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infinite zest - 2015-11-30

I wanna see this. I got to see Neil Hamburger way back in 2002 opening/DJing for The Fucking Champs. I wasn't 21 yet but I sort of begged the venue to let me go, since it was a relatively small crowd, and they did, probably violating all sorts of liquor laws. Anyway this was before people really knew Hamburger's "thing" and the audience hated it, and not the kind of hate that you hear on his records. It was weird being one of the few sober people at the show laughing my ass off at this guy.

As far as this movie goes, anybody seen it yet? I have really mixed feelings about The Comedy. I don't know how to describe it but I loved and hated it equally, which for me is a good thing because I'll just watch it again and again instead of "that was really great/awful" and never revisit it. And it's also just weird to see the Tim and Eric peeps slowly growing out of their trademark humor (Hamburger's not really T&E but close enough) and into a weird (but good) existential crisis.

Leadbelly - 2015-11-30

I actually really liked this movie. It has a great mix of comedy and the depressingly overbearing tragedy of the human condition... or whatever. Personally I found it to be quite painful at times, but the humour is gold. It leans a little heavier on the painful side though. I had to watch it in two sittings so I wouldn't end up in a shitty mood, but I'm a sensitive little bitch.

But, I don't know dude, that's just my take. I found "The Comedy" a far harder watch than this film. At least the main character in "Entertainment" has a soul / personality rather than just and empty void.

infinite zest - 2015-11-30

Good to know. It's playing up the street from me, but I think I'll just take the download route like I did with Comedy. I really couldn't see myself being able to sit through that whole thing without at least a six pack of beer in my backpack.

bawbag - 2015-12-01

Saw him open for Tenacious D in Toronto.

He got the crowd angry and booing to the point where the security doubled-up at the stage, then he tells the crowd for every boo he heard, he'd stay another 5 minutes. I started out laughing but by that point I was starting to wish death on him too so he really -is- good at what he does, which is fucking with people.

Palpable relief when he finally got off the stage.

infinite zest - 2015-12-01

Ha! I think I heard that set. Pandora's kinda shit compared to Spotify but it's fun for stand-up comedy, the Neil Hamburger and Bill Hicks Radio ones being two of my favorites. If it is the same one I just assumed it was part of the act, but yeah I hear less and less laughter each time he's about to bring Tenacious D out on stage.. in a few more minutes. Even I started to get annoyed.

The Fucking Champs show worked a lot better; he'd just do interludes between their songs after a pretty quick opening set, which seems like just the right about of Hamburger at any given time.

Old_Zircon - 2015-12-01

I need to revisit Neil Hamburger, I remember all of the acidheads I knew in the late 90s being really in to him and I checked out a few albums and thought he tipped his hand too much, that the character was too obviously a character to actually fool anyone who was likely to be at any of his shows to begin with, but I respected what he was doing, I just didn't find it challenging at all, and being challenging seemed like it was the point. I know he's different live though.

I know it's probably kind of heresy to some but I find Sam Hyde way more interesting.

infinite zest - 2015-12-01

Yeah it's a fun troll act, back before people really associated the word troll with anything other than "guy under a bridge." I feel like I saw a band that did this same thing years and years ago: they were actually really talented guys, but their whole thing was to fuck up, start the song over and argue with each other on stage. It wasn't so much "jokes" like Hamburger's but it was fun to see a band kind of self-destruct in front of a live audience. Then they just go to the next venue and self-destruct there. But I'll be dipped if I remember what they were called or if this is all in my head in the first place..

infinite zest - 2015-12-01

Actually I think Tenacious D did that too in their Mr Show early days, but that's not who I'm thinking of

bawbag - 2015-12-01

Sounds like the Toronto hardcore-punk band 'Fucked up' a little.

joelkazoo - 2015-12-02

I enjoyed the hell out of this movie. It's a fine deconstruction of the Hamburger character: a sad man who's trying to make something of himself and unsure if what he's doing is going to get him there, but he keeps doing it because he doesn't know what else to do. The cinematography is gorgeous, as well.

There's a great scene where he eviscerates a heckler and pays for it later. Thing was, the heckler wasn't even heckling him, he just interpreted her interaction with another drunk as a slight against him. I'll post that scene if I can find it.

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