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Meerkat - 2016-04-09

And by rock star we mean congressional page.

15th - 2016-04-09

Looks like a "Misery" type situation.

Old_Zircon - 2016-04-09

I'd just like to report that I actually found a completely useful series of Expert Village videos about reel to reel tape recorder maintenance. Stuff I already knew, but it was useful to see someone doing it properly with decent video.

15th - 2016-04-09

That's impressive for expert village. But, you didn't learn anything new, so their track record remains flawless. What kind of tape machine do you have? I had a 388 and it was so rad, but I sold it. I'm looking to pick up a cheap cassette recorder, any suggestions?

Old_Zircon - 2016-04-09

I just sold my old 388 to a friend a couple weeks ago. Ironically, I'm using it more now than I had in years.

I've had an Otari MX5050 MKIV that some previous owner chopped up and made into a kind of a BIII (which was the same machine in a smaller cabinet). He sold it to me for . It works great but I didn't actually use it much until recently, so now I'm cleaning it up and getting it set up properly. The heads are in great shape.

Old_Zircon - 2016-04-09

Also, when I got it someone I knew a bit from the music scene gave me an MRL calibration tape free.

15th - 2016-04-10

That things looks really neat.

15th - 2016-04-10


Old_Zircon - 2016-04-10

OH, cheap cassette? Depends onwhat you mean by cheap, but I use a Nakamitchi CR-1a, it was the entry level one fromt heir early 90s line which means that it's still very good but not that expensive, not that old and probably didn't see much use because it came out right near the end of the cassette heyday - it was at the peak of cassette technology but the owner most likely switched to CD after a few years.

The comparable one from the late 80s (I forget the model but it has two heads and two large, vertical faders for volume) is to be avoided, there was a defect in the transport electronics and it's really hard to repair at this point.

OR if you're recording ore than playing, get a Tascam 424 (the original grey one, not the MKII or MKIII although they might be OK too - I had a MKII I got new in the 90s but it didn't last more than 7 or 8 years - the originals still going strong). It was good enough for Ween. Years ago I'd have recommended a Syncaset but they're too expensive now (I wish I hadn't sold the one I found, 0 seemed fair and the woman I lived with at the time convinced me I should get rid of some stuff but wrong on both counts - sold a Korg Poly61m for under 0 for the same reason).

15th - 2016-04-10

Thanks, I was checking out the tascam MK's. I'll check into the original as well. A buddy of mine records with what I think is a Mk II. It sound really good. Pretty impressive for a 1/8 inch of weird magnetized plastic.

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