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chumbucket - 2016-02-01

Life's Many Disappointments Simulator

Oscar Wildcat - 2016-02-01

Prisoners Dilemma Simulator : 2.0

infinite zest - 2016-02-01

What's starting anybody from doing this though? I'll use MST3K as example: That show can't cost very much money to make, definitely not millions and millions of dollars anyway, so I'd assume if I donated that some (if not a lot) of my money was going to the cast and crew's leisure, and not directly into the show itself.

chumbucket - 2016-02-01

This is the only thing Kickstarter says about this sort of thing, not sure there's any kind of legal enforcement around it other than the backers filing individual lawsuits, so yeah, it could happen a lot:

" If a creator is unable to complete their project and fulfill rewards, theyve failed to live up to the basic obligations of this agreement. To right this, they must make every reasonable effort to find another way of bringing the project to the best possible conclusion for backers. A creator in this position has only remedied the situation and met their obligations to backers if:

they post an update that explains what work has been done, how funds were used, and what prevents them from finishing the project as planned;
they work diligently and in good faith to bring the project to the best possible conclusion in a timeframe thats communicated to backers;
theyre able to demonstrate that theyve used funds appropriately and made every reasonable effort to complete the project as promised;
theyve been honest, and have made no material misrepresentations in their communication to backers; and
they offer to return any remaining funds to backers who have not received their reward (in proportion to the amounts pledged), or else explain how those funds will be used to complete the project in some alternate form.

The creator is solely responsible for fulfilling the promises made in their project. If theyre unable to satisfy the terms of this agreement, they may be subject to legal action by backers. "

infinite zest - 2016-02-01

Yeah I guess these things are inevitable; remember that Potato Salad guy who wanted dollars and got like ,000? I guess he at least threw a pretty kick-ass party, which is cool.

Seems like the easy solution would be something like a company card that Kickstarter can track. Back when I worked at a certain non-profit arts org the higher-ups would take us out before we had to work performances and ask people for money, and we'd get rather ripped off of a very small percentage of the money we were asking for again.

It was a relatively new world to me since the bill would often be over 0 for maybe 4 of us employees as well as our significant others. I offered to pay for my date, who had nothing to do with the organization and they said don't worry about it. Anyway, even though the higher-ups had the card at all times, a pack of cigarettes or something at a convenience store would get noticed immediately.

It's true however that wining and dining is an important part of fundraising, especially when you're looking at big investors. And if they like titty bars, then get in the truck.

animegurl1000 - 2016-02-01

Towards the end of MST3K's run, episodes cost about 0,000 each to produce, plus whatever it cost for the rights to air the movie being riffed, depending on the production company that owned it.

infinite zest - 2016-02-01

Yeah that sounds about right (and actually still cheaper than most shows), but even if they cost double that now, that'd be ,400,000 or so for all 14 promised episodes, and the kickstarter campaign made nearly 6M, so that's over 3M left over..

infinite zest - 2016-02-01

Plus the way things are going with home video (like Paramount's YT channel with all their bad movies for free) I'm guessing that studios would be willing to off their riffable trash for a lot cheaper than they did when MST3K was hot in the 90s.

dairyqueenlatifah - 2016-02-01

Has there been a single Kickstarter project that didn't completely fail to deliver, only half-delivered what was promised, or deliver a huge disappointment?

Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2016-02-01

elite: dangerous

They delivered what they said they would on schedule and it is frickin' awesome!

Two Jar Slave - 2016-02-01

Lots of pretty great games! I played Pillars of Eternity and Sunless Sea recently, just to name the first two off the top of my head. I don't honestly know what their Kickstarter promises were, but both are terrific final products.

Two Jar Slave - 2016-02-01

I should mention that both are text-heavy games that I sorta doubt would have found funding any other way.

Old_Zircon - 2016-02-01

I got an Axoloti, it's pretty excellent.

But I hardly use it because the fact is I just don't like patching on a computer.

Raggamuffin - 2016-02-01

The new Torment game is completely late as hell, but it ought to be rad.

I kickstarted a tyvek wallet I still use, so that worked out.

infinite zest - 2016-02-01

Tyvek wallet sounds pretty cool. I still use my wallet that I got in a Kids' Meal when I was 12. It's got a couple of holes that I patch with duct tape but I think 21 years of use is a pretty good run and it might need to be retired.

Caminante Nocturno - 2016-02-01

The 5-Second-Film guys made exactly the movie they promised they'd make with their Kickstarter money, and it was a great movie.

infinite zest - 2016-02-01

Cam is it? Maybe it's just me but I can't really get into almost "Anything: The Movie" (see every SNL movie Tim and Eric, ATHF) where a 5-11 minute sketch is made into 90 minutes, so I couldn't see the 5SF humor working for longer than, well, 90 seconds.

Raggamuffin - 2016-02-01

Slimfold it's called. Can't tear it. Needed a minimal wallet for skinny jeans.

infinite zest - 2016-02-01

Cool! My birthday's coming up in about a week and my parents keep hounding me about what I'd like: frankly I don't want anything. I also wear skinny jeans (girls jeans to be specific) not as a fashion statement but because I'm built that way, so anything much bigger than a pack of cigarettes in my pocket literally hurts, especially if I'm sitting on it.

Also I think I was reading somewhere once that big billfolds can cause major spinal damage over time, especially if you have a job where you're sitting most of the day or something. Anyway thanks for the tip!

Meerkat - 2016-02-02

Manos in HD took a long time but did eventually deliver.

M-DEEM - 2016-02-02

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

Old_Zircon - 2016-02-01

I thought booze and strippers was where 90% of the budget of every modern, indie "____ Simulator" game went.

Two Jar Slave - 2016-02-01

The only exception is the wildly popular 'Booze and Strippers Simulator 2013', 90% of the budget of which is donated to AA relief programs and women's shelters.

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