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Old_Zircon - 2015-05-09

Older than I thought he was but not nearly old enough.

Old_Zircon - 2015-05-09

I didn't know anything about his ongoing health problems:


EvilHomer - 2015-05-09

Well, fuck, the funeral's in like three hours. It's unlikely that any of us are in the area and able to attend, but if anyone wants to try phoning, the number for the funeral home is 435-723-8484.

RIP, Repo in Peace

CrimsonHyperSloth - 2015-05-09

I didn't know him but after this and Lots More Orcs I was wondering if Support could add an extra page for users when we login. We can see a list of all account user names and maybe a memorial section for confirmed deaths?

There is no real way to track users and if anyone is away for any length of time things disappear off the front page so quick you'd never know.

EvilHomer - 2015-05-09

It'd be better to have a separate page, like a Facebook or something.

Lurchi - 2015-05-09

Lies, Lies, Lies! and Beelzebubbles are two I can think of off the top of my head

Lurchi - 2015-05-09

and of course nocash drove Alektorophobic to suicide

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2015-05-09

Facebook won't work, I don't want to know everybody's real name. We could use a blog or a bulletin board or something. I'm tired of all discussion being dictated by what gets voted up, and hasn't already been posted 6 or seven years ago, and posting on old video pages that may be read by one person in 2018 or whatever. I miss POE NEWS.

I don't remember anything about Repromancer, but the thought of someone passing from POE saddens me more than I'd expect. It's comforting that he didn't just vanish with no one knowing. I always thought it would be that way for me. Maybe it won't be.

Bort - 2015-05-09

"I don't remember anything about Repromancer, but the thought of someone passing from POE saddens me more than I'd expect."

There's no real reason to think of us as a "community" -- all we do is post videos and argue about them -- and yet, when one of us goes, we feel it. So I guess that makes us a "community" however embarrassing a realization that is.

That said, you're all a good bunch of folks, and I'd be happiest if you all lived long and rewarding lives, even those of you who piss me off.

EvilHomer - 2015-05-09

John - well don't put your real name on Facebook. Duh. I haven't used Facebook in ages, but when I did, I was Klaus Krueller, German pornstar. That way I could keep in touch with my friends, whilst preventing unwanted relatives / coworkers from looking me up and finding out what I do all day long. Besides, *you've* got a very large social media presence, and you've never kept it a secret from any of us. Felix Ray. If that's truly your real name (I hope it's not)

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2015-05-09

I think there was someone a while back (can't remember the screenname) that got radiation poisoning in Bosnia due to being exposed to depleted uranium. He died a while back and left some amazing posts on PoeNews.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2015-05-09

>>John - well don't put your real name on Facebook. Duh.

Well, I promise you, we won't get away with Evil Homer and John Holmes Motherfucker very long. I think that, as a community, we've got the best pseudonyms I've encountered anywhere, and why give that up when we don't have to? I just think we have better choices.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2015-05-09

>> Felix Ray. If that's truly your real name (I hope it's not).

Of course not. I named myself after a cat (a real cat, who was named after another real cat, who was named after the cartoon cat) and an 18 minute long song from the Velvet Underground. The cat was sitting right in front of me, when I decided I needed a fake name that sounded real. Took me about five seconds. I just pulled it out of my ass, and,decided that it smelled delicious.

Change - 2015-05-09

nocash was the little obsessive guy who liked making people feel like shit but only if it made everyone like him, right

Bort - 2015-05-09

nocash's proudest moment was needling someone over how their dad had recently died.

On the other hand, he was dead-set against using "fag" as a pejorative, so he was a good person.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2015-05-09

.All the really horrible people went to BO NEWS. I wonder if its still there, and if anyone is remembering Repomancer right now.

Old_Zircon - 2015-05-09

54evil.com is pretty inactive but it still exists, and has PMs if nothing else.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2015-05-09

Nocash used to troll me with those Garfield comics that didn't have Garfield in them. I never really got the joke.

EvilHomer - 2015-05-09

JHM - they've heard, and seem to be upset about it. Even John Holmes Boxxyfucker is sad.

