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robotkarateman - 2013-03-26

CNN and MSNBC did the same thing.

That guy - 2013-03-26

Jesus, that's disgusting. Any legal experts here?

From what I remember, any civil suit over this would face an uphill battle, though she was a minor at the time, so maybe some states have laws about that?
I'm guessing that there was a tv journalism standard (that has now slipped along with the rest of them) of not stating living victim's names.

I hope that she can and does sue them, and she gets enough money for plenty of counseling, college, and a house and car.

robotkarateman - 2013-03-26

If this girl sues anyone, ever, just think of the weeks of endless ditto-head bloviating about how she staged the whole "witch hunt" to make a buck.

RocketBlender - 2013-03-26

I was about to ask who was worse in all this, CNN for their previous coverage, or FOX for revealing the name. Now I don't have to!

Seriously though, every time I hear about this case it pisses me off all over again for a new reason.

Mother_Puncher - 2013-03-26

The newscast said she was starting to adjust more to normal life again. Not anymore. For fucks sake get your shit together news networks

Innocent Bystander - 2013-03-26

Rape victim, meet the wolves:


That guy - 2013-03-26

Jesus H.
I was afraid to check that out the first time. I wish I'd stuck with that fear.
Dozens of people who need to start over with how they view the world so badly that they will never have enough introspection to begin to do so.

memedumpster - 2013-03-26

It's not living in a police state that pisses me off, so much as living in a police state where the fascism is misplaced. I'd never protest a word if people who endorsed rape were tried and convicted AS rapists.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2013-03-26

Please let her sue the fuck out of them.

Quad9Damage - 2013-03-27

There is a long, long list of people for her to sue the fuck out of at this point. In a perfect world, it would be open and shut for her. And then a court should offer to arrange for her a ceremony, where she gets to whack every single one of these shitheels six times over their heads with a tire knocker.

Because at this point, Jane Doe needs more than monetary compensation for her suffering. She needs to be paid in blood.

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