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pms - 2013-11-20

This is a terrible terrible test video. If you see this, the site is on it's new server.

Let us know what's (newly) broken and we'll address it.

il fiore bel - 2013-11-20

Resubmit hopper just links to regular hopper.

il fiore bel - 2013-11-20

All links on the user profile just link back to the user profile itself.

baleen - 2013-11-20

Hi pms. Who are you? How are you doing?
Thanks for fixing the site.

baleen - 2013-11-20

Oh, PMS, have you fixed the no new user thing? We've got several people on the Facebook page report that they haven't been able to register for years. Are you aware of this problem?

poorwill - 2013-11-20

Also, I hate how we are a stratified society and some people can just submit shit without going through the hopper. Can that be something we earn if we submit enough videos with a high enough rating or whatever?

bac - 2013-11-20

We have a facebook page?!

pms - 2013-11-21

We'll look into fixing the old broken things -- we're really just concerned right now with newly-broken things.

baleen - 2013-11-21

I started an FB group last year to coordinate if this site were to suddenly go down and for various social arrangements and engagements.


pms - 2013-11-21

the-hopper is fixed now. Try it and see

pms - 2013-11-21

We won't see anything on Facebook so we can't help there. If there are folks who can't sign up we'll take a look at it.

BiggerJ - 2013-11-22

Just posted a top-level comment about it, but forget it was discussed here, so reposting - Nobody's been able to register for some time now. A discussion about registration being broken can be found here - http://poetv.com/video.php?vid=121040

SolRo - 2015-08-30

Did I get ip banned or something? Can't connect from home computer

casualcollapse - 2018-10-02

http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=168320 is not showing for me, it's one of my videos if that makes any difference

That guy - 2018-10-03

casualcollapse could use a timeout for spamming the hopper and front page with garbage. In short, 7 of 8 videos he's posting are just fucking clickbait garbage and I think it's possible that he's using sockpuppets to get them through the hopper.

I will volunteer to take a time out for as long as he gets, just to let you know how bad I think the problem is. I am not the only one that he's bothering with this shit.

casualcollapse - 2018-10-03

You wish I was using sock puppet accounts.. it's easily provable that I am not by the length of time of of ownership of the accounts that are voting them out of the hopper

That guy - 2018-10-03

That sounds oddly specific, that defense.
You said 'the accounts' but you didn't name who.

Old_Zircon - 2013-11-20


Old_Zircon - 2013-11-20

Almost all of the submissions that were submitted and visible on the last 7 days list before things froze up are gone now but other than that it seems to be OK so far.

Old_Zircon - 2013-11-20

Oh, also the "subitted videos" and "Recent activity" and other links on profiles just reload the main profile page now.

Also I wasn't logged in when I made the previous two posts.

Bort - 2013-11-20

Said missing videos aren't even in the "Past 7 Days" view.

Is it possible to just put those videos back in the hopper with new IDs, and people will vote 'em out? That might be the easiest way to get them back, if you have a couple minutes.

pms - 2013-11-20

Try resubmitting, yes. There may be some database drift.

Old_Zircon - 2013-11-20

We probably need more crawler bots.

Pillager - 2013-11-20

'Valid ID Grab Failed!5' is what I get for my recently submitted vids. Anyone else?

Bort - 2013-11-20

Thanks support / pms! Very much appreciate what you do and I hope it's rewarding to you.

Koda Maja - 2013-11-20

Oh thank god.

svraz - 2013-11-20

Thanks !!!!!!

giygusattack - 2013-11-20

Random Video link returns "No valid ID Supplied", but didn't it always do that?

pms - 2013-11-20

This should work now

pms - 2013-11-20

User profile links should work.

pms - 2013-11-20

Should work "now"

morva - 2013-11-20

Needs more yakety sax.

Oh, and hooray for the success. Wish I could add something helpful.

Carry on!

pms - 2013-11-21

You can. Click on the Amazon banner when you need to shop for whatnots.

Bort - 2013-11-20

Trying to vote on videos in the hopper (video.php?vid=______&what=VOTING) I get:

"You must be registered and logged in to vote on a video
You can register here."

Caminante Nocturno - 2013-11-20

I'm having the same problem.

pms - 2013-11-20

Try this now

Bort - 2013-11-20

Works for me, thanks!

grimetooth - 2013-11-20


The Mothership - 2013-11-20

when logging on to the mainpage the username tab still says 'register' after one logs in.

Old_Zircon - 2013-11-20

It's done that for me for years, if I click "submit" it usually fixes it.

