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Merzbau - 2014-10-08

Holy fuck, I think this is actually better than "Skeng." I'd been holding off on this album (I love Martin, but the reviews have been fairly muted, I've got a lot of music on my plate as it is, and come on man when is that new KMS album coming out) but oh my god that was WRONG

lieutenant halfabeef - 2014-10-08

If I have a problem with the album it's that I think the hard split between the angels and demons halves of the album is a little too cute. And the Death Grips track on the album doesn't seem to fit in well (especially when there's an absolute banger of a b-side from the Exit EP called Blaow that could have slotted in instead.) So they're really minor complaints. The sonics sound like they're coming from loose connections and fuzzy speakers in the best way and the vocalists pretty uniformly kill it. I'm not sure I rate it above London Zoo, but it's solid.

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