BiggerJ - 2015-05-09

CrimsonHyperSloth, Support vanished and was replaced by pms/pmspoe, who might see your comment if you post to http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=128798 .

StanleyPain - 2015-05-09

Whoa wait Nocash is dead? What teh fuck...I had no idea we had lost so many old schoolers. I knew about Beelzebubbles (fuck a cancer) and Lies...but holy shit this thread is depressing.

Bort - 2015-05-10

I don't think anyone is saying nocash is dead ... only that he was one of the (many) people who used to pick on an obviously unwell person on PoE-News, who later committed suicide. I don't think we can draw a straight line from "online assholes" to "suicide", but it was pretty obvious Alektorophobic was not dealing with PoE-News bullshit in a healthy way, which should have been a cue to lay off him.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2015-05-10

>>JHM - they've heard, and seem to be upset about it. Even John Holmes Boxxyfucker is sad.

LLOL I'd forgotten about John Holmes Boxxyfucker!! I don't believe it, of course. She's waaaaayy out of his league.

I logged onto there a couple of times as "I Fucked John Holmes Boxxyfucker". Now I just stay away.

fluffy - 2015-05-10

What happened to Lies, Lies, Lies!? I must have missed that one.

Lurchi - 2015-05-09

too much Tylenol

Bort - 2015-05-09

I stay the hell away from Tylenol / acetaminophen; that stuff will wreck your liver if you aren't careful with the dosage.


"Tylenol is not without its serious complications. It is the leading cause of acute liver failure in the United States, and the drug in some cases led to fatalities. The active ingredient in Tylenol, acetaminophen, accounts for more than 100,000 calls to poison centers, roughly 60,000 emergency-room visits and hundreds of deaths each year in the United States. In England, it is the leading cause of liver failure requiring transplants. In 2009, the FDA issued guidelines for adding overdose guidelines to packages and in 2011, the agency confirmed the link between the drug and liver damage."

Rest in peace, Repo. If you need a hobby to while away eternity, some sections of reality are buggy as hell and could use a rewrite.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2015-05-09

THIS AMERICAN LIFE did a whole show about it.. Unlike a lot of other OTC meds, acetaminophen can cause life-threatening problems if you go a little bit over the recommended dosage.

http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/505/use -only-as-directed

Old_Zircon - 2015-05-09

Back in college, one day on my walk home I noticed that somebody had evidently drank a couple bottles of cough syrup right behind the drug store near my place, and then dropped the empties on the sidewalk. I checked, and they were the kind with acetaminophen, so two full bottles could easily have put the person who rank them in the ICU. But the next day, the pile was up to three bottles, and it grew for the next few days up to, I think, five bottles total before they stopped appearing.

RIP anonymous, incompetent robotripper.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2015-05-09

The basic message is that Tylenol is very safe IF you follow the directions carefully. Just a little bit too much for not very long and you're on a transplant waiting list for a new liver.

Bort - 2015-05-09

My drug of choice is naproxen sodium (Alleve), which comes with no dire health warnings. Learned about it after a kidney stone almost a decade ago; the vicodin wasn't doing shit, but naproxen is an anti-inflammatory and it made all the difference.

No particular health risks to naproxen; obviously you shouldn't overdo any medication with reckless abandon, but at least with naproxen the general health risks are "a tummyache" rather than "destroys your liver".

Scrimmjob - 2015-05-09

I ate a bunch of stupid over the counter shit to get high as a teenager, sorry liver :(

glasseye - 2015-05-09

Well, shit. I always enjoyed his game industry stories.

jangbones - 2015-05-09

pourin one out for my homie

OxygenThief - 2015-05-09

I will reinstall Mechwarrior 2 in his honour.

Gmork - 2015-05-09

Why was it ever uninstalled? It's like 300 megabytes.

OxygenThief - 2015-05-09

You have shamed me into realizing the error of my ways. I will never stray again.

craptacular - 2015-05-09

Will miss Repomancer.

Binro the Heretic - 2015-05-09

Goodbye, Repomancer.

