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infinite zest - 2014-08-24

That's how I lost my job as a CSR at the vet. Someone brought in their sick "hitler 'stache cat" and I told them to get out or I'd call the VHS place.

Binro the Heretic - 2014-08-24

The clerks at all the other video stores are polite & courteous.

That's why he prefers this video store.

Rafiki - 2014-08-24

Maybe you shouldn't stock that in your store, you judgmental bitch.

Binro the Heretic - 2014-08-24

Is it that, or is this the sort of service that particular customer enjoys?

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2014-08-24

As a former video store clerk, I can tell you that everyone knows what they're in for before they take the job. Guys like porn. Guys rent porn. Some of them talk about jerking off horses. You know, that type of thing.

I'm pretty sure this had to be a special request that she approved in advance.

infinite zest - 2014-08-24

The video place I used to work at was pretty famous. Of all the video stores in the country, at least we had Roger Ebert's approval on the front of the box. But we also had a huge selection of adult entertainment as we had an agreement with the fuckshop down the street of sorts. I'd be putting on Laloux or something and in comes "My Best Friend's Mom v. 6" or something, at 11 in the morning from a guy who's old enough to be a great grandpa. That's pretty soft in comparison but there was some Third Reich porn that people'd check out. I'd just smile and say thanks for returning it on time. My little spideysense would go off more when someone rented Anchorman because I knew I'd probably never see that DVD again.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2014-08-25

Ironically, we always had problems with people not returning "Sons of Anarchy"

hammsangwich - 2014-08-24

...and, uh, oh yeah, All Holes Filled with Hard Cock

The Mothership - 2014-08-24

Come Clean, Come On Irene, Cumming in Socks....

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