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Bort - 2016-02-04

Franklin came alive!

memedumpster - 2016-02-04

You know, I bet if this man, who is called a Christian, would just humble himself a little, study some sermon on the mount, and turn away from being a raging madman, his life would smooth out and he'd be the kind of man who can keep his church open.

You know, like II Chronicles 7:14 right there over his shoulder suggests.

misterbuns - 2016-02-04

His voice sounds like there is a dick stuck in his throat.

It must suck to be black and gay. I can't even imagine. The black community is awful to their LGBT people. Yall need jesus.

Accidie - 2016-02-04

I could listen to this man talk about testicles more.

infinite zest - 2016-02-04

Pretty sure he just broke two commandments there..

While the idea of putting a bar in there (or a bathhouse, if those even exist anymore) is fun, as I understand it they want to turn convert it into a shelter/transition program for homeless and at-risk folks in the LGBTQ community. I'm sure none of this enters whatever's inside Mr. Manning's scrambled head, but it's as bigoted as saying that a street shouldn't be renamed MLK Blvd. because black people.

cognitivedissonance - 2016-02-04

I had a friend who lived across the alley from the Seattle Steamworks, a notorious bath house. His wife, who was not allowed to smoke in the house, became really well acquainted with the janitors, who would wheel out enormous carts of used towels every morning to be disinfected.

infinite zest - 2016-02-04

Cool! I live down the street from a former bathhouse, which is now a hotel since 2007.. here's a little article about it

http://www.portlandmercury.com/portland/in-the-shadows/Content ?oid=3350426

Looking it up, there is still one, but it looks all yuppie-ish and not much fun. Glad Seattle's keeping it real.

infinite zest - 2016-02-04

whoops meant as a reply to CD :)

Old_Zircon - 2016-02-04

Almost had to deduct a star when I realized he said "all the sodomites" not "autosodomites."


Cena_mark - 2016-02-04

I love seeing former church buildings utilized for useful purposes.

infinite zest - 2016-02-05

Yeah there's a few bars here that have been converted into bars or music venues; one even has a Mass with a real Catholic Priest. Same as any other Mass, you just get to drink things other than a thimble of wine (or grapejuice depending on the Church you went to).. :)

oddeye - 2016-02-05

so are bath houses and porn booths at sex shops just free for all dick sucking parties?

betabox - 2016-02-05

You usually have to pay to get in, or buy some tokens. But once you're there, yup.

Old_Zircon - 2016-02-05

One of my best friends, who is gay and in a wheelchair, stays at bath houses whenever he can if he's traveling in Canada, not for the sex (he's actually pretty critical of the entire gay hookup culture, although I know he's not above Grindr) but because for about you can usually get a pretty decent, if small, room and according to him the staff are, almost without fail, vastly more helpful and respectful of someone in his situation, up to and including carrying him up stairs and things like that. He says that the staff at regular hotels are pretty much always condescending to someone in his situation but at bath houses and sex hotels they treat him like an equal.

infinite zest - 2016-02-05

Holy shit, at /night that's cheaper than a lot of studios in Portland now. Assuming one doesn't have much stuff, like maybe just a laptop and a backpack full of clothes, could one just stay at a bathhouse indefinitely? Just curious because I've got a friend who wants to move back here (or at least visit again for an indeterminate amount of time and see if he can find a job) but the place I'm in is already too full so I can't post him up like I did last time.

Grandmaster Funk - 2016-02-06

Man, don't start gentrifying gay bathhouses.

The Mothership - 2016-02-06

Baby in your bags. That's right.

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