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RockBolt - 2014-05-18

Multipart failed, there is a part 2 and 3:



Gmork - 2014-05-18

Buildings should never be that fucking high. What the fuck is wrong with humans.

Ocyrus - 2014-05-19

Nobody remembers Babel.

SolRo - 2014-05-18

in hindsight, they should have let the motherfuckers fall.

Nominal - 2014-05-18

Too big to fall.

BorrowedSolution - 2014-05-19


BorrowedSolution - 2014-05-19

The irony of a coordinated conspiracy between industry, government and trades unions to STOP a building from falling over and killing thousands should not escape any true poeSTER who watches this.

BorrowedSolution - 2014-05-19

A building in New York, no less.

badideasinaction - 2014-05-19

From his other videos he appears to be a truther, actually.

BorrowedSolution - 2014-05-19


EvilHomer - 2014-05-19

I love how the engineer had to go on a retreat to a beautifully appointed Canadian lake-house, just to sit and ponder whether a 900-foot tall skyscraper collapsing and taking out half of Manhattan was a serious matter.

Glad you thought that all through.

badideasinaction - 2014-05-20

I'm assuming that answer sounded better than "I retreated to my lake-house to plan my escape to a country lacking extradition in case it fell over before we fixed it. Also to drink myself to sleep every night to stop the nightmares involving tens of thousands of dead New Yorkers".

RockBolt - 2014-06-24


chumbucket - 2014-05-20

The suckers who ended up with window offices cut by chevrons. Maybe they got a free lunch once a week.

BorrowedSolution - 2014-05-30

They had their chances of living a full life improved drastically. I'd take that over the view any time.

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