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The Mothership - 2015-06-27


I hate it when they scream like that.

Oscar Wildcat - 2015-06-27

I love you, wire monkey mom! I yearn for your chicken wire and carpet remnant embrace...

Hooker - 2015-06-27

Why would you give it a Judi Dench voice?

godot - 2015-06-28

Because Judy Dench is a naughty girl.

http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/01786/1968-cabaret _1786777i.jpg

dairyqueenlatifah - 2015-06-27

Considering that the current, non-robotic Real Dolls cost just under 00, I assume these will cost as much as a semi-luxury sedan.

I wonder how bored with life one has to be to dish out that kind of cash on a glorified fleshlight.

memedumpster - 2015-06-27

Come on, nerds, market to the South. I want the Pearl Forrester model with a 400 big block bored 40 over and glass packs. Make it a stick with a five speed tranny and a 5000W stereo.

That guy - 2015-06-27

human know how > human know why not

Old_Zircon - 2015-06-27

The part where he talks about how sex is simple math goes a long way toward explaining why he got in to making sex dolls to begin with.

atheistgirl - 2015-06-28

They are terrifying.
Can't sleep now - sex robots will kill me.

garcet71283 - 2015-06-28

I cant fathom how dehuminizing it must be to work in that factory.

SolRo - 2015-06-29

About the same as working in any other factory.

Now stop looking tired, it lowers your assembly numbers by 1.3%

duck&cover - 2015-06-28

Cherry 2000 will soon be reality.

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