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chumbucket - 2015-06-17

Does it get rid of her voice? She's really special.

spikestoyiu - 2015-06-17

I kind of want to bathe in that crotch stink

infinite zest - 2015-06-17

Funk you. I've been doing this for years. You just put some Dr. Bronners in your underpants and get on your bike.

Old_Zircon - 2015-06-17

Mint for the tingle.

infinite zest - 2015-06-18

I don't really get the tingle, but yeah that's what I use. The only thing I don't use Bronners for is brushing my teeth. I'm still using soap from back when I used to know his kid

Old_Zircon - 2015-06-18

Yeah, I tried to use it to brush one time and my mouth had an intense taste kind of like floor cleaner mixed with vomit for like three hours afterward.

infinite zest - 2015-06-17

Pussy just stinks. So does marijuana and salmon. Eat it or don't.

That guy - 2015-06-17


infinite zest - 2015-06-18

It's true! Dicks smell too. Unless you immediately fuck outta the shower or in the shower you're pretty much gonna need another shower unless you're one of these guys who likes to go around asking co-workers to smell their fingers.

That guy - 2015-06-18

All 3 of those things routinely smell bad to you?

15th - 2015-06-17

So it's Febreeze but made in some upper-middle class garage by a WASP with a smelly pussy?

infinite zest - 2015-06-17

WHite American Smelly Pussy?

baleen - 2015-06-18

Who does Nick Kroll's makeup? That man is a genius.

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