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StanleyPain - 2013-03-21

Hey, King MMP, I have a serious question for you.

Doesn't it kinda bother you that basically you have to spam your shit everywhere to even have a HOPE of someone listening to it? I mean, wouldn't you rather people listening to your music because they enjoyed it and wanted to hear more rather than you just being some shithead shill who has to basically shout it out of a megaphone to a captive audience? Seriously, what does that say about the shit you produce? What does that say about your talent?

I mean, are you happy with this? Is this artistic success to you? Are you that fucking stupid that you think you're somehow generating "word of mouth", cuz if that's what you think, I don't think you understand anything about how to get yourself out there as an artist. I, personally, think you suck. You're just another wanna-be dipshit "rapper" imitating the rest of the garbage out there because you have no real passion for music. But see, shit tons of people actually LIKE that. They listen to this shit all the time and, sadly enough, pay money for it. So, why not target THOSE PEOPLE. So, seriously...do you even KNOW where your tracks are ending up? I mean, it seems like you're spamming them pretty much any place that won't ban your sorry ass and you don't really care at all. That's complete contempt for your material man. It's like it's so worthless to you, you don't even give a shit what happens to it after the fact. That's fucking pathetic.
But hey, it's not like you give a shit. Keep riding that rocket!! DUDE, DO A RAP PARODY OF CALL MY MAYBE!! THAT SHIT WOULD BE FUCKING HILARIOUS!!!!

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