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Sexy Duck Cop - 2014-11-14

For Michigan.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2014-11-14

These men are heroes.

That guy - 2014-11-14

2.5 atmospheres is about 50 feet down.
I suppose that could be on the ocean 'floor' at 50' in a submersible, or the submersible could be deeper but decompressed?

Hooker - 2014-11-14

Not quite as dramatic as Brian Cox's recent physics demonstration nor presented with quite the same delivery, is it?

Binro the Heretic - 2014-11-14

I'm so disappointed we'll never have the undersea cities we were promised in my childhood.

Fuck the flying cars and jetpacks, I want to look out my window and see a pod of dolphins.

deadpan - 2014-11-14


Expected completion mid 2016.

infinite zest - 2014-11-15

Cool! Assuming that everybody probably knows Poseidon as either a wrathful God or as the boat that went upside down, that's really not the best choice for a name. Still that's awesome. That's where poe-con should be.

infinite zest - 2014-11-15

Sciencey people help me out. Wouldn't the same technology used to keep your head from exploding in the depths from pressure keep a shaken can of soda from fizzing like normal? Blow my mind here.

Lef - 2014-11-15

If he eats a mentos after drinking it, coke shoots out of his ass after 40 minutes due to the preassure differences, and magnets.

infinite zest - 2014-11-15

He better be wearing a top hat while doing it or I want my money back!

But when I'm on an airplane there's always a reason why the flight attendants open the sodas beforehand, because they've been jostled. And will fizz in a pressurized cabin. Doesn't an undersea vessel work the same?

infinite zest - 2014-11-15

eh doesn't matter; whoever this guy is he's kinda like Bill Nye for me. What else can you do and not do in space or under the sea? Are ruffeled potato chips really more dangerous than pringles? Planet Earth is curious.

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