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misterbuns - 2013-01-17

Chaos Reigns.

poopy - 2013-01-17

http://www.yout ube.com/watch?v=Vmn9asN-8AE

paranex - 2013-01-17

The first fifteen seconds of this video are creepier than that little girl in Apocalypto.

Jet Bin Fever - 2013-01-17

After over 20 years we've finally found a practical use for Roxette.

That guy - 2013-01-17

Or at least a practical use for degradation.

Old_Zircon - 2013-01-17

I watched half of this and then watched the original video for the first time since 1990.

If that song was written to me I'd get a restraining order.

kingofthenothing - 2013-01-18

Tell me why.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2013-01-17


mouser - 2013-01-17

Give me a hard copy right there.

Innocent Bystander - 2013-01-17

I was all ready to call dupe too.

This would be a neat trick to employ in a found footage horror flick.

HarrietTubmanPI - 2013-01-17

Was this a VHS from VH1?

gravelstudios - 2013-01-17

I see what you did there.
I did this experiment myself once. I was surprised by how many copies I could make. I gave up before it became unwatchable.

kingofthenothing - 2013-01-17

hide away

Quad9Damage - 2013-01-17

She has an abnormally high fever. Eyes donít open. Getting a pulse, but just barely breathing. Why?! What is keeping that child alive?!

Mancakes - 2013-01-17

And here I was about to make the comment "In my restless dreams, I see that place." The more distorted generations gave me serious flashbacks of the hotel room.

godot - 2013-01-17

I am sitting in a VHS recorder, different from the one you are in now...

themilkshark - 2013-01-17

VHS is a disposable format, just like DVD's and Blu rays are now.

Screwtape - 2013-01-17

I imagine that if we were to ever intercept an actual signal from deep space this is pretty much what we would get.

Monty Cantsin - 2013-01-17

I am sitting in a room.

Monty Cantsin - 2013-01-17

Sorry godot, I should have waited for you.

dairyqueenlatifah - 2013-01-17

I had no idea VHS quality degraded that much when copied.

I always thought it was just me when I thought the copies my uncle would make with his dual deck VCR didn't look quite as good.

gambol - 2013-01-17

lot of dupes lately

fluffy - 2013-01-25

100th generation - contains only the face of God

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