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Cube - 2015-11-27

FINALLY! I've been watching Girl's journey for years and still haven't figured out what the hell's going on.

I like the music, though!

gravelstudios - 2015-11-27

is this related in some way to katamari damacy, or do they just share a similar aesthetic?

BiggerJ - 2015-11-27

It's by the same guy, Keita Takahashi. After he stopped being involved in the Katamari series, he quit gaming development forever to design playgrounds. Apparently, this might have been what he meant; it's arguable whether it's a game, and it's certainly playground-ish-esque. His next 'game' will be Wattam, a game about holding hands and pooping.

infinite zest - 2015-11-29

Yeah I didn't have a PS3 so I just got the iPhone app; probably not the same as the console version but it's just a weird playground game easily worth the 2 bucks I spent on it.

It kinds sucks that Katamari went out with such a fizzle though. We Heart Katamari was my favorite thing for years, and I was so excited to introduce my little brother to it because he had a 360 that I got him Beautiful Katamari for Christmas one year.. he was confused and I was thinking "god this really kinda sucks." It never worked right on iPhones or Androids either, despite the fact that the gyroscope naturally seems to play into it.. if Katamari's done, it's done, but I'd like to see one last Katamari to end the series on a high note like MGSV or something, then it can be over.

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