Scrimmjob - 2013-11-20

I'm having a similar problem when voting on clips. I'll be logged in on the hopper page, and not logged in when on the voting screen for a video.

pms - 2013-11-20

This should show your username.

pms - 2013-11-21

As in, it should work now. Let us know if it doesn't

The Mothership - 2013-11-20

dear pms,
so around here we have grown very attached to our little website, so minor outages and glitches over the last few years ave been met with alarm and considerable anxiety that POETV might disappear forever. knowing that someone or someones are out there keeping the servers fired up is very reassuring. but would it be too much to ask just what the situation is with ownership, what happened to the old support and what the future holds? and thanks, really thanks for keeping poetv alive, most of us here would turn to crime if we didn't have our videos to snarkily comment on.
The Mothership

Bort - 2013-11-20

Yes. We are like the stick insects on Ball's Pyramid, all living on a single bush and only one storm away from complete annihilation:

http://www.npr.org/blogs/krulwich/2012/02/24/147367644/six-leg ged-giant-finds-secret-hideaway-hides-for-80-years

fedex - 2013-11-20

nice analogy, but I've always rather thought of myself as the last yeti in nepal

memedumpster - 2013-11-20

This is the last train to Clarksville.

Bort - 2013-11-20

The "Update Dead Link" page didn't work: I clicked the button to submit the new URL and the page reloaded (with the URL blanked out).

pms - 2013-11-20

Try it now

Bort - 2013-11-20

Hurdle cleared! But then when I go to vote the resubmit up or down, it tells me I need to register first.

Bort - 2013-11-20

Also fixed now, thanks!

Bort - 2013-11-21

Wopps, here's what happened on an "Update Dead Link":


It got a new vid number, I think.

chumbucket - 2013-11-20

All is well. Carry on.

fedex - 2013-11-20

So is Chet and the gang completely out of the picture now? Cause if so, I have got some juicy secrets to finally spill!

bongoprophet - 2013-11-20

try it now

snothouse - 2013-11-20


Scrimmjob - 2013-11-20

Never been happier to see an 'epic rap battles' video!

snothouse - 2013-11-20

As POE red/news/sports are all defunct, is there any kind of chatboard that I don't know about?

Glad "shop" is still alive and thriving, though.

Hooker - 2013-11-20

My understanding is that poeTV is the last remaining official POE thing. Official might be overstating the case.

Syd Midnight - 2013-11-20

For unofficial, there's bo-ne.ws, 54evil.com, and a Facebook group. And the caltrops.com forum is still around, if you're a real OG.

poopy - 2013-11-20

caltrops forum: "The synth 80s score [of Drive] is a shout out to Michael Mann and the consummate professional protagonists of his films."

http://www.caltrops.com/pointy.php?action=viewPost&pid=141431< br />
thank you syd, this is amazing... i have heard some shit in my time but whoa

Old_Zircon - 2013-11-20

I forgot about Caltrops!

sosage - 2013-11-20

This place has had temporary forums before. Once when it launched and a couple times when we had something like this happen. While useful, it kind of detracted from the important job we all do here: generating snarky commentary on Internet videos.

Syd Midnight - 2013-11-22

I remember the PoeTV forums. I think the problem was that it was PoE style with a separate post for each video, and most people didn't know it was there, so conversation was so scattered that it wasn't worth Support's time. Plus they were probably dreading the inevitable flame wars that would develop.

Nopey the Naysaying Puppy - 2013-11-20

Thank you for keeping poeTV going. I can't bear the thought of finding a new place to lurk.

Merzbau - 2013-11-20

73q submissions are all returning "error picking artist."

Old_Zircon - 2013-11-20

73 what?

Jet Bin Fever - 2013-11-21

Yeah, I'm getting this problem too. Tried to submit but it said "Error picking artist" after hitting the button.

pms - 2013-11-21

Try this now.

Merzbau - 2013-11-21

Still getting it, I'm afraid :(

pms - 2013-11-22

Try it once again.

Merzbau - 2013-11-22

It works, but the artist is stuck as "unknown"- any attempt to fix it returns the same "error picking artist" message. Not a huge deal, though, and thanks for putting in the time at all, mystery benefactor(s?).

pms - 2013-11-22

You sure about that?


Seemed to work okay.

pms - 2013-11-22

You can edit now, too. I think that was the issue as well.

Change - 2013-11-20

This was the best possible way to deal with butt week. :D

And you fixed the things I'd said! Thank you.

BorrowedSolution - 2013-11-20

First I was all like; D:
Now I'm all like; :D
Never change, poetv.

Kabbage - 2013-11-20

I think we lost yesterdays comments? Anyone else notice this?

Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2013-11-20

Well, looks like I wont be building a replacement! I had already installed django on my machine and everything!

BorrowedSolution - 2013-11-20

pms; I still can't vote on hopper clips; despite being signed in on every other page. Also, thanks for all your hard work.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2013-11-20

Yes I noticed the same thing on my end. pms I love you for restoring our beloved site but it's essential that I have the ability to downvote anime submissions!

pms - 2013-11-20

Try it now. Give a URL if it doesn't work.

Oscar Wildcat - 2013-11-20

It is still fucked. Tried upvoting this turd.


...and it remains unmoved.

There's a lot of stuff in the hopper that prolly already got voted out. What happens to the database when that stuff is pooped back into the bowl? Guru meditation!

pms - 2013-11-20

Try now

Oscar Wildcat - 2013-11-20

OK it worked for me now.

BorrowedSolution - 2013-11-20

Working. Thanks!

