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THA SUGAH RAIN - 2013-09-04

Illuminati symbol found in the Kola Superdeep Borehole. Obama will meet with him later this week to discuss.

VaultDweller13 - 2013-09-04

i am not sure if it's a vagina distorted by diplopic vision due to alcohol intoxication or a cat with his tail up and butthole exposed from behind. Like all great art it makes you think

Oscar Wildcat - 2013-09-05

Either way, that school teacher seems to have put pussy on Vlad's mind.

wtf japan - 2013-09-06

That pussy's a riot, Putin!

Meerkat - 2013-09-05

Clearly it is what he sees when he looks down to pee.

homogenousemptytime - 2013-09-05

This would make a great tattoo.

baleen - 2013-09-05

For Siberian prisoners of conscience maybe.

snothouse - 2013-09-05

Scared, sycophantic laughter needs no translation.

memedumpster - 2013-09-05

The last thing Robert Kraft saw as Putin was walking out with his Super Bowl ring.

Mister Yuck - 2013-09-05

God damn SMART boards are stupid. The scam they use to sell them is pretty clever though.

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