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jangbones - 2016-07-13

Thank you

Nominal - 2016-07-13

90% of every sound in this movie was either garbage bag wrinkling or cat meows.

What a fucking shit the protagonist was. He started the disease, hung around everyone even after he knew he was the cause, incited a mob that got a bunch of people killed, and tried to take as many people out with him as possible.

The guy who shot him at the end was the real hero of the movie.

Nominal - 2016-07-13

garbage bag CRINKLING

Monkey Napoleon - 2016-07-13

In fairness, he only started the riot after he found out the other townsfolk killed his parents and set him up to think he did it so they could steal his property.

memedumpster - 2016-07-13

Wait, is that really what happened to his parents? I totally missed that. I thought he killed them by accident fighting off sasquatch.

Monkey Napoleon - 2016-07-13

They kinda had it coming is what I'm saying.

Monkey Napoleon - 2016-07-13

The movie did kind of an awful job explaining it, and the non-plot stuff was way more interesting, but yeah. His parents died before the movie starts. He thought he got drunk and accidentally burned their house down. Everyone in town happily spread that rumor and were cruel to him the whole movie because of it. About three quarters of the way through, he catches the leaders of the two factions talking about how the christian one forced him to get drunk by spiking his drinks, and the other leader set the fire that killed his parents.

This was all a plot to steal a mine of some kind that was on his family's property.

memedumpster - 2016-07-13

I honestly thought the sasquatch attack was a flashback to what accidentally started the fire and everyone blamed him because who admits to sasquatch attack?

My brain made up a less convoluted plot.

Monkey Napoleon - 2016-07-13

The movie did a really good job of distracting from what the actual plot was.

Oscar Wildcat - 2016-07-13

One thing is clear: their passion for cats exceeds even my own. But seriously, all you need is a couple of them. Soon enough they'll be coming out of your ears.

Monkey Napoleon - 2016-07-13

No way, OW. You need cats to test if objects are infected. Infected objects fuse to and sort of eat/incinerate animals. You literally burn through cats pretty quickly.

Old_Zircon - 2016-07-14

This is a strong contender for my favorite thing we've watched so far.

Oscar Wildcat - 2016-07-14

Pity. I was kind of thinking this was a horror movie from the cat's point of view. Mobs of ASMR addicted cat hoarders struggling over the remaining free supply of precious, precious cats! What cat doesn't fear the dreaded "Carrier"? No one will be seated during the "being put into the carrier" scene! Filmed in fragrant smellovision!

cognitivedissonance - 2016-07-13

It somehow had more cats and more Saran Wrap than Bad Boy Bubby.

boner - 2016-07-13

This [crinkle] movie [crinkle] is [crinkle] amazingly [crinkle] quotable.

Old_Zircon - 2016-07-14

I call bullshit. There's no way you could fit every mention of cats into a clip this short.

Maggot Brain - 2016-07-14

Wait, in this world they use cat as pathogen detectors and now they are going to war over the supply of life saving cats. This is like the Bloods and Crips going to war over smoke detectors.

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