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urbanelf - 2015-01-26

What does the scouter say?

Gmork - 2015-01-26

IT'S WELL UNDER 9000!!!!!

EvilHomer - 2015-01-26

If you're curious about the male retreat camping trip he mentions, he has a clip from it up on his channel: he films an unconscious friend, says he drugged the guy, and then ponders what to do with the poor fellow's body.

EvilHomer - 2015-01-26

If Chris Chan goes to prison while Nick remains at large, I will be so ripshit pissed.

urbanelf - 2015-01-26

Oh, God! I didn't realize Chris-chan has a court date on Feb 5th, 2015(10 days from today). WTF?

EvilHomer - 2015-01-26

Yeah, it's from the GameStop incident. He was supposed to go to trial a month ago but it got postponed due to the holidays. Poor guy is still more concerned about Sonic the Hedgehog's arms than he is about a looming felony conviction.

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2015-01-26

Can't we have a Nick Bravo / Chris Chan bromance dark comedy movie?

Jet Bin Fever - 2015-01-26

Chris is a better actor than Nick.

BiggerJ - 2015-01-26

His last trial took ages too. Also, someone (on 4chan I think) claimed they were on the jury for that one and were going to pull a reverse-Twelve Angry Men.

EvilHomer - 2015-01-27

Chris is a better person than Nick. Chris is stupid and childlike; he really doesn't understand how his behaviour affects other people. Nick doesn't have that excuse. Nick does understand how his behaviour affects other people, he just doesn't care.

Chris is self-centered, but he's not malicious, and for all of his "limitations" - the lack of social skills, the weird language, the inability to draw in proportion - he's actually a very hard worker when he wants to be (he doesn't "work" in the conventional economic sense, but he puts an absurd amount of time and care into his creative pursuits, like drawing and Lego building) Nick? Nick is a sociopath. He's manipulative, narcissistic, and often cruel. He's lazier than Chris, constantly looking for the easy way out, and what's most terrible of all is that he's really not that stupid. Nick is a fairly intelligent guy - he's not particularly "clever", that is able to think on his feet, which is part of the reason why Nick is constantly falling for conmen and getting stuck at the bottom of pyramid schemes - but he is intelligent, and more than capable of retaining and reciting the things he learns. If Nick put even half the effort into his creative work that Chris does, I think he could... well, Nick wouldn't become a Hollywood millionaire, but he could get out of his motorhome at the very least.

I think the most striking difference, though, lies in their motivations. Chris' main motivation is that he wants to be loved. It's a very simple, very human desire. Second, he wishes to create something of lasting value - like all true artists, and indeed, like most good people. Who amongst us cannot relate to Chris on some level? Nick, however, is primarily motivated by power. He desires adoration and attention, too, but I don't think he wants to be loved; rather, he wants to be envied. He wants to tower above all other men and smile as they gaze up upon him. Chris is a good person, trapped in the body of a temperamental child. Nick is a would-be supervillain, trapped in the body of an inept, bumbling henchman.

oddeye - 2015-01-27

if only I had stars for evilhomer

yogarfield - 2015-01-27

Here's some. Holy shit, I have missed so much.

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2015-01-27

That's just it, EvilHomer, they'd be a neat contrast. It'd be like "Of Mice and Men," but with a more evil version of George.

yogarfield - 2015-01-27

Just watched the male retreat vids:

1. Why is he back in America? I thought he had a warrant.

2. That's not camping, that's parking your car beside a picnic table and pitching a tent.

3. Fuck you Corky.

4. See 3.

5. If I woke up at a man-camping scenario like that, I'd go nuts like McGuirk long before they started the elephant walk.

Anaxagoras - 2015-01-28

Wow. It's been so long since I've read an argument that's genuinely persuasive online. Here's some stars, EvilHomer. You've actually changed one person's mind. Granted, it's a person you'll never meet & don't care about, but it's still a person. I think.

Cocheese - 2015-01-26

This one really showcases Corky's loathing of the working class: Toxic people on public transport, poor people that make him feel dirty and want to take shower...

Corky fancies himself a great philospher, an empathic healer, a moral paragon of christlike proportions and an intellectual, an aristocrat and a highly succesful entrepeneur.

Instead of the can collecting bum he really is.

oddeye - 2015-01-26

A nothing that considers himself everything

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2015-01-26

He sounds like the average forum poster personified. Was he birthed from YouTube and Reddit comments?

baleen - 2015-01-27

I actually think he just hates himself and the world and everybody in it but is too much of a narcissist to admit it.

wtf japan - 2015-01-27

He would make a great studio executive.

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