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DriverStabby - 2015-10-24

"You try running with your sagging breasts down the middle of the fucking street."

I like her.

Gmork - 2015-10-24

Pretty poignant considering how many users here are guilty of the same dismissive mob mentality. See below.

EvilHomer - 2015-10-25

Gmork, I don't think anyone here has suggested that, because of your transphobia, you should not be given an honorary doctorate that you were otherwise qualified to receive. We aren't SJWs - we don't police your language, we don't make veiled threats against your job, and we certainly wouldn't throw stuff at you if we saw you at Cardiff University.

We just think it's funny that traps trigger you so hard.

endlesschris - 2015-10-24

Oh thank god some sanity

magnesium - 2015-10-24

Honestly, if this were all it was with her, that would be fine, but she does genuinely engage in harassment of trans people. The thing I don't get about TERFs, I'd get it if they just didn't want to care about trans people. If that just wasn't their area of issues, sure, okay. But it just becomes an obsession. Like, hey remember when you used to care about helping improve lives of women and now all you care about is screaming at and doxxing trans teenagers on the internet 24/7?

endlesschris - 2015-10-24

I'm pretty darn sick of this "but the teenagers!" argument. If you want to get online and start arguing about various issues, you can't hide behind your age as a shield from criticism.

GravidWithHate - 2015-10-24

From the TERF's perspective it's "Hey, remember when feminism was about helping women, not providing support to men who think they're women?". That's sort of the problem. Mindless hostility can actually be dealt with more easily than someone who has a different framework in thinking about the issues that are vital to you.

As to how it happens, I've read some things that TERFs have written, and it seems to be a fairly simple feedback loop.

Step one is a feminist saying that they don't believe trans women are women. If you believe that gender is a construct, and in the case of women, a construct designed to oppress; then a man who embraces that role is going to be offensive to you. Giving that man an award for being the best woman is, in that framework, explicitly misogynistic. If you believe that gender is innate, and that women are oppressed by a society that gears itself to men's innate behaviors and attitudes rather than women's, then you can arrive at the same end point. You just get there via the idea that it's a denigration of women's unique experience. So for the proto-TERF they're saying something that's a fairly logical inference from views of the world that while not exclusively or inherently feminist, are not inconsistent with feminism.

Step two, is the reaction. Trans people are insulted by this and callouts happen.

Step three is the TERF punching back. TERF responds to callouts as one does not get to be a respected feminist thinker if one is afraid of angry comments from people who don't like your ideas.

Discussions escalate, as anything the TERF does to explain their position is going to be seen as doubling down on insults and transphobia. Repeat steps two and three as needed, until you're on Newsnight saying that Caitlyn Jenner's reasignment surgery was due to a desire for celebrity.

I don't know. I'm just some asshole who's lived long enough to notice some patterns to how fires burn.

Xenocide - 2015-10-25

Holy shit, Chris. Congrats on being the type of person who took the time and energy to formulate an argument in favor of middle-aged assholes bullying kids.

The thing about TERFS is that they don't give two shits if you're "arguing about various issues." If you fucking exist on the internet and are a trans person, that's reason enough for them to come after you.

Gmork - 2015-10-25

Holy shit Xeno, did your retarded ass even watch the video? She's certainly in a generation that pits her as less likely to be PC, but look at you go with all your bullshit assumptions. Gee, who does that remind me of...

Bobonne - 2015-10-25

Holy shit, Gmork, why are you such a consistently runny piece of shit about trans issues?

Germaine Greer is a massive fucking bigot when it comes to trans people, she's one of the biggest transphobes on the planet.

Which is massively disappointing, given that she's such a famous feminist, because then you get the sorts of pieces of shit that normally rant about feminists to point at her and say 'SEE, EVEN THE FEMINISTS THINK THEY'RE A BUNCH OF DELUDED DISGUSTING LYING FREAKS'.

Not that I'm necessarily including you, Gmork, in that third paragraph, I'm not, actually, but seriously, dude, if you could be just a bit less shitty about the trans stuff it'd be great.

Also, FUCK Germaie Greer.

I say that from the depths of my rabidly feminist heart.

NewHeavenSockman - 2015-10-25

what exactly was the point of this interview, then? it's basically six minutes of her saying men can't be women because muh co-opting male privilege, setting up Caitlyn Jenner as some sort of straw transgender, and rolling her eyes at the very concept of harassment as just something we all have to deal with so suck it up fake bitches.

there's nothing remotely interesting here, just a vagina crypt saying the same "why can't i say gross things what about FREE SPEECH" language that every boring shitheel on the internet utilizes

Xenocide - 2015-10-25

Holy shit, is feces which has been blessed via the Pope. The ceremony usually involves consecrated water and/or a German porn star.

Also, Gmork, I was responding to anuschris, not to the reanimated corpse in that video. We get it, Germaine, you're old, you no longer stand for anything, hurry up and decompose.

memedumpster - 2015-10-25

Xenocide, and/or is Episcopalian, Catholics only do the and.

Watch me slightly alter this quote to make it look as embarrassing to everyone as it does to only half of us now...

"Step one is a mens' rights activist saying that they don't believe trans men are men."

endlesschris - 2015-10-25

You're accusing Germaine Greer of hunting down teenage transfolk to say mean things to them? lol

akinskirage - 2015-10-24

She has in the recent past described trans folk identifying as female as 'ghastly parodies' and 'delusional'. It seems to me that her inability to recognise positions and situations different to her own has lumped her in with the stereotypical crowd of bigots that exist, that perpetuate discrimination against trans people.

