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Old_Zircon - 2013-02-28

"Graphical evolution of First Person Shooters (preview image of a flight simulator not an FPS)"

Old_Zircon - 2013-02-28

Where's Super Noah's Ark 3d?

TheOtherCapnS - 2013-03-01

That's an fps, not a flight sim.

TheOtherCapnS - 2013-03-01

(It's one of the Battlefield games)

Old_Zircon - 2013-03-01

Yeah, I hadn't finished the video and thought it was one of the later Sierra flight sims.

Vaidency - 2013-02-28

I couldn't help but notice that the amount of actual shooting went down a lot in the clips from the more recent games.

Old_Zircon - 2013-02-28

Quake 1 was the last one with any real distinctive style at all.

Nikon - 2013-02-28

That's my feeling too - and those were the days before online play was full of ill-spirited 14 year olds who did nothing but play the game.

wackyakmed - 2013-03-01

I'm trying to put my finger on exactly what the difference is. Just watching Doom and Quake immediately got my adrenaline pumping. Is it just that they were fast and visceral, with great soundtracks?

Also, the Timesplitters series was amazing and should be on here. I guess they weren't doing consoles (no GoldenEye), though.

Pillager - 2013-03-01

@ Vaidency, You noticed that, too? From what I've seen of my nephews' games, (ie CoD & Medal of Honor Warfighter) scripted events, regenerating health, complete & total linear level design rule the day.

I can't imagine how much further these games will be dumbed down in the future.

NineEleven - 2013-02-28

Skipped Unreal, Tron 2.0, Terra Nova: STC, Hexen, etc, could have used less Quake

garcet71283 - 2013-03-01

Even skipped the obvious ones: Jedi Knight, Duke Nukem 3d, Goldeneye, No One Lives Forever, Medal of Honor, Tribes, Halo 1 etc. Based solely on graphics, all these games made contributions.

Hooker - 2013-03-01

I don't know how a video can talk about the graphical evolution of FPSs and feature no Unreal games at all, considering that about half of all games that have come out over the past half a decade run on Unreal technology.

Spaceman Africa - 2013-03-01

I have no idea how they forgot the graphical behemoth of it's time Crysis

Jet Bin Fever - 2013-03-01

They explain on the website that they picked one game per year so had to skip several popular ones.

Konversekid - 2013-03-01


I'm really surprised there was nothing from Call of Duty, I was really hoping to see some of the earlier games which were pretty influential. Even the lack of Source or Half-life two makes this extremely lacking in depth. And maybe should have had some Far-Cry since it looks nice.

Gmork - 2013-03-01

no MARATHON 1 2 or infinity

Old_Zircon - 2013-03-01

Hell, they should have put escent in there.

Heretic/Hexen I can see omitting sice they're both glorified Doom mods and didn't bring anything new graphically.

Old_Zircon - 2013-03-01


It's kind of debatable whether it's technically an FPS but at least among the people I knew it was seen as the next step after Doom. Briefly.

TheQuakeSoldier - 2013-03-01

While I understand using Half Life for 1998 instead of Unreal, SURELY they could have used Unreal Tournament for 2000.

Or they could've ended the video at Quake 1 and saved us all the torture of witnessing the downward spiral.

Syd Midnight - 2013-03-02

They could have gone back a lot farther, too. Starting in the late 70s would really bring home what a paradigm shift Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake were. I still have fond memories of Mercenary on the C-64.

The Mothership - 2013-03-01

no unreal tournament? come the fuck on.

Hooker - 2013-03-01

Damn you, Mothership.

Robin Kestrel - 2013-03-01

This. How can you not have Unreal on that list? That's... unreal.

William Burns - 2013-03-01

Coulda been a lot better.

poopy - 2013-03-01

When I was fifteen I joined one of the shittiest rtcw clans ever: "Sonic Death Monkey." My handle was dog>sdmsdm< forums. It was extra hot because the nickname we all used to refer to rtcw was "wolf."

-1 for not featuring the original Doom e1m1 midi. Lick my bootyhole because id software still rules and Rage is better than fallout or borderlands.

poopy - 2013-03-01

supposed to read:

When I was fifteen I joined one of the shittiest rtcw clans ever, "Sonic Death Monkey." My handle was dog>sdm<

Aaron, the guy who started the clan, went out of his way to include his furry wife. She posted her wolf/werewolf fantasy poems all over the >sdm< forums. It's extra hot because the nickname we all used to refer to rtcw was "wolf."

Jet Bin Fever - 2013-03-01


Gmork - 2013-03-01

Rage? rage was fucking bubblegum garbage. Zebra fruit stripe bullshit with zero replayability. The minute you do something it becomes incredibly depressingly uninteractable forever and ever from then on.

What a waste of potential, that game. It's a beautiful turd.

poopy - 2013-03-01

it is definitely a waste of potential. tho i may throat some Rage cock i can still appreciate... fuck it gmork is right, just eat my bootyhole

poopy - 2013-03-01


Jet Bin Fever - 2013-03-01

Yeah, poorly executed. Of all the genres of games to highlight too, FPS is one of the least interesting.

Hooker - 2013-03-01

Well, I'll stand behind the guy on this. First Person Shooter have driven graphics technology in games for two decades now. Madden and Final Fantasy certainly haven't been pushing the boundaries.

kingofthenothing - 2013-03-01

No Goldeneye. One star.

Simillion - 2013-03-01

battlefield was never about the graphics. what poor choices

RocketBlender - 2013-03-01

No Half Life 2, no Goldeneye, no unreal, but a couple of extra stars for, in all honesty, having some really good transitions.

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