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2013-11-20

Buddy Christ, what a relief!

Born in the RSR - 2013-11-20

Any need for donations?

pms - 2013-11-20

That's what the Amazon links and the store are for, Speaking of, that store needs....more.

Born in the RSR - 2013-11-20

I don't shop on amazon, but I'm guessing I'm about the only one around here. If a donate button does show up I'll be sure to throw some money at it.

This site has given me so much over the years, I'm glad it's not going any time soon. Thanks for your work pms.

Old_Zircon - 2013-11-20

If you can get a copy of "Mindfuckers: A Source Book on the Rise of Acid Fascism in America, Including Material on Charles Manson, Mel Lyman, Victor Baranco, and Their Followers" by David Felton, Robin Green and David Dalton in the store I will buy it for .

ashtar. - 2013-11-20

Someone had suggested a sort of hopper-like system for the store, where we could submit stuff that we think poetv people might want to buy. That would be cool. Not sure if feasible.

memedumpster - 2013-11-20

There needs to at least be the Baleen Category and the Old Zircon Category, for all those awesome weird rare movies they share. At least the ones still in print. At least put up MST3K.

Change - 2013-11-20

Actually, why not just set it up so that if a user wants to buy something, we can get ahold of you, and you can link it in the store?

I know I'd be down for helping out PoETV that way, if I could.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2013-11-20

pms why dont you just put some ads on the site? Ads are everywhere they are just like a background.

pms - 2013-11-21

I'll keep a list of suggestions. Keep them coming.

Clicking links helps.

pms - 2013-11-21

mst3k links are in the Store now.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2013-11-23



Kids in the Hall

The Found Footage Festival volumes

That Mitchell and Webb Look


A Confederacy of Dunces (it's a favorite book of many posters here)

the works of Kurt Vonnegut (Welcome to the Monkey House, Galapagos, Slaughterhouse Five, Player Piano would all be good choices)

the Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

The Aquariums of Pyongyang

the Project: Censored series of yearly journalism stories buried by the mainstream press


The Weight of the Nation (HBO)

Manufacturing Consent by Noam Chomsky

Frontline: Inside the Meltdown

Frontline: The Warning

pretty much anything else from FRONTLINE

Paradise Lost (all three parts) which tells the story of innocent men in prison proven to be innocent.

Jesus Camp


Friends of God


Margin Call


the works of Uwe Boll, but especially Postal

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark




I will post more as I think of them but I think these represent the spirit of POETV pretty well.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2013-11-23


Silent Night, Deadly Night 2

Troll 2

the collective works of John Waters but especially his early work, including "Polyester", "Female Trouble", and "Desperate Living".


Hausu (House) - surreal Japanese horror film

Brazil (Terry Gilliam)

Funky Forest: The First Contact (one of the weirdest movies ever made)

BiggerJ - 2013-11-23

A suggestion for the store: add a category for sources of popular POEtv videos so people can buy them.

BiggerJ - 2013-11-23

Hell, don't stop at popular. Simply well-rated ones too.

pms - 2013-11-24

We've added a bunch and will work on this down the road.

EvilHomer - 2013-11-28

I want more wolf urine.

gambol - 2013-11-20

how do I put the blood back in my veins

egglab - 2013-11-20

5 stars for you PMS, the site maintenance is greatly appreciated.

Bort - 2013-11-20

I am very happy that we have pms.

memedumpster - 2013-11-20

poeTV would be boring and forgotten without pms.

il fiore bel - 2013-11-20

True... It'd be nice if pms came around more than once a month, though.

poorwill - 2013-11-21

Take it to pms guys.

James Woods - 2013-11-20


ashtar. - 2013-11-20

you are so cool let me hang out with you and smoke

James Woods - 2013-11-20

Pf, k. Sure.

Nominal - 2013-11-20

It seems that videos that made it out of the hopper yesterday were left hanging in limbo. My "Hellsing Ultimate: Abridged episode 4" video made it out of the hopper and never showed up on the front page but did show up on my submitted videos and was on the site to be rated.

Now today there's no trace of it but the hopper says the link has already been submitted so I cannot resubmit.

Pillager - 2013-11-20

I lost a volcano vid. I'll resubmit it. Life goes on.

BiggerJ - 2013-11-22

Nominal: Try posting it with the 'http' changed to 'https' for a clickable link to the video. Or post the url as 'http://youtu.be/[video code]'. The video code is the string of characters after '?v=' in the usual url. That'll result in an embedded video like normal.

kamlem - 2013-11-20

You are doing Quetzalcoatls work, pms. Thank you!

Robin Kestrel - 2013-11-20


memedumpster - 2013-11-20

Oh thank god, I tried browsing YouTube for funny videos without poe and ended up waking up face down on the sidewalk missing my pancreas. Good thing humans have two of those.

glasseye - 2013-11-22

I've got some bad news for you.

BiggerJ - 2013-11-20

I would like to put forward the theory that pms is, in fact, the server itself, which has gained self-awareness.

sosage - 2013-11-20

...and everything it knows about the outside world it learned from our video submissions.

