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StanleyPain - 2013-02-28

Rectal prolapse

Rectal prolapse is a condition in which part of the wall or the entire wall of the rectum falls out of place. In some cases, the rectum may protrude.

Symptoms of a rectal prolapse may be:

Leakage of stool
Bleeding, anal pain, itching, irritation
Tissue that protrudes from the rectum

A surgeon may operate through the abdomen to secure part of the large intestine or rectum to the inside the abdominal cavity (rectopexy). Sometimes the surgeon removes the affected part of the intestine.

Surgery also can be done through the perineum (the area between the genitals and the anus) to remove the prolapsing tissue.

Surgery is most often successful for people who still have some control over their bowel movements. If the anal sphincter is damaged, surgery may correct the prolapse but not be able to completely correct fecal incontinence (lack of control of bowel movements). Fecal incontinence can both potentially improve or worsen after prolapse surgery.

If the lining has fallen out of the anus and is around 7 cm or less, it should eventually retract back inside naturally, though the retraction can take up to 96 hours (4 days).

Father Avalanche - 2013-02-28

Incontinence can both improve or worsen after the surgery? So is the surgery just purely cosmetic, because I have a horrible looking asshole, and have considered some type of procedure. I don't think it is prolapsed. Maybe just hemorrhoidic. Or are they the same?

You see, ever since I was a lad, I spent way too much time sitting on the toilet. It was my sanctuary. I would read entire books with my pants around my ankles. Design whole complex fantasy universes. Write papers. Now, whenever I take a shit, it feels like my anus is really puffy. The puffiness and anus extension have been confirmed visually via mirror. I don't suffer from any incontinence, though my shits are almost always horrible. My girlfriend never goes down on me, or has any real spirit of adventure in the bedroom, so the fear I used to feel about it being discovered evaporated with any hopes of me getting a blowjob.

So, uh.... Hmmm. Yup. ONE STAR.

il fiore bel - 2013-02-28

Surgery? Fuck that. Just stick with your Kegel exercises.

But if your colon is hanging halfway out your asshole, you're obviously fucked.

Father Avalanche - 2013-02-28

I should point out that it's never been painful or itchy or sensitive in any way. It's just a little puffy. Nothing more than an aesthetic problem at the moment. Here's hoping it stays that way.

HiThere24 - 2013-03-01

damn yall really have no life LMFAO

StanleyPain - 2013-03-01

Diarrhea (AmE) (or diarrhoea) (BrE) (from the Greek διάρροια, δια dia "through" + ρέω rheo "flow" meaning "flowing through"[2]) is the condition of having three or more loose or liquid bowel movements per day.[3] It is a common cause of death in developing countries and the second most common cause of infant deaths worldwide. The loss of fluids through diarrhea can cause dehydration and electrolyte disturbances such as potassium deficiency or other salt imbalances.

In 2009 diarrhea was estimated to have caused 1.1 million deaths in people aged 5 and over[4] and 1.5 million deaths in children under the age of 5.[1] Oral rehydration solutions (ORS) with modest amounts of salts and zinc tablets are the treatment of choice and have been estimated to have saved 50 million children in the past 25 years.[1] In cases where ORS is not available, homemade solutions are often used.

Hugo Gorilla - 2013-02-28

These are supposed to be funny? Holy shit.

HiThere24 - 2013-03-01

nah, they r serious songs. thanx for listenin

Hugo Gorilla - 2013-03-01

Please upload any live performances or self-made music videos you have and share them. I got to see them.

Spaceman Africa - 2013-03-03

I have no idea why some mediocre rapper would spam his music on some tiny website like this

HiThere24 - 2013-03-03

cuz who gon stop me

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