StanleyPain - 2015-05-09

I knew he had ongoing health issues (he talked about them a little on the old POENews forums) and honestly always wondered what had happened to him and why he wasn't active over here more.

Always enjoyed his posts and discussion in the olden days. He will be missed.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2015-05-09

He talked about them on Facebook as well. He went through way too much shit and I will miss him. He deserved a way better deal than what he got.

I like to think he's a cyborg now, wherever he is.

Portaxx - 2015-05-09


misterbuns - 2015-05-09

I enjoyed Mechwarrior 2 so much as a child. :(

Thanks for making a good game, dude!

Adham Nu'man - 2015-05-09

Mechwarrior 2 was awesome.

Gmork - 2015-05-09

Repomancer was a MW2 Dev?

I had no idea. I am glad his legacy includes one of the most badass nostalgia-inducing games of all time.

Rest in pieces, dude. (with all respect)

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2015-05-10

There are Mechwarrior 2 videos on youtube. Have they been posted here yet?

badideasinaction - 2015-05-09

Joining in the 21-five-star salute. RIP

Squeamish - 2015-05-09

Bye, man. You were there when I first logged on fifteen years ago.

Bobonne - 2015-05-09



giygusattack - 2015-05-09


dr_mr_vandertramps - 2015-05-09

What a bummer.

takewithfood - 2015-05-09

Man, I had no idea. RIP.

Change - 2015-05-09

i don't remember repo being shitty to anyone

so he's probably better than anyone reading this

Gmork - 2015-05-09

Hear, hear.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2015-05-09

Probably...RIP Repo, we knew you when

StanleyPain - 2015-05-09

Yeah that's one of things that will always stick out with me was how Repo avoided all the drama and Chat Cabal bullshit of yon olden days. He wasn't always civil, but he never got into that clique/bullying bullshit that so many people on POE did.

Herr Matthias - 2015-05-09

so, so sorry to hear this.

dairyqueenlatifah - 2015-05-09


I love you guys. All of you, even the ones who I disagree on everything with. I mean it. Please, no more of you die too early.

That guy - 2015-05-09

I have a runny nose, so no promises.

Old_Zircon - 2015-05-09

I've got a hemorrhoid, so I may just bleed out on the toilet one day from too many peppers.

Gmork - 2015-05-09

We all just want to love and be loved. Let's find common ground on that whenever possible. I'm getting kind of misty over here, and I didn't even know Repo very well.

Jack Dalton - 2015-05-09

I've been around along enough to say that I am pretty bummed for the loss of someone in this eclectic community here at Poetv. I wish there was a place like poe-news where people/content isn't so transient (everything fades into obscurity once it's off the mainpage).

rip repomancer-- thanks for being an interesting and likeable guy here.

apiaryist - 2015-05-09

I don't post or contribute enough to merit a memorial on poetv. Saying it makes me feel better. But I know that when the time comes, I'll just...fade away.
Enough about me. Dude was cool and posted cool things. Requiescat in pace.

lotsmoreorcs - 2015-05-09

Didn't know him but this has been a rough first quarter for all of us. RIP Zoe, RIP Mechwarrior 2 guy

Bort - 2015-05-09

Who's Zoe? RIP Zoe too, whoever you are.

EvilHomer - 2015-05-09

Zoe was the original lotsmoreorcs. She died about a month and a half ago.

http://www.nola.com/crime/index.ssf/2015/03/woman_fatally_stab bed_at_elysi.html


Billy the Poet - 2015-05-09

Wait, are you serious that that was Lots More Orcs? I live a few blocks from there. Shit.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2015-05-10

He helped develop Mechwarrior 2? Holy shit that makes him a legend in my book.

Reactor online.
Sensors online.
Weapons online.
All systems nominal.