Bobonne - 2013-11-20

Oh, thank god. I'm accustomed enough to being a thread-killer, having this place die within two or three days of my registering again would be too much for me to bear.

Old_Zircon - 2013-11-20

I just tried to submit a video and after I clicked through the dupe check I got Auth Error3.x3va

I submitted two about an hour ago from the same browser session with no trouble.

Old_Zircon - 2013-11-20

Now I get "News category return failes32." when I clock "verify" on the submission form.

pms - 2013-11-21

Let us know if you see it again. We haven't necessarily fixed it, but we can see about getting closer to the issue

pms - 2013-11-21

Try this now

CornOnTheCabre - 2013-11-20

One of my stupid comments got deleted. I made it again. So suck on it, if this entire server reboot was just an elaborate means of hiding a piece of my mediocrity from the world.

Jack Dalton - 2013-11-20

-- can I buy poetv? I promise to treat it with the love and care it deserves! :D

Juice Eggs McKenna - 2013-11-21

That's a disturbingly subjective notion

gambol - 2013-11-21

I will fight you for the right to buy poetv.

gambol - 2013-11-21

you will lose

exy - 2013-11-20

pms, my next inebriant is in your honor

BiggerJ - 2013-11-21

The 'update dead link' system seems to be creating new videos instead of updating existing ones.

pms - 2013-11-22

Try it now

BiggerJ - 2013-11-21

Also, when 'update dead link' creates a new video (rather than replacing the old link like it should), the new video has no name, description or tags.

Syd Midnight - 2013-11-22

I lost my front page privileges. I'd like to think that I handled power very responsibly, so I'm just going to pretend my Icarian fall from grace was due to posting a video where Norm Macdonald screams "Cock! Cock!". If it ever gets out of the hopper.

SolRo - 2013-11-22

men have nipples, pls fix

The God of Biscuits - 2013-11-22

"search by google" on the search page doesn't work

Casual Tea Party - 2013-11-26

that's been broken forever, and is actually the doing of google. I believe there was some beef between poetv and google due to ads

Bort - 2013-11-22

I don't stay logged in between browser sessions. I've tested it on both Opera and Konqueror and I get the same problem on each; I haven't tried tested with any of the niche browsers but I assume it's a server-end thing anyway.

pms - 2013-11-22

Try now

Bort - 2013-11-22

Fixed on Opera, probably on the others too. Thanks!

Hooker - 2013-11-22

I'm having two (sort-of three) issues.

First, I don't stay logged in. That might be my issue; I stay logged in on my phone for whatever reason.

Second is that tags get all screwy when I submit. That's been happening for ages, and it gets fixed when I edit the entry and just click submit again. However, when I try to submit an edit to a submission, I get: News Grab Failed2.a

Hooker - 2013-11-22

Also, can't go to different pages in a person's comment history.

pms - 2013-11-22

Comment history should work now.

pms - 2013-11-22

See if editing works. If not, provide the error and the URL

pms - 2013-11-22

What does "tags get all screwy when I submit" mean?

Hooker - 2013-11-22

Well, currently on my latest submission (haven't tried to correct them yet), the tags are "Five, dollar, wrestling,, freight"

Where as, I had them as:
five dollar wrestling
freight train
ben kingsly [sic]

The submission system has fucked up tags like that for a while now, but previously, the submitter could edit their entry and immediately hit submit and they would get fixed.

Anyway, just edited the submission and it worked.

Change - 2013-11-22

Two more things. First, like Hooker above, I'm constantly being logged out. Curiously, though, when I click on the login link above, the screen comes up with LOGIN FAILED in bold black letters.

Second, I've tried to edit the tags in a video, earlier, and it's been giving me various errors. One was a traditional error message on the old-school page format, (I can't recall the wording, but it was suffixed with a 2), and more recently, it gave the "Invalid edit attempt - logged. Just stop okay?." error, which if I'm remembering correctly was done as an anti-troll measure.

This is something I've done before, if I've realized my title was too offensive, or if I'd thought of better tags, but this time, I'm having nothing but trouble for it.

memedumpster - 2013-11-22

I've had to play the open-in-new-tab-crap-login-back-back-reload game since I've been on poeTV.

pms - 2013-11-22

Editing should work now.

pms - 2013-11-23

The login issue should be fixed. If you are seeing trouble, let us know what URL is giving you trouble.

memedumpster - 2013-11-22

Comment count is off on some videos. Sometimes 3 = 5, and 3 = 6, but 1 usually = 1. Sometimes it's accurate!

memedumpster - 2013-11-22

Nevermind, so sorry, I didn't know rating without commenting counted as a comment. I just now discovered that.

BiggerJ - 2013-11-22

If you want to make sure pms sees a post, post it as a direct reply to the video to a reply to one of pms' top-level comments. Otherwise it won't show up on hi userpage.

BiggerJ - 2013-11-22

*post it as a direct reply to the video or as a reply to one of pms' top-level comments.

memedumpster - 2013-11-22

My bad, your bug report reminder vid description read :

Remember, post bug reports at http://poetv.com/video.php?vid=128798 - as comments, not replies.

