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yogarfield - 2015-08-20

hey guy, what's the rush?

jangbones - 2015-08-20

I love how quickly and efficiently they just dispose of their competition

Old_Zircon - 2015-08-20

Imagine if this had been shot in 5k at something like 960 FPS and projected all over a room in a loop, with live music.

Old_Zircon - 2015-08-20

Nothing else, just that.

yogarfield - 2015-08-20

The vomits, they would happen.

infinite zest - 2015-08-21

I watched it full screen in HD lying down sideways.. that was pretty cool and somewhat vomits-inducing.. question is why didn't Martin use the NITRO button when he had the chance?

SolRo - 2015-08-21

he didn't pass over any charging arrows.

Bus_Aint_Comin - 2015-08-20

this new first-person gta5 sure is neat-o!

honestly i wish i could seven- or eight-star this

martin's line was off (egregiously in some places) and his shifting could've been better. dunlop holds both the lap and race records in the superbike class (records he set in 2013, the year before this race), and beat martin by nearly a second in this race (2014).

screw all these flannel beardo chopper/cafe racer revivialists. this is motorcycle racing.

yogarfield - 2015-08-20

What kind of bike do you have?

SolRo - 2015-08-20

I just want to restore a 1971 Honda to its original, non-café racer, style...does that make me a hipster or a flannel beardo?

blue vein steel - 2015-08-21

agree with B A C. Although now the hipsters are all riding scramblers. I feel bad for Guy because he's never actually won a TT, and not for lack of trying. He's a cool guy and deserves all the recognition he's been getting lately, but he's kind of the Charles Barkley of the motorcycle world.

yogarfield - 2015-08-22

you had me at "charles barkley of the motorcycle world". i just want a dual sport. a reasonable 4-stroke that i can learn to fall on, is that too much to ask?

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