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Cube - 2016-02-05

What the fuck, that's not Doom! Doom is a game from the 90s with blocky graphics and low quality sounds. You can't just decide to disregard something because it's old! As a crotchety old man I demand justice!

Nominal - 2016-02-05

How do they keep fucking up what makes Doom Doom?

Doom 3 they mistakenly thought Doom was Resident Evil

Here they mistakenly think Doom is first person Mortal Kombat

Serious Sam has been making better Doom games for 15 years.

Jimmy Labatt - 2016-02-05


While the fatality shit looks kinda cool, I imagine it'll probably grow stale ohh about the fifth or six thousandth time you perform one, which should happen in the first hour or so.

Seriously guys? Seriously? Who the fuck was jonesing for a Doom reboot anyway? Nobody I know. They're all having fun with Brutal Doom or the originals -- you know, actual Doom games.

Jimmy Labatt - 2016-02-05

This was funny though.

infinite zest - 2016-02-05

I dunno, I didn't play Doom3 (probably won't play this one either) but one of the fun parts of Doom with the chainsaw WAS having to saw away for at least a few seconds, which felt like a cinematic experience at the time, so why not just run with it? If it was a long-drawn-out headshot in slomo every time that'd get annoying, but a second and a half of ripping a demon's head in half or something seems as much fun as just punching them for the same amount of time until they fall over.

Other than that it looks like a pretty standard Doom, with a few more creative elements for the puzzles: like, ripping off a dead employees arm to use the hand scan to open a door makes a lot more sense than FIND THE BLUE KEYCARD which is just dropped in the middle of a room. I thought that was always funny even when I was a kid. So I dunno. I have no plans of getting a next gen system or a new computer anytime soon so I'll stick to Duke3D, but this does look like fun.

infinite zest - 2016-02-05

"Who the fuck was jonesing for a Doom reboot anyway?"

Good question, but I assume it's the same kind of people who were jonesing for a X-Com reboot. Haven't played the new ones but growing up on X-Com they don't seem to feel the same as the old ones, even though gameplay is similar. Plus Doom's got its place in video game history every bit as much as Mortal Kombat, which went to shit in a much worse way than Doom did before its eventual reboot. So I dunno. Did we really need a whole bunch of Wolf3D games either? Probably not, but there's no reason why such a popular brand that pretty much shaped the FPS as we know it today (for better or worse) should be nothing more than people making .wads and such.

Old_Zircon - 2016-02-06

RE: the chainsaw and punching, it's easy to forget now because of the source ports, but in the original Doom, with the fixed keyboard layout, there was actually some challenge to keeping the melee weapons on target consistently so the cacodemon that was right in your face didn't have a chance to get a shot in. I love that doom is still a living game, but the mouse + WASD controls that everyone uses now make it a lot easier to the point where the original levels feel pretty unbalanced.

Anyone know how WASD ended up the de facto standard? I remember coming up with it on my own through trial an error in Quake 1 and I always assumed lots of people independently figuring it out around then is where it began, but what was the first game to have it as the default control layout?

Bootymarch - 2016-02-07

I knows system shock 1 had waxd as the default, and maybe ultima underworld as well

Anaxagoras - 2016-02-05

I love Marshawn Lynch. A Superbowl w/out Lynch & Richard Sherman is hardly worthy of the name.

infinite zest - 2016-02-05

Yeah Superbowl or not, The Seahawks are my favorite team. Years and years ago my dad (who's a packers fan) took me on a train from Portland up to Seattle to see the Packers, and The Seahawks were the most depressing thing ever, kind of like the Isotopes on the Simpsons. Now, they're the loudest fans and best personalities.

I'll take that over Peyton Manning's HGH usage and Tom Brady's deflating balls any day of the week. So keep your stupid rings guys, you'll probably be selling them to pay the rent some day, whereas Lynch and Sherman will always have this sort of immortality. Plus I'll bet they throw cool parties.

Anaxagoras - 2016-02-05

Me too. It may look like I'm bandwagon-ing, since I re-started following football (after a very long hiatus) the year that the Seahawks won the Suiper Bowl, and I live in Seattle. But honestly, the local hype played no part, nor did "pride in my hometown", or whatever. The current Seahawks just have several really really cool dudes on their roster.

infinite zest - 2016-02-05

Yeah, I never understood why my dad loves the Packers so much, when he and my mom got away from Wisconsin as soon as they could back in the early '70s. It's like, yeah, Seattle's 4 hours away but they're the closest to a "home team" as Portland has (unless the Raiders move up here, haven't really been following that). Doesn't make a difference. In general, I'd say the biggest fanbase in Portland is Green Bay, followed closely by Minnesota.

I still like to watch Packers games with my dad; he's fun and curses a lot, plus it's just fun to get day drunk with your dad. But I always feel bad when they play the Hawks, because my ex-in-laws (who still live in Wisconsin) are what you'd call super-fans, vs. my dad who doesn't really give a shit, like it doesn't ruin his day if they lose. I once saw my dad-in-law's bald head turn bright red like in Scanners before it exploded, and the success or failure of something that's supposed to be fun determined our visits. So once my wife left me I like to think of his head actually exploding every time the Hawks win, but I keep it to myself. :)

infinite zest - 2016-02-05

I've been meaning to dip into my PTO to come up to Seattle and check out the Pinball museum. 's a little steep but there's a few pins I've never seen. The one in Portland is twice a month and is only (with some 20 machines vs. the museums's 50) and it's pretty much at capacity unless you get there right when they open and everybody hogs the machines for the entire night like little kids. Little drunk adult kids. If I went on a Monday I'll bet it'd be mine all mine if I get up there before school's out..

Killer Joe - 2016-02-05


EvilHomer - 2016-02-05

This isn't a very good Let's Play.

infinite zest - 2016-02-05

It's really not supposed to be. I haven't really liked Conan since the late 90s but these are kinda cute because he pretends to suck at games probably more than he actually does, just like he acts like nobody recognizes him when he walks down the street. The rest of them are just him and his employee, who's a gamer, and those get old pretty quickly, but like the MKX one last year it's fun, especially if Marshawn's involved.

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