BiggerJ - 2013-11-22

Your initial comment was fine. The comment you added to it wouldn't have shown up on his userpage.

BiggerJ - 2013-11-23

Huh, just noticed that replies-to-comments show up on video posters' userpages as long as they're the ones who posted the videos where the disccusions are taking place. Sorry, my bad.

BiggerJ - 2013-11-22

Your initial comment was fine. The comment you added to it wouldn't have shown up on his userpage.

BiggerJ - 2013-11-22

Crap, wasn't mean to be a comment.

BiggerJ - 2013-11-22


BiggerJ - 2013-11-22

Crap, disregard previous comment, was meant to be a reply.

BiggerJ - 2013-11-22

Nobody's been able to register for some time now. A discussion about registration being broken can be found here - http://poetv.com/video.php?vid=121040

pms - 2013-11-23

They should try registering now and we'll see what's broken going forward.

dangerously - 2013-11-22

Three bugs:
- Long urls in comments break sometimes.
- The site randomly logs me out sometimes.
- Embedded YouTube videos don't load on iPhones running ios 7.

Also, I've done a bunch of web programming and I'm willing to volunteer if you ever want help maintaining or improving the site.

pms - 2013-11-23

Is this Embedded YouTube videos issue in Safari or Chrome?

dangerously - 2013-11-23

Embedding doesn't seem to work in the mobile versions of either Safari or Chrome.

pms - 2013-11-24

Provide a URL of one that doesn't work and we'll investigate further.

Spaceman Africa - 2013-11-23

Just who is PMS?

DavidBowiesLuckyTennisBall - 2013-12-10

Vince McMahon

RockBolt - 2013-11-23

I'm not sure if the resubmit process is working, I voted on several videos and none tipped the scales, usually a few do. Also it looks like the order on the resubmits is scrambled, it was chronological by the time the link was submitted. This isn't a huge deal but it makes it really hard to tell which I already voted on, maybe if there was a way to indicate that on the list it would help a lot

BorrowedSolution - 2013-11-23

Category links aren't working. Returns 'Valid ID Grab Failed!!".

pms - 2013-11-24


Pillager - 2013-11-23

"Videos Submitted: 548"

This has been stuck for a few days now.

pms - 2013-11-24

Try it now and check it tomorrow (or after you submit something) and check it again

Bort - 2013-11-24


At present there are no visible comments, but "Comment count is 2".

pms - 2013-11-25


BiggerJ - 2013-11-26

Okay, I'm not a hundred percent sure about this bug, but I don't want to risk messing up a video in the process of testing it. This video - http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=128912 - has a URL startting with https instead of http, so it couldn't be emberred. I fixed the url and resubmitted it. As a result, the video was automatically fixed and embedded and the resubmit links to the video but without https or http at all (making the resubmit a clickable link rather than an embed). Very strange.

gambol - 2013-11-26

you think we can do something about search?

Pillager - 2013-11-26

I have a question about resubmits:


Look at the resubmit hopper, do I need to upvote this vid or is it working now?

pms - 2013-11-27

That video works, so downvote in the Hopper.

Or am I missing something?

Pillager - 2013-11-27

When I resub a vid, it looks like the old video still works & the screen my resub is on looks invalid.

BiggerJ - 2013-11-28

That happens to me too. I posted about it and pms hasn't said boo yet.

pms - 2013-11-28

Try this again next time a dead link needs updating.

BiggerJ - 2013-11-28

It works now, thanks!

Jet Bin Fever - 2013-11-29

Hey pms, the count for "Total Votes" on profiles is now at 0.

Jet Bin Fever - 2013-11-29

everyone else's seem fine, so maybe its only when the user views their own profile.

pms - 2013-11-30

Fixed it

Jet Bin Fever - 2013-11-30

Yep! Thanks.

BiggerJ - 2013-11-30

My resumbit of http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=129053 ended up as its own video - http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=128824 - despite possibly taking place after at least one of the related fixes.

BiggerJ - 2013-11-30

Oh, and this one too - http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=128824

BiggerJ - 2013-12-01

And it happened again here - http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=128802 - I don't know whether the glitched entries were submitted before or after the relevant fix, though.

BiggerJ - 2013-12-01

Nevermind, Bort already said it.

pms - 2013-12-02

Try it now or next time it's called for

Bort - 2013-12-01


was a resubmit of


but showed up as its own video.

Out of curiosity, when you moved to a new server, did you also change database engines? If you did, I approve! Modernizing every now and again is a good idea.

pms - 2013-12-04

Let us know the next time you see a dead link so we can do it

pms - 2013-12-04

Actually, give it a shot -- this may be fixed.

