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StanleyPain - 2012-11-18

you suck

il fiore bel - 2012-11-18

You sure?

HiThere24 - 2012-11-18

idk wat ur problem is stan..?

baleen - 2012-11-19


Twitch - 2012-11-19

2 TRU 4 U

Snakeweapon - 2012-11-21

I'm torn between what's worse in this one; the busted flow, the trite lyrical content, or the instrumental with the fake scratching.

Here's a pro tip; lower your goddamn vocals in the mix, and for fucks sakes use a fucking pop filter or back the fuck off. Do you listen to these things back or just post them?

Stopheles - 2012-11-22

Speaking as someone who used to rap and shop demos: it's one thing to proclaim yourself to be the illest MC in the world, but it's quite another to five-star your own submissions on POETV.

Also, Snakeweapon's assessment is totally on-point. You fucking suck.

HiThere24 - 2012-11-23


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