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The Mothership - 2015-07-02

Really? Sorry Hugo, this is rubbish.

Nominal - 2015-07-03

This must be what every video looks like to Chocolate Jesus.

fedex - 2015-07-03

so in a parallel universe....

gravelstudios - 2015-07-03

I didn't vote this up , but it did make me laugh for a second, so that's nice. Meh.

Spaceman Africa - 2015-07-03

what Lynch movie is this from

infinite zest - 2015-07-03

But I didn't make a reservation!

infinite zest - 2015-07-03

I remember taking an airplane flight and stopping at Chili's Too at some airport. Out of everything else in the airport the big Chili's margarita was the best value: I think it was only 6 dollars and it was fucking huge. Plus really nice staff. I can't say the same thing about the downtown Milwaukee Applebees, that's for sure..

Meatsack_Jones - 2015-07-03

Didn't they have those fishbowl margaritas with the Sweedish Fish in them?

infinite zest - 2015-07-03

I don't remember the Swedish fish but that's a great idea. Chilis truly is the place to be!

dairyqueenlatifah - 2015-07-03


chumbucket - 2015-07-03

The wha?

themilkshark - 2015-07-04

No I'll just have water, thanks. You know what? Nevermind, no water.

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