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Old_Zircon - 2013-08-18

I want to see the behind the scenes video of some B list anime voice actress making out with an Aachen Head.

EvilHomer - 2013-08-18

One thing that's always bugged me about Japanese incest porn is the translators' treatment of the words "Oneechan" and "Oniichan". Very often, instead of using the commonly accepted English translations "brother" or "sister", they insist on keeping the words untranslated. Needless to say, this defeats the whole point of the dialogue. So why do it? I'd always assumed it was to keep the Ick Factor at a level acceptable to general Western audiences, although really, why you'd want to market your incest porn outside of it's somewhat creepy niche is beyond me. It'd be like a furry trying to sell hermaphrodite anthro cockvore to a broader audience by claiming that the anthro in his story is really just a regular human dude wearing a fursuit. I don't think that's a compromise ANYONE, the weirdos or the slightly-less weirdos, would find acceptable. But there's another explanation for the typical treatment of the word Oniichan that I didn't really consider.

From the uploader's comments:

"She's saying "Oniichan" (big brother) frequently, but I avoided literal translation. Because there is no suitable English word. "

Is this true? If so, why?! If "oniichan" cannot actually be translated as "big brother", then what the hell does it mean?

Caminante Nocturno - 2013-08-18

The English dub of Sister Princess taught us that there are many acceptable ways to say 'big brother' in English.

Like Bro-bro, for example.

William Topaz McGonagall - 2013-08-18

It means "big brother." The issue is people don't go around saying "hey brother" and "hey sister" in English. We simply don't use honorifics like that. So, whereas in Japanese your sister might grab your attention by saying "onii-chan!" and then slobbering all over your ear, in the US your sister would grab your attention by saying something like "hey, fucknozzle!" and administering an enema.

It's just a cultural thing, you know?

Vaidency - 2013-08-18

The subtext involved in Japanese honorifics is really hard to convey in English, so I can see why a translator might choose to just keep the Japanese terms and provide some translation notes to the reader. Different languages are nuanced in different ways and that always makes it difficult to translate dramatic writing.

That said, it's not uncommon in Japanese or English to call a close male friend the equivalent of "brother" even if they are not a blood relative, but talking to your sexual partner that way in either language is creepy as hell.

candyheadrobot - 2013-08-18

Japan: filling everyone's niche fetish while remaining incredibly repressed since Godzilla. And no, that's not a nuke joke.

ALSO! Incest is icky.

Caminante Nocturno - 2013-08-18

Licking big brother's ear while he's asleep sounds like the sort of thing a child would do to be a jerk, not to be sexy. It's absurd to present it as an arousing act. Would you also be turned on if she dumped a glass of water on your bed while you were sleeping?

I want to see more realistic titles, such as "little sister silently eats her dinner after watching an episode of SVU" or "little sister reacts to a present from Victoria's Secret" or "little sister hugs you and cries into your chest after your parents' funeral."

sasazuka - 2013-08-18

This should really have the AMSR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) tag.

Also, I enjoyed it, but I'm into this kind of thing.

Sudan no1 - 2013-08-18

One star for your honesty, now gtfo.

EvilHomer - 2013-08-18

Sudan's only into daddy/daughter fantasies. This sister stuff is too gross for him.

Innocent Bystander - 2013-08-18

I can't find the words.

Well, I did find the word "ickers".

memedumpster - 2013-08-18

I'm not going to watch incest porn anime, but five stars for the most "I just ate a large habenero and now my lips are swollen in a horrifically ugly babboon ass manner" lips I've ever seen.

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