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BiggerJ - 2016-02-28

The audio is from Jerkcity Hi-Fi (jerkcityhifi.com), a twice-weekly series of audio dramatizations of Jerkcity strips to which anyone can contribute full episodes, voice acting, sound effects etc. It and Jerkcity HD (a collection of fan-made redrawn strips) have been integrated into the main site.

If you were to select a Jerkcity strip at random, there would be about a three percent chance of it having a Jerkcity Hi-Fi audio track.

fedex - 2016-02-29

um...does anyone find this funny? is it supposed to be funny?
Just checking my value judgements

Old_Zircon - 2016-02-29

Pretty much anything that's Jerkcity related that isn't actual Jerkcity completely misses the point in my opinion.

Nominal - 2016-02-29

Isn't this the guy who had the meltdown and burned all his kickstarter comics in protest of capitalism or something?

deadpan - 2016-02-29

That's the Pictures for Sad Children guy, nothing to do with Jerkcity.

BiggerJ - 2016-02-29

I think he might have been referring to the animator, webcomics legend KC Green.

BiggerJ - 2016-02-29

I mean, mistaking him for the Pictures for Sad Children guy.

deadpan - 2016-02-29

KC Green's doing fine from what I've seen. A bunch of his old strips just got animated as bumpers for Adult Swim.

Xenocide - 2016-02-29

KC Green would never be pretentious enough to pull the sort of shit the Pictures For Sad Children guy did. Mainly because he's like the least pretentious person on the internet. Half his comics are about what a loser he is and the other half are poop jokes.

American Standard - 2016-03-01

That person is named John Campbell and KC used to be friends with her. They're not the same person.

John Campbell had a literal psychotic break and erased herself from the internet (to the extent anyone really can). She sold her Twitter to marketers, nuked her site, and disappeared to parts unknown.

Also, in case you haven't noticed, she prefers feminine pronouns, now. Although she still goes by John, last I read.

What John did wasn't performance art or pretentious. It was literal madness.

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