-10-04

Can anybody who's deriding this as evil actually explain why they are or are you just trumpeting our cultures blatent misunderstanding of what feminism actually is? Are you against equal pay? reproductive rights? Do you think it's a womans fault if she was raped for what she was wearing? I am utterly baffled by the responses this video has recieved. Evil? seriously?

CJH - 2012-10-04

what is confusing about homophobia?

Grandmaster Funk - 2012-10-04

I liked it. I was sold from "80 cents on the dollar," even without clarification, since at least he avoided saying "70 cents on the dollar for doing the same job" which isn't even close to true, though it's part of feminist pop culture and can therefore never be questioned.

However, check out his "50 Shades of Grey" video, where he mansplains women's sexual desires and calls women authors "dumpy." Didn't take long to see he was a blazing hypocrite.

bac - 2012-10-04

Yeah wanted to bring that up but stuck with peoples ignorance of feminism. I do enjoy how many responses to this are about his sexuality and not what he's talking about. People are actually saying "I can't think because of all the gay!" At least I think that's what you were implying?

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2012-10-04

I'm not convinced that this is hypocritical, but I don't csre about ANYONE's opinion of "Fifty Shades of Grey", especially my own.

bac - 2012-10-04

To GrandF: I haven't seen anything else ths guy's put up. I just like it because it's a fairly quick guide about shit that still matters.

bac - 2012-10-05

Oh it wasn't just "them" that got upset about people using the word gay in a demaning way some of "us" did too.

I'm actually more curious as to why you said this video was evil? Do you disagree with the things being said? That women have a right to speak for their own health? get payed equally? not get blamed for being brutalized in one of the most horrible ways possible? I'm really fucking curious man...I don't get how people can be against thiese things and if you aren't then why call this video evil? because it's called feminism? is it because one of them hosted it?

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