But look - she's a 76 year old Australian woman, she's probably still ahead of the game. In 50 years time this shit will be perfectly normal to 70 year olds and everyone else, as it should be. And the people who have a problem with it will simply be dismissed as backward idiots. That's the way it'll be, like it or not.

endlesschris - 2015-10-24

Or: we'll do some actual longterm research, find out whether trying to change one's gender is actually more beneficial to happiness and wellbeing than accepting the pair of genitalia you've been dealt, and go from there.

Maybe, just maybe, we'll realize that guys can wear makeup and feminine clothing and bang whoever and still be male and that's... perfectly okay?

Bobonne - 2015-10-25

Maybe we'll get less transphobic idiots with their own personal axe to grind, too, whether it be TERFs, MRAs, LGs that don't think B exists and hate Ts for 'making us look bad', or even assholes from tumblr that throw a fit because they think all those nasty trannies are judging their 'unconventional' gender categorizations.

Or whatever the fuck you're on about, you goddamn twit.

Hazelnut - 2015-10-25

5 stars for the apologetics -- if these words were coming out the mouth of Pat Robertson it would be 'what a shithead!', but since it's Germaine Greer it's 'well, she's still ahead of the curve'.

Bobonne - 2015-10-25

Pretty much. That's the real danger of the TERFs. The fact that to be anti-feminist you have to be a complete moron, then a strident feminist starts attacking an entire group of people? There must be something wrong with them!

Fucking TERFs. I'm too old for this shit, even if I'm only in my mid-thirties. But I've been doing this shit since I was 19, I did it for most of POE-News's lifetime, and now I keep to get doing it in 20 fucking 15 on POEtv.

Fucking bullshit. Anyone who tries to tell you that the T is totally the hot new thing that has total acceptance in society, you tell them to go fuck themselves and wake up. We're just he hot new target, though the 'new' part is only for the 'hot' part, given that being a target is old hat for our particular letter.

Bobonne - 2015-10-25

The point of the interview is that Germaine Greer is famous and Caitlyn Jenner is famous and Germaine Greer is willing to go on camera and say incredibly bigoted things about Caitlyn Jenner (and all the people in the minority CJ is part of), and that means it'll get ratings which means money.

That's it. If you don't think there's an actual point to be found in that summary there, then yes, there is no point.

(There is no point.)

Bobonne - 2015-10-25

Now I'm so pissed off I'm mis-replying. There's my sign to walk away.

baleen - 2015-10-25

Or society will fragment into reactionary divisions and mainstream ones where trans is considered natural.

dairyqueenlatifah - 2015-10-24


Spaceman Africa - 2015-10-25

This is being submitted for evil, right? Because this woman is abhorrent.

StanleyPain - 2015-10-25

Women like this are fucking shit.

It takes nothing away from feminism whatsoever to acknowledge transgender women. Nothing at all. You should be welcoming these people into the fold, not acting like a fucking baby.. "But but...*I'M* THE REAL WOMAN"

Nikon - 2015-10-25

She's not an egalitarian.

Caminante Nocturno - 2015-10-25

You'd never hear this kind of bigotry from Gamergate.

dairyqueenlatifah - 2015-10-25

Uh, you need to look up the definition of "bigotry", because the only bigotry on display here is from the people in these comments who are saying this woman is a piece of shit awful Satan incarnate for holding a dissenting view.

Not that the actual meanings and proper usage of words matters to the usual suspects.

memedumpster - 2015-10-25

Personally, I'm glad Ramna 1/2 raised me better than this.

EvilHomer - 2015-10-25

It raised you to be a panda?

memedumpster - 2015-10-25

*falls to the street like a dirty dog as EvilHomer shoots him with the joke he had ready to shoot back with*

Take my tin star... and... loot... the town... in my... honor... *dies*

Xenocide - 2015-10-25

Yeah, people, the proper meaning of words matters! You can't just redefine marriage, I mean gender, like that!

Actually, the proper meaning of words changes constantly because that is how languages work, and the only languages that aren't in constant flux are dead ones. You've been watching words change meaning to fit the culture your entire life, you either didn't notice it until now, or did notice but never objected until those changes began empowering a group of people you don't like.

But don't let that stop you from dusting off the old "redefining _____" argument for one last ride. I'm sure it'll work this time.

Caminante Nocturno - 2015-10-25

"You can't redefine anime" was a common argument brought up against shows like Totally Spies and Kappa Mikey, and it worked.

ashtar. - 2015-10-25

Well, anime is a natural kind while gender and marriage are not.

Nikon - 2015-10-26

@Caminante people like the one in this video don't want anyone other than their own group to do well. Here's another example in which the author criticizes giving money to prostate cancer research and says that prostate cancer is a hallmark of privilege: http://thelinknewspaper.ca/article/no-to-movember

simon666 - 2015-10-27

Some folks here seem to get distracted by the language she's using, but her point, just so we are all clear is: woman is a natural kind (metaphysical claim about essence) and changing appearance doesn't change essence.

There are two types of arguments going on that talk past each other:

1. If you're not supportive of people who want to present a given way, then you're necessarily a bigot.

2. There are natural kinds and essences and woman and man are such kinds with essences (a particular social ontological view). Do what you want in regards to 1, but don't claim one becomes a woman or man in essence.


simon666 - 2015-10-29

http://www.politics.co.uk/comment-analysis/2015/10/28/comment-the- attack-on-germaine-greer-shows-identity-politics

jimmyboblahey - 2015-10-27

She's right. Shut the fuck up, you armchair biologists.

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