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Lef - 2016-02-18

I apologise in advance.

memedumpster - 2016-02-19

Sorry, leg in the door dog attack joke, I got a new A-Game.

Simillion - 2016-02-19

It's an okay bit, was a little disappointed that he really only has 4 poses. I'm a learner of japanese and so I appreciated that aspect of this; the second yakyuu bit didn't interest me; but thanks for posting anyway, I like late night japanese tv shows like this, brings back good memories.

theSnake - 2016-02-19

whats the name of the girl with the crooked teeth, i need to know for a research paper

poorwill - 2016-02-19

ur mom

Reefer Fez - 2016-02-20

Saw him a couple of weeks back at the Sapporo Snow Festival. -2 centigrade and performing outside. Day before at Asahikawa, -12. Before that, Rikubetsu, -21.

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