RockBolt - 2013-12-01

When I look at this site on an iPad with safari, youtube embeds don't show up and neither does the "Update Dead Link / Original" link, so I can't click through to youtube. When the page loads the video appears for a split second but then it goes white. It seems like none of them work, but this one as an example definitely doesn't:


RockBolt - 2013-12-04

Okay, the videos still aren't loading on iOS but the "update dead/original" is showing up now

RockBolt - 2013-12-05

Its showing up when logged in, I guess. Makes sense for the "update dead link" part, but it'd be nice to click through to the original if the embed isn't working, even if not logged in

Pillager - 2013-12-02

Dear PMS,


Shows up for http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=129220

Which is a resub for http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=129212

Thanks for your time.

il fiore bel - 2013-12-02

Hey, does it count if I ask that users mihai franco and/or HiThere24 be removed from the site?

All they do is submit videos to pimp their own crappy youtube channels. And I don't think mihai has ever submitted a video he didn't steal from someone else first.

Jet Bin Fever - 2013-12-04


Jet Bin Fever - 2013-12-04

actually, how do their videos get past the hopper anyway?

il fiore bel - 2014-02-12

People vote the videos in. That hasn't changed.

Lately, they've been wising up to the obvious channel thief-whores, though.

Jet Bin Fever - 2013-12-10

Hey pms. I think the Search Function is broken again. It was working really well when you first switched over and fixed it, but now I can't find anything with it, just like it was before.

Thanks for all your work!

pms - 2013-12-12

Where are you searching? The little box at the top of the page? Or are you using the Search by Google?

And what does 'can't find anything' mean? Are you getting no results? An error message?

Jet Bin Fever - 2013-12-12

I was using the POE search, not google. And I wasn't getting any results, not an error. The searches were for common two word combinations, that I knew were showing up just a few weeks ago when you first got it working. But, now I think it is back to where you have to put the name of the tag exactly or nothing at all will show up. It's a minor issue really, so don't worry about it if it's difficult. I just like to be able to search for old videos.

Scrimmjob - 2013-12-14

Hey there, I am getting "News category return failes32." error when trying to submit to 73q.


pms - 2013-12-17

Try it again and provide the exact error message.


pms - 2013-12-16

Try it again and provide the exact error message.


Scrimmjob - 2013-12-17

hmm, today it worked fine! Although I'm pretty sure I copy-pasted the error code in my last post. Thanks!

infinite zest - 2013-12-17

I didn't have time to read the whole thread but searched for "favorite" and didn't see anything regarding this.. anyway it looks like the "Favorited 7 Days 30 Days and All Time" links go to "Most viewed" instead.

infinite zest - 2013-12-17

***NEVER MIND*** it links correctly; it's just the title at the top that says "most views," but that's a small little detail.

Pillager - 2014-01-04

"News category return failes32c."

That is the error message I get when trying to submit a Blood Ceremony song. Am I doing something wrong?

RockBolt - 2014-01-21

If this is still being monitored, there is an annoying glitch that anything submitted with a https youtube link goes to the hopper and can't embed. I've done this a few times by accident, it'd be handy if it could change it automatically or warn you on the dupe checker page that the link used won't embed properly.

pms - 2014-01-22

We'll take a look

gambol - 2014-01-21

everything should go to the hopper; there should be no front page privileges - they only adds dupes and poorer-quality videos as a logical certainty

il fiore bel - 2014-01-22

Is there a better system for the resubmit hopper?

It seems like I've voted on just about every working link in there with little result. Yeah, I know it's dependent on enough people voting in one direction, and maybe there's nothing to be done about that. But what about accidental duplicated resubmits, or resubmit links that result in an ID grab fail? What about that mysterious divide between the older resubmits and the newer resubmits? Aside from users putting in their votes, is there a way to clean any of that stuff up?

il fiore bel - 2014-02-12

So uh... I have no idea if anything was done on the other side since I whined, but it looks much better lately.

Scrimmjob - 2014-02-10

Hey, if I hit random on the 73q frontpage it works, but when i hit it again from the video page i get this error:

The requested URL /video.phpw was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

BiggerJ - 2014-02-11

Dailymotion embedding doesn't seem to be working, as in http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=131481

pms - 2014-05-30

This should work now

ashtar. - 2014-03-24

I think this was already mentioned, but "https://" links won't embed properly. Simply deleting the 's' will make them work. It would be cool if the site did this automatically.

ashtar. - 2014-03-24

For youtube, at least.

SolRo - 2014-04-14

Not broken per-se, but you might want to add a capcha to video submissions as it seems scripted spam submissions are increasing.

Killer Joe - 2014-04-29

I've been around a million years with front page privileges (bitch!), but I'll still occasionally have something go to the hopper. Just wondering if there's a reason or it's just one of those things. The prior video I submitted got a 3.5, does it have something to do with that?

Bisekrankas - 2014-04-30

Yes I have also been getting passed to the hopper.

Bisekrankas - 2014-04-30

Or that may be because I accidentally submitted the youtube link with https

il fiore bel - 2014-05-04

Not a broken thing (depending on your POV, I suppose), but what are the chances of ever seeing a delete option for your own videos? Not necessarily for something in the hopper, but for your existing accidental dupes that were voted in and other videos that just make you go, "WTF was I thinking?"

il fiore bel - 2014-05-04

And seriously, will you ever fix this thing? Because it has occurred quite a bit.


pms - 2014-07-14

Those two in particular were marked as invalid. If you have other examples, let me know

fluffy - 2014-05-27

Is this where to also post feature requests? It'd be cool if there were a preview for submissions so that we can make sure we haven't done something retarded like forgetting to set a youtube link to http instead of https, or swapping description and link, or having a "no spoilers in tags" tag on a video that puts the spoiler in the preload instead, or whatever.

