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Binro the Heretic - 2015-01-17

Okay, that was pretty good.

infinite zest - 2015-01-17


RocketBlender - 2015-01-17

Almost grabbed this since I've been looking for a good adventure game lately. Unfortunately, the description for it is as follows:

"WARNING: Doesn't work on iOS8 (the current version of iOS). Special LIMITED time sale!"

infinite zest - 2015-01-18

Shit.. Updating your iOS really does fuck everything up. Music? Connectability? Furry adventure games? They really don't give a fuck.

Jet Bin Fever - 2015-01-17

Never played this one. Other than the obvious furry stuff, how are the puzzles, story, and gameplay?

infinite zest - 2015-01-18

Honestly it depends on your definition of Furry. This was a little more Watership Down or Redwall if I remember correctly.

Binro the Heretic - 2015-01-18

Redwall was furry as Hell, if I recall correctly.

I read it on the recommendation of a friend. It was a decent enough fantasy "hero's journey" kind of story, but the whole anthropomorphic animal thing seemed slapped on for no reason.

And it was sloppy as Hell. There was no way a reader could tell if these were regular-sized inexplicably intelligent animals living in the regular human world or if this was a world entirely populated by anthropomorphic animals. The author would have been better served just writing about human characters.

infinite zest - 2015-01-18

Hehe.. I was like 12 when I read them, or at least 3 of them, and had rats, guinea pigs, a pet crow, cats, iguanas.. I could go on like this so the humanization wouldn't have enticed me at all. I can barely even remember the plot, just the animals. I always thought "Furry" referred specifically to folks who were aware of their humanity but chose to live within their spirit animal personae some of the time. But at least according to Wikipedia, Watership Down (and by proxy Redwall) would both be considered early examples of furry lit.

What's interesting about this game is that it makes references to humanity's downfall, and a lot of the game actually takes place in post apocalyptic cityscapes vs. the Medieval one you see here. As for the gameplay, it's your standard Monkey Island fare. I got it because I was excited to try out my new Soundblaster on a Talkie, and the one that came with it (Loom) was incredibly short. The puzzles aren't as creative as some adventure games, but the graphics at the time were great. I'd recommend it, but it looks like it won't work for iOS 8 an up as an app. But you might be able to find it on here:

https://archive.org/details/softwarelibrary_msdos_games#collec tion-title

Potrod - 2015-01-18

I loved the Redwall books as a kid, and as I remember it was really obvious that it was a world populated entirely by anthropomorphic animals. That said, I've never had the urge to revisit them as an adult in the way I would with The Hobbit, but I assume they're still solid books for kids.

Binro the Heretic - 2015-01-18

If the world of Redwall is supposed to be populated exclusively by anthropomorphic animals, please explain how the pirate rats arrived in a stolen horse-drawn wagon built to human proportions (relative to the rats' size) pulled by a horse who is clearly not sentient like the other animal people?

Also, how do many of the animal people live in abandoned structures also built to human scale? The titular abbey itself is described as such with an ascent up to the loft being akin to a mountain climbing expedition. Of course, the scale seems to change weirdly. A family of mice is said to live inside the walls of an abandoned church and a few chapters later, in the church they supposedly live at, the evil leader of the pirate rats delivers a rousing speech while standing behind the lectern which he then smashes with his tail.

And why do some animals walk around on all fours and/or naked & live out in the wild?

Potrod - 2015-01-18

You seem to remember more than I do, I guess. The horse I chalk up to it being the first book and still figuring itself out, but the buildings are all built to the animal scale (whatever scale that might be... I always thought it was roughly human scale anyway). I do remember that Redwall was built by animals, though, and that description of its height just leads me to view it as a really tall building, not necessarily human scale.

I was about 10 when I read them, remember them being fun. I'm not about to defend them to the death, but the questions you raised either didn't occur to me or didn't bother me as a kid.

infinite zest - 2015-01-18

Maybe they just chewed a really big hole in the wall? \_(ツ)_/

Yeah, those things bothered me too, but it's kinda like Ducktales. Didn't they have a pet dog that couldn't talk like Goofy? Also, why were they pretty much the same size as the Beagle Boys? Which begs the question. If Furries are supposed to be "lifesize" (i.e. the size of a human) how would a book like Watership Down or the NIMH books qualify as early examples of fur fiction, as they made it pretty clear that they were animals of realistic size living alongside gigantic humans?

Potrod - 2015-01-18

The authors of those books didn't know about "fur culture" and/or didn't give a shit about it, therefore they either wouldn't qualify or would have to be shoehorned in by somebody who does give a shit.

fluffy - 2015-01-18

Holy cow the spinoff webcomic is STILL GOING. http://inherittheearth.net

Shoebox Joe - 2015-01-19

The sad part about this game is that the unedited intro gives it a really firm hold on sci-fi/fantasy. Then you get to the chess scene and kind of just hope for the best from then on.

Shoebox Joe - 2015-01-19

Not meant to be a reply

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