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infinite zest - 2015-07-29

I guess they were before my time but this was on MTV? I don't remember other Christian rock bands being on there except for Stryper but their message of rocking straight through Christ's body and mind was pretty veiled.

kamlem - 2015-07-29

From the wiki...

"DeGarmo & Key were the first Christian group to have a music video appear on MTV. The original video for the song "Six, Six, Six" was one of a number of videos that MTV pulled from rotation due to violent content.

The purge was a public reaction to the U.S. Senate hearings on sex and violence in music. MTV had ironically misinterpreted the song "Six, Six, Six" as an anti-Christian statement. According to industry news reports at the time, MTV exec Sandra Sparrow was unaware that DeGarmo & Key were a Christian band when she included the video in a list of videos to be excised. An embarrassed MTV allowed DeGarmo & Key to submit a re-edited version, which was placed back into rotation. Removed from the re-edited video was a short scene of a man representing the Antichrist being set on fire."

Boomer The Dog - 2015-07-30

If it was pulled from MTV for violence, why would it matter if it was Christian or Satanic violence?

I hadn't seen the video, but remember when a local Christian rock show played this song a good bit, Brother Bill. He was an older sounding gentleman, but he played hip, teen music, and I thought his show was pretty good.


Aress - 2015-07-29

I mean, I can see why. It's basically the NIN Broken video of it's time.

infinite zest - 2015-07-29

Which video? Broken and Fixed were really the only two NIN albums I liked but I just had tapes of them.

Leviathant - 2015-07-29

Oh, infinite_zest, we have such we have such sights to show you. Peter Christopherson directed a longform film set to most of the songs from Broken. When it was done, they realized there really was no outlet for it, so they gave a couple copies to some friends, and left a few other copies at rental shops in LA, which led to rumors, poorly dubbed bootlegs, and kind of an underground legend. Sleazy spoke about it here - http://www.thewire.co.uk/in-writing/interviews/sleazy-peter-christ opherson-unedited

In the mid-late 90s, there was this mystique around it - it looked like a pretty intense snuff film at times, which coupled with the Happiness in Slavery video, made for one of the more shocking things I saw in my teens.

A little while ago now, Trent surreptitiously posted a DVD quality copy up to TPB (complete with scenes previously missing from the bootlegs), and it was very briefly up on their Vimeo channel, but it's actually back to being a little bit tricky to get ahold of.

infinite zest - 2015-07-29

Cool! My teens were pretty much just bootlegs that friends made me. I actually still have a tape that says Depeche Mode Violator that's actually Joy Division Unknown Pleasures, as well as many other things. I really didn't start buying cassettes until I had my first job, so this scene was pretty much over, Throbbing Gristle and Coil included.

Besides my fumble about the Human League/New Order mixup (I admit total defeat on that one but once again a CD was labeled wrong for me) I haven't really explored this music too much. But I love Current 93's About A Goth Girl and pretty much anything on Broken or Fixed, but I should dive deeper. I know that Coil were sort of Neo-Nazis but that's like totally debatable and a bunch of other stuff?

Anyway there's no good music out right now that I can think of so I've been sort of taking a time machine approach to experimental/industrial British stuff from the 90s. See you on the flip flop!

Leviathant - 2015-07-29

Coil weren't neo-Nazis, they were gay pagans who talked a lot of mysticism and magic. One of the guys in that greater scene most certainly had neo-Nazi leanings, and I think it might have actually been a dude in Current 93. The topic comes up on the Coil Facebook group every now and then - a very odd group I got introduced to on account of my having helped unearth previously unreleased Coil remixes of NIN songs a couple years back, now available as a vinyl release. My name's on a Coil/NIN record, that's probably the coolest musical thing that I'll ever be loosely associated with, and I'm okay with that.

There's a lot of Coil on the Internet Archive, actually, and if you like their treatments of Broken songs, check out Further Down the Spiral if you aren't already familiar.

infinite zest - 2015-07-29

Yeah I've actually got that one on CD, or I mean it's probably somewhere in my parents' house. That was such a weird time because record stores wouldn't sell anything with Parental Advisory on the cover to me, but I could just go to the other store that sold exclusively punk and metal and buy whatever I wanted. Or the grocery store, where I bought Gwar Hell-O on cassette because it didn't have a label so they didn't care. Oh the Clinton years..

It was A Gothic Love Song actually.. I listened to it again today and it's so beautiful. I think I take for granted how much that particular movement influenced a lot of what I like, just as much as 70s punk or 90s backpacker rap, etc. :)

infinite zest - 2015-07-29

Thanks for the info by the way! Last time I was trying to get into all the music I was in a pretty tiny spot and my housemate blasted stuff like Buck Owens and Hank Williams over it whenever I was trying to listen, so I'd turn it louder, he'd turn it louder.. it was one of those things.

Binro the Heretic - 2015-07-29

Yeah, that's why they wouldn't show it on Mtv, all that "violent content."

Shanghai Tippytap - 2015-07-29

man, fundies really thought barcode readers were the mark of the beast?

Binro the Heretic - 2015-07-29


Also, pencil & paper RPGs were satanic rituals.

And when Harry Potter became popular, they claimed the books taught kids to cast real magic spells...through Satanism.

betamaxed - 2015-08-03

Don't copy that floppy.

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