I mean not that those are all things I've managed to do in the last two days or anything.

pms - 2014-05-30

Try the youtube https thing now. Should work.

Cube - 2014-06-19

73Q doesn't seem to add new artists to the list anymore, instead it just labels them as Unknown.

pms - 2014-06-20

Try now

Cube - 2014-06-21

Can't update the artist name on http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=135633, captain!

Pillager - 2014-06-21

"News category return failes32c." still happens when I try to submit Blood Ceremony.

Cube - 2014-06-21

It's sort of comforting when even the error messages are a bit wonky.

pms - 2014-06-24

Pillager, check your keywords.

Pillager - 2014-08-14

PMS, thank you.

pms - 2014-06-24

Try to edit the video now -- the Guido one.

Cube - 2014-06-27

Hooray, it works! Many thanks.

Azmo23 - 2014-07-09

sometimes i receive updates in my recent interactions that don't correlate to reality
example from just now:
"matlock replied to Old_Zircon discussing How to Win Friends and Influence People"
however, there is no comment from matlock showing in that video under old zircon's comments
is this a known bug?

pms - 2014-07-11

Need more info on that

Azmo23 - 2014-07-11

on matlock's userpage http://www.poetv.com/users.php?userid=22273
about 30 lines down this vanishing interaction is noted as recent activity:
Replied to Old_Zircon discussing How to Win Friends and Influence People

so there may be some transactional record of what the comment was, somewhere

i've seen it before, but will keep an eye out for it on my own comments, so I could provide more detail on the body of a vanishing comment.
my guess is that the "injected space" bug (also responsible for breaking long URLs and, rarely, bold comments) is somehow messing with the comment posting.

Azmo23 - 2014-07-11

here's another example that just happened:
"Accidie replied to Azmo23 discussing Magician cuts himself in half, shambles around town"
no comment showing from accidie though

for both of these examples, there is an entry on the respective user's page for "recent activity" but not in their "comment history"

Scrimmjob - 2014-07-13

I think this happens if you hit reply on a message, and then just rate the video instead of commenting.

Azmo23 - 2014-07-13

you're so smart! tested and confirmed that happens
i love solved mysteries

Azmo23 - 2014-07-10

oh and another one
can you make it so if someone submits a video without the preceding http:// that it gets added instead of creating a poetv.com/url link that doesn't work?
link shows as:
http://www.poetv.com/thecolbertreport.cc.com/videos/1e524e/-wa tters--world----tad-s-turf

thanks for working on this site in your freetime!

pms - 2014-07-11

Try it now

Azmo23 - 2014-07-11

i don't have a video right now to test with, but instead of placing the http into the submission, which i'm sure will result in videos being submitted with http://http:// at the beginning, would it be possible to use regular expressions to check for and add the http at the beginning if necessary?

something like:
(i'm sure this won't display properly but here goes)

if ($url !~ m/http/)
{$url =~ s/^/http:\\}

Azmo23 - 2014-07-11

whoops missing the trailing forward slash within the regex replacement bit

Azmo23 - 2014-07-11

ok i tested
it looks great!
except it seems like if someone doubles up on the http://http:// it turns into http// (no colon)

Azmo23 - 2014-07-11

meant to be a reply to my previous comment whoops

pms - 2014-07-14

Try it now

il fiore bel - 2014-07-23

What is with all the ptvad.php prompts all of a sudden?

Or is it just me?

il fiore bel - 2014-07-23

Guess it's just me. False alarm.

il fiore bel - 2014-09-09

So, funny thing.

I just discovered it's possible to still vote in videos after they've dropped off the 7-day list. Just for shits and giggles, I tried it on one of my own, and it worked.

Should this be allowed? Do the links ever become inactive after a period of time?

Azmo23 - 2014-09-10

hayyy support pms mang
i had a thought about the hopper
i assume it exists to prevent spam, but not as a secondary rating system for videos
so, i propose the button labels should be changed from "Vote Up" to "Not SPAM" and "Vote Down" to "SPAM" and leave "DUPE" as is

infinite zest - 2015-01-11

Hey, I posted this in a recent dupe on the front page, but the duplicate check isn't working. I tried submitting the most recent resubmit of Garbage Day's url and it took me all the way to the "not a dupe - continue" prompt. I didn't really want to clutter up the hopper or the front page but it would've let me. I dunno, it's not the end of the world for videos that were ten years old, but there's enough submissions that if someone's gone from poetv for even a couple of days, they may turn out submitting the same thing because they didn't see it on the front page.

BiggerJ - 2015-02-18

Multipart submitting may be completely broken.

