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memedumpster - 2013-11-28

In the nightside eclipse.

Monkey Napoleon - 2013-11-28

That's too bad, I was looking forward to the show.

Monkey Napoleon - 2013-11-28

Oh, I guess it did sort of survive.

infinite zest - 2013-11-29

*Removes sunglasses* Hey NASA, looks like the comet.. IS ON!

BorrowedSolution - 2013-11-28

Yeah, but what does this mean for my horoscope?

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2013-11-28

lol dumbass comet

Simillion - 2013-11-28

clear proof nasa are liar liar pants on fire! yeah thanks tax dollars at work as usual!!!!! lying is becoming second nature!

H. Sams

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