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fedex - 2016-06-17

God he sounds worse than he looks now.

I used to love this book, really love it, along with love & Rockets back in the early 80s onward I bought it religiously, the big books too. Up until Jakas Story and then everything just went south forever. That last time with Bear and Boobah at the pub was the last bit of good Cerebus writing I think he ever really did.

I have no idea how Gerhard lasted as long as he did.

I wonder if Sim will vote for Trump?

RIP Cerebus

blase - 2016-06-17

Little chance Sim would vote for Trump since he's Canadian. But I'm sure if he were still writing Cerebus, he'd be having a field day with all of the current events.

EvilHomer - 2016-06-17

I never followed Sim's work. What is he like? From what little I know about Cerebus, my impression is he's a cross between Dan Lacey and Robert E Howard?

Lurchi - 2016-06-17

There was always something "off" about Cerebus. I bought some of the phonebooks because people always said how great they were, but they never struck me as particularly funny or smart. Then came the famous misogynist ranting/nervous breakdown (issue 186). I think that was my first exposure to that type of worldview, which is now standard on the internet. He can be considered a founder of mgtow.

What a useless asshole.

Meerkat - 2016-06-17

Same here, it was great up until Jaka's Story. I always loved Elrod and The Roach for some reason.

blase - 2016-06-17

Great use of sequential art form and typography; beautiful backgrounds and great cartooning; interesting use of themes and subtexts, but odd foundational premise to carry over from satire to serious drama/bilious religious screen.

blase - 2016-06-17


Bort - 2016-06-17

A thing you have to understand to appreciate "Cerebus", I think, is that the very ability to publish comics with your own vision was itself an accomplishment back in the day. That Dave Sim had a vision (though of course it changed drastically over time), that he was able to find an artist, that he was able to publish it at all, and promise he'd quit at issue 300 with the lead character's death ... that was all pretty remarkable. Now add on top of that that he went places no other comic did, and very often successfully, like building his own little political world and fleshing it out; a lot of "Cerebus" was damn good, but even when it wasn't, it was a hell of an achievement.

At least through "Jaka's Story". I never got any farther than that.

EvilHomer - 2016-06-17

So... Homestuck for Olds?

Chancho - 2016-06-17

Hey Bort, there was another artist with a vision and achievements.

His name was Hitler!

aikimoe - 2016-06-17

"High Society" through "Melmoth" and many bits and pieces until the end represent the very best of the medium. There has never been a better artist, writer, or letterer. I would recommend his work to anyone who claims to appreciate comics.

GravidWithHate - 2016-06-18

The 2nd half of Cerebus is amazingly frustrating. Because every so often Sim will pull of something really brilliant. Some panel layout, or lettering, or scene, or joke. And it's just embedded in this totally schizophrenic (I mean that in the sense that I think Dave's mind sees patterns and connections where none exist) narrative from a dude who's gone so far off the deep end he created his own syncretic religion based on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

As for Gerhard? I'd guess after putting in 20 years on the project he was determined to see it through.

Chancho - 2016-06-17

this guy is still alive, eh?

Meerkat - 2016-06-17

I downloaded the first free ones but when I tried to open them it called me a pussy slave and my computer bit me on the forehead!

Boomer The Dog - 2016-06-21

He he, *Smiles*

kingarthur - 2016-06-18

I read Church and State 1 and 2 when I was in high school and thought they were amazing. Unfortunately, this pretty much coincided with issue 186 coming out in real time and it sort of made me wary of reading the rest of Cerebus.

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