Chocolate Jesus - 2015-02-24

Everything is broken all the time and I don't know why.

BiggerJ - 2015-03-05

A one-off quirk that happened to a video I recently hoppered that didn't happen to the ones I hoppered before or after it - this ( http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=143084&what=VOTING ) got added to the pages for its tags (animatic, pigegory, farkey, america) even though it hasn't gone through yet.

Lurchi - 2015-10-08

page hangs for a while on Firefox

ashtar. - 2016-01-19

1/19/16 When I click on my username on the top right, it comes up with a page saying "News Grab Failed2." instead of my recent activity etc.

ashtar. - 2016-01-20

Uh, actually it does this for all user profile pages, not just mine. But it works fine if I'm not logged in.

ashtar. - 2016-01-25

So, clearing my cache/history seemed to fix it.

Killer Joe - 2016-02-22

Trying to update a dead link for
But I get a screen saying the link was already submitted. Which it doesn't seem to be.

BiggerJ - 2016-08-06

New bug - new videos show up with black preview images on the front page.

pms - 2016-08-07

Try it now -- new submit.

Crowbot - 2016-08-12

8/12/16 Videos are just showing as a black box

boner - 2016-08-12

May be related to the "object" embed codes that were deprecated a year and a half ago. Should switch to the iframe code.

jaunch - 2016-08-12

I found that I can see videos in FireFox, but not Chrome.

pms - 2016-08-15

Possible fix, but just for new submissions from YouTube. It seems to work here http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=155063.

Cube - 2016-08-14


It's a video about 13,000 dollars, but every time someone's typed a dollar sign and the number 13, it gets filtered out. Makes for some weird comments. It's in the description, too.

Oh, and it's August 14th, the year is 2016... For now!

Bort - 2016-09-11

As of 9/11/2016, it's still happening. If you try to post a dollar amount -- like dollar-sign-digit-digit-digit -- PHP is trying to do a variable substitution and it makes things go unhappy.

pms - 2016-09-12

3 test

pms - 2016-09-12

$12 test2

pms - 2016-09-12

$12 test3

pms - 2016-09-12

Try dollar $$ si$ns now

Oktay - 2016-09-12

oops I did that but over at

Lurchi - 2016-11-19

please ban whoever submitted twenty fake "Dark Knight Trailer" videos to the hopper

namtar - 2016-11-19

This please. I don't think I've ever seen someone trolling the hopper in quite that way before.

il fiore bel - 2016-11-19

And punch him in the dick, please.

I think he just submitted 50 or so more.

SolRo - 2016-11-19

Ban Waugh already.

little shit has been falsely submitting videos and editing them for a while now.

bawbag - 2017-01-04

Spammers in the hopper:

This one has been spamming HOW TO clickspam for ages:

bawbag - 2017-01-26

Sockpuppet troll account for one of the regular users: www.poetv.com/users.php?userid=22709

Born in the RSR - 2017-02-04

Hi! Any reason why I can only access this through VPN?

keep getting

www.poetv.com refused to connect.

It was working fine till yesterday, granted it took a while to load.

Or did all Romanian IPs get banned or somethign?

Born in the RSR - 2017-02-04

Ok so it's working after I reset my router.

Also: I am an idiot.

Rangoon - 2017-02-20

2/20/17 Apparently poeTV's server expires in two days.

Marlon Brawndo - 2017-12-30

I recently submitted a video that was voted up in the hopper but now it is on the front page but no one can access it.


bawbag - 2017-12-30

"10. Do NOT submit videos featuring people receiving serious injuries Including breaking bones, getting hit by trains or cars, etc"

garcet71283 - 2018-01-01

Better get to purging the content of the "Dude, you ok?" tag...

Tycho - 2018-01-25

Front page isn't viewing properly. Tried multiple browsers and machines, as well as from different locations. Basically the middle pane isn't showing with the videos. Just the left panel with site news and random video stuff.

pms - 2018-01-26

Are you still seeing this issue?

teethsalad - 2018-02-03

2/3/18 -
submissions from dailymotion try to download the .swf file to your computer

boner - 2018-07-28

YouTube embeds currently not working if you visit https://www.poetv.com/ but they still work on http://www.poetv.com/

Code should work if the iframe src is changed to https instead of http

pms - 2018-08-01

Code doesn't work quite that way.

Old submissions will have this issue, but new ones going forward from........NOW........should recognize https.

Now, of course, this will cause issues with all the old content using http so that will be problematic. If it's too much of a problem I can change it back.

bawbag - 2018-10-17

Hey pms, hazelnut needs the kinda timeout you gave me (message received and understood) from the looks of his spam crusade: http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=168496

bawbag - 2018-10-17

3 separate topics they've now spammed:

bawbag - 2018-10-23

and now the hopper?

bawbag - 2018-10-25

Bring back EH.

Pillager - 2019-08-01

Videos Submitted: 0 ()
Average Score: 4.7
Total Views: 0 ()
Average Views: 0 ()

Total Votes: 0 ()
Averaged Score: 4.96

Is it just me or did something odd happen over the last day or so?

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