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John Holmes Motherfucker - 2016-05-12

We need politicians. The good ones are people with a special skill set, and nothing could ever get done without them.

http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/26/opinion/the-governing-cancer -of-our-time.html?_r=0

zurf - 2016-05-12

I can't see why you think this Carlin clip is somehow an anti-democratic or pro-authoritarian message, but a good article nevertheless and I agree with it.

The rise of the populist authoritarian right is ignorant and infantile - they don't understand politics, but they do understand super hero movies. From my experience they generally defend their support for Trump by arguing that he is a good man with America's best interest at heart. It is about the man, not the policies, not the party, just the man. They want to believe that Trump is like Bruce Wayne - a everyman fighter for the common good, instead of just another lying sell out politician. They also tend to think that the establishment politicians are reptilian overlords from Dimension X. This massive failure of democratic consciousness is exactly what Carlin is articulating here...

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2016-05-13

>>I can't see why you think this Carlin clip is somehow an anti-democratic or pro-authoritarian message


John Holmes Motherfucker - 2016-05-13

>>They want to believe that Trump is like Bruce Wayne - a everyman fighter for the common good, instead of just another lying sell out politician.

But he's NOT a politician. If Trump gets elected, he's going to discover that he doesn't have the kind of absolute authority he enjoyed as the star of "Celebrity Apprentice", and he's going to have to lead people who, regardless of party, know more about governing than him.

And there's this.


Fezren - 2016-05-13

I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you, but Politifact is

Aside from a dubious set of criteria for whether they consider something factual or not, I noticed when I was going through the trump quotes that there are multiple duplicate quotes factored in to the stats they give him.

It's a shitty website.

Toenails - 2016-05-12

Usually, I don't take my world view from a cynical comedian.

Anaxagoras - 2016-05-12

I don't understand. He's not asking you to take anything on faith. He's presenting an argument, complete with initial premises, logical steps, and a conclusion.

And his argument seems pretty solid to me. What part do you disagree with?

Toenails - 2016-05-12

Because he's a cynical comedian looking for laughs.

Toenails - 2016-05-12

Well he WAS. Bless his soul.

Toenails - 2016-05-12

It's mostly his (staged) anger at politicians that I disagree with. I understand that folks cant get what they want, but I don't feel that you vote for a revolution, you vote for the direction you want your country to go. And also, if I offended you Anaxagoras, I apologize. I probably made it sound like people that take quotes as something to be ridiculed. I apologize for that.

zurf - 2016-05-12

No one is asking you to take your world view from a cynical comedian. The point is to entertain and provoke thought, not tell you what to think or believe.

boner - 2016-05-12

Carlin was a master of rhetoric and exploring ideas to their logical conclusion no matter how absurd. I think he got fewer laughs in his last decade or so, as he went so deep into the cynical stuff. I still liked it for the most part. Maybe it helps me not to fall into cynicism too much myself. If I sound too much like late George Carlin, I need to back up and think again.

Anaxagoras - 2016-05-13

I wasn't offended. I was just confused. Still am.

Carlin didn't express any anger at politicians. In fact, he made it pretty clear that he doesn't blame them at all for the problems of this country. He blames the citizens. They're the cause of this country's woes.

I don't even view that as cynical. I just view it as a fact that most people don't want to acknowledge. I would love to be proven wrong. I really would. But your post seems to talk right past his argument for reasons I don't understand.

Toenails - 2016-05-13

It was because one of his famous jokes was how it would be better to masturbate than vote. And I commented about this video with knowing how he told people not to vote because it maters less than masturbation. I judged this video on the basis of his previous works. I screwed the pooch.

I'm not making excuses. This was not the way to come back to poetv: shitting on a cynical comedians. Sorry.

memedumpster - 2016-05-12

Really drives home how much less cynical I've become.

Rafiki - 2016-05-12

For anyone too busy to spare a minute forty-five, he's not criticizing politicians he's criticizing the public.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2016-05-13

George Carlin once did a spot on Comedy Central or HBO or something where he seemed to be seriously advocating "naked, upside-down crucifixion on live TV" as a penalty for bankers who launder money for drug cartels. I never saw him quite the same after that.

He was some kind of genius, a comedian who often worked with ideas, and he took the Lenny Bruce thing farther than Lenny ever could. But he wasn't some kind of old hipster Jesus, and I get annoyed when people repackage Carlin clips like this, with a pointed title that usually oversimplifies the point, citing him as some ultimate authority. Last time, it was "Political Correctness is Fascism", or something like that.

EvilHomer - 2016-05-13

Sounds like somebody's still a little sore because Hipster Jesus called him out for being a fascist...

SolRo - 2016-05-13

I get the feeling this was made by a Bernie bro during a drunken bender after he realized there was no path to the nomination.

crojo - 2016-05-13

You say that like upside down naked crucifixion is an inappropriate penalty for that.

chumbucket - 2016-05-13

I love how Carlin kind of just told it like it is. These days all of the loud people seem to think it's all a rigged system and the reptilian people are just going to turn us all into slaves.

Corpus Delectable - 2016-05-13

I hate to be the fallacy guy, but we've got at least a false dichotomy, here, along with the composition fallacy. On the first point, it's not either "the public is good and produces good politicians" or "the public is bad and produces bad politicians." He leaves out anything systemic or structural. He leaves out history. It's naive Platonic realism. This is related to the reason that it's a composition fallacy, as well; systems, including countries, are not merely the sum of their inhabitants, nor even their inhabitants' ideas and interactions. Something emerges from that that has a dynamic of its own, and responds to its history in its own way. Sure, there are ways we can affect it, but it's hard to fault poor minorities in the South, for example, for the racial divide in America. Their range of action to take that system down is brutally curtailed by that system itself.

People shouldn't scratch their asses in malls, though.

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