RIP, Repo.

lotsmoreorcs - 2015-05-21

Homer just wanted to say in response to your questions about the Zoe painting, my most clear memories of her were her face lit up by the glow of her tablet trolling around on Poe at 3am under the wharfs in new Orleans. This is beam, I livenin the same town as her dad and although I used to see him around a lot, as of lately the only time I see him is occasionally working in the garden out front of his house (big old delapidated Victorian in the middle of a. Up and coming Cornell suburb). He and Zoe (Julia as I knew her) started working on that garden together back when she was a toddler. He looked pretty wrecked. I just want you to know there is no pressure to complete it but I know it would make him feel better to know people are still thinking about her, people around here have always kind of ostracized them in this community for being weird or liberal or artsy or whatever. I don't know she was his only child what do they expect. People kind of stopped talking about it here but I can tell it's still affecting him every day he looks like he's aged ten years.

EvilHomer - 2015-05-21

>> my most clear memories of her were her face lit up by the glow of her tablet trolling around on Poe at 3am under the wharfs in new Orleans

That actually sounds pretty awesome, Beam! Thanks.

Two Jar Slave - 2015-05-09


FABIO - 2015-05-09

Damn, I was playing Left 4 Dead 2 with him and other Redders as little as a couple months ago.

Now I just feel bad for jostling him when he fell behind with, "Let's hustle, Repo. This isn't MW2 development."

Bort - 2015-05-09

Playing a game with one's buds, needling each other in good fun? If my health were failing, I think I'd appreciate being treated like a normal, healthy person.

Old_Zircon - 2015-05-10

Yeah, anecdotally from a few good friends of mine who have psychological conditions and/or physical disabilities, one of the most hurtful things you can do is treat them differently (other than accommodating them as appropriate without making some kind of thing of it like most people do).

Old_Zircon - 2015-05-10

I can only assume the same would be true of people with severe health problems.

Pity and hate aren't that different when you get right down to it.

Spaceman Africa - 2015-05-09

I don't really know who Repomancer is but it always sucks when an internet community, especially a smaller one like this, loses somebody. RIP

Braze - 2015-05-09

Sucks when one mistake sickens you for 15 years then kills you.

FABIO - 2015-05-10

I think it was the hereditary hemochromatosis more than anything.

FABIO - 2015-05-10

fuck if I know anything about medicine though

fluffy - 2015-05-10

His claim was always that the hemochromatosis was treatable but it was only discovered by the fact his liver got fucked up because of the acetaminophen, and also the liver he got transplanted turned out to be cancerous or something and so that completely fucked up his prospects from there on out.

Billy the Poet - 2015-05-09

Commented on the other video, but, I am sad that Repo is gone. He was funny, kind, and had perspective that some other commenters back in the red/black days lacked. RIP.

Caminante Nocturno - 2015-05-10

Godspeed, Repo.

Sudan no1 - 2015-05-10

Crap. Didn't he also work on SNES Shadowrun, or was that another POE game dev? RIP.

Billy the Poet - 2015-05-10

He did. He put in the incongruous dancing squirrel guy.

Sudan no1 - 2015-05-11

I loved that game, and his sense of humor was a big reason why. :((

Jimmy Labatt - 2015-05-10


love - 2015-05-10

total balls.

I can't remember that guy ever being less than nice to anyone in the poe constellation of shit.

That guy - 2015-05-21

um... did you mean that guy, or That guy?
just checking

BHWW - 2015-05-10

Ah man, Repomancer was one of the really good ones. He was also a fount of truly interesting anecdotes about the industry, he was an all-around interesting fellow.

Unmerciful Crushing Force - 2015-05-11

I believe I remember Repomancer talking about his experiences with Return to Zork. Activision really did have a golden age back then. RIP.

CuteLucca - 2015-05-11

RIP Repo, though I never post, I've lurked here for about 14 years, and I remember you being a cool dude. :(

Kennifu - 2015-05-21

Long time lurker here as well. RIP Repo, I remember the MW 2 stories.

Hegemony Cricket - 2015-06-04

Catching up on all of this at once is not good.

Gunface - 2015-07-09

Never really felt compelled to post before, but I remember Repo from PoE Red and PoE News. A nice guy. RIP. Had no idea about Lies, Lies, Lies! A very sad thread.

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