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Spaceman Africa - 2014-09-15

This is very real and funny.

infinite zest - 2014-09-15

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SolRo - 2014-09-15

Your gen-X rage makes you blind, and stupid.

bopeton - 2014-09-15

What's up with all the one-star ratings. Fuck people who write like this to people they don't know.

crasspm - 2014-09-16

I agree that this is an unreasonable way to compose an email in this kind of situation. You can see that the writer sincerely believes they're being pleasant, which just adds to how non tuned in they are with accepted social norms. But the proper response is more along the lines of a glance, quick basic response, get on with your life. The reader instead was driven to record himself reviewing the email in sighing and exasperated "people are so stupid GAWD" for over three minutes and then went to the trouble of uploading this to YouTube. The guy's really just got his own issues on display here.

Bort - 2014-09-16

Dude says that the Email he's responding to is actually a composite of other Emails he's received, and he's posting this to help show kids how NOT to go about it.

Five stars because knowing is half the battle.

The Mothership - 2016-12-12

What's with the one starring? This person was annoying yes, but I would have done the same thing.

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