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Mother_Puncher - 2015-04-19

He's gotten better since You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack. I can at least tell what's going on.

fedex - 2015-04-19


divinitycycle - 2015-04-19

What the hell did I just watch???

infinite zest - 2015-04-20


infinite zest - 2015-04-20

Partial Discography

2008: You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack[10]

1111Wit Tha New
These Rappers Claim They Hard When Them Fags Never Even Seen The Pen
Risen From Tha Ashes II
These Rappers Claim They Hard When Them Fags Never Even Seen The Pen (2-Hand Hanger Dunks Only Mix)
Yo Main Lady Holdin' Me
Attackin' Tha Rim
Educatin' Tha Community
Resolve Unmatched
Yo Pretty Thang Holdin' Me
Yo Main & Side Thang Holdin' Me
Yo Baby Mama, Main & Side Holdin' Me
Yo Main Dame Holdin' Me
Witot Hesitation
U're Stupid Yo Main Girl Holdin' Me
Yo Girlfriend Holdin' Me Down
Recipe 4 Success
Yo Main Thang & Side Thang Holdin' Me
Yo Wife Holdin' Me
State of Art
Yo Main Woman Holdin' Me Down
Yo Pretty Thang Holdin' Me Down
Yo Woman Holdin' Me
Yo Girl Holdin' Me Down III
Yo Main Holdin' Me Down
Yo Main & Side Holdin' Me Down
Yo Main & Side Holdin' Me Down II
Yo Main Girlfriend Holdin' Me
Yo Side & Main Holdin' Me
Yo Cutie Pie Holdin' Me Down Ability Yo Soulmate Holdin' Me Down II
Mo Than U No
Yo Side Thang & Main Thang Holdin' Me
Roll Call!
Yo Side & Main Thang Holdin' Me Down
Vigilance Always Pays Off
Breakin' That Ice
No Tha Rules
Naturally Real
Vigilance Pays Off
Rotten 2 Tha Core
Evil 1
Engineered 2 Amaze U
Pure Evil
Interest Bearin'
Education 4 Tha Community
Attackin' Tha Rim Daily
Take a Pledge
Tha Recipe 4 Success
Evrythang I Live 4 (feat. Cobra)
U Are so Stupid
Fk U Pussy-Ass N*a
Kill Urself My Man
Rap Game Money 2 Wild
I'm Luvin' Dis Rap Game
Rap Paid Me Into Tha Man
Rap Game Money Is so Wild
I Am Superior 2 U
Rap Made Me into a Man
I'm Luvin' Dis Rap Money Cause It's Different
They Lookin' Towards Clonin' Me
I'm Luvin' Dis Rap Game Money
I'm Luvin' Tha Rap Money Cause It's Different
I'm Luvin' Dis Rap Money Cause It's Different Than Regular Money
Yo Cutie Pie Keepin' Me In Her
U a Stupid Dummy
1 Million Vipers but Only 1 Vipa
Cloned & Copied
They Lookin' 2 Copy Me
U Are Inferior 2 Me
Yo Baby Mama Luvin' Handcuffin' Me
Copied & Cloned
U Are an Idiot
Tha Rap Cash
Yo Wife F*cked Me & Fell in Luv
Yo Baby Boo Handcuffin' Me
Yo Main Handcuffin' Me
Yo Wife Luvin' Handcuffin' Me
Yo Main Thang Luvin' Handcuffin' Me
Yo Girlfriend Handcuffin' Me
F!Ck U Pussy
F*ck U
F!ck U Pussy-Ass N!gga
Creata of Rapcore
The Greatest Thing Made By God
It'd Be Heaven On Earth If Cops Were Drafted & Not Hired
God Bless Rap F@ck Hip Hop
God Bless Rap F$ck Hip Hop
Calculated Presence
Computer Man
God's Favorite Human Being
Rap Game Money Is Different
Tha Gorgeous Boy
Tha Dreams of a Rap Star
Don't Talk Down
Cop Killa
Cop Murdera
It'd Be Heavin on Earth If Cops Were Drafted and Not Hired
U a Stupid Idiot
U Are so Dumb Tha Leada of Hardcore Rap
U'll Neva Amount 2 Nothin'
I'm Much Smarter Than U
Life Is Fun
Life Ain't Fair 4 You'll
Life Is Fair 4 Me
Life Is so Fun
Business Cash
Business Money
Life Is Fun 4 Me
Life Is Fair
Life Ain't Fair 4 U
They Wantin' 2 Clone Me
Tha Realest
Str8 Up Stuntin'
Break Bread
Real Rapcore
Str8 Up Stuntin' On U
I'm a Greater 1
Str8 Stuntin' Stupid
Wicked Pistol Game
Tha Hiram Clarke Hustla
The Grind Climb
Yo Girlfriend Luvin' Handcuffin' Me
God Bless Rap F!Ck Hip Hop
God Bless Rap F%ck Hip Hop
It Would Be Heaven on Earth If Cops Were Drafted & Not Hired
Dreams of a Rap Star
Yo Girl Handcuffin' Me
Yo Baby Boo Luvin' Handcuffin' Me
Yo Baby Mama Handcuffin' Me
Neva a Foul-Calla
Google Rapper Viper Now
No Foul-Calla
Dope Deala
Let's Get It In
Neva Callin' Fouls
Put Up or Shet Up
God's Favorite Human
That Gorgeous Boy
That Gorgeous Boy
Tha Realest 2 Eva Rap
Break Bread Bro
Str8 up Stuntin' Stupid
Grind Climb
Pussy Ass Niggas Cant Rap Like This
I'm a Greater Than U
Str8 up Stuntin' on Em'
Non-Stop Bad B*tches Choosin' Me
Pretty Boy Muscles
Dead Man Walkin'
F%ck a Wedding
I Am The King Of Rap U Work At Dominos Pizza
Bad B*tches All On Me
Bad B*tches Non-Stop Choosin' Me
Let's Gone Get It In
Gets a Wicked Pistol Game
Not a Foul-Calla
Neva Callin' a Foul
Just Put up or Shet Up
Deala of Dope
Neva Eva a Foul-Calla
F$ck All 24 and Up
F#ck U Pussies
The Top-Choice Assassin
F%ck Ur Wedding Walkin' Dead Man
Pure Stuntin'
All the Bad B*tches Choosin Me
Non-Stop Bad B*tches Choosin'
Bad B*tces Stayin' on Me
The G V
The Leelicious
F%ck Ur Label Pussy
Killa of Legends
F%ck the Police!
Crack Sella Shet up U Stupid Idiot
There's a Recession?
God Hates U and Luvs Me
F%ck the Pussy Police!
Still Slangin' Crack
Snorta of Cocaine
Chin Checka
U Can't Be That Stupid
Watchin' These Snitches
Google "Rapper Viper"
Learn from Me
Blood in, Blood Out
Eternal Prettyboy
F*ck the Pussy Police
F@ck the Police
Murder Me
Eternal Parlayin'
Top Winnin'
F%ck the Police!
Yo Girls Main Thang Holdin' Me
Yo Girls Main and Side Thang Holdin' Me
They Tryin' to Clone and Copy Me
Evil 2
They think they be playin' me but I be playin' them.
Put Sum Relish An Musta on It It Ain't Extra

blue vein steel - 2015-04-20

Enunciate, young man. Enunciate.

tgn1412 - 2015-04-20


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