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SolRo - 2016-07-17


Rodents of Unusual Size - 2016-07-17

I don't think this segment is particularly great, but I'm giving it 5 stars just to spite you.

OxygenThief - 2016-07-17

^The internet in a nutshell.

SolRo - 2016-07-17

Giant rat supports racist trash, not surprising

memedumpster - 2016-07-17

Why, does he hate Jews? Stop hating on the Jews, orcs, you know they're playing Pokemon Go along with you.

The Internet is the magical process by which humanity acting as a single people came together in unity to admit to itself that everyone else has a problem.

I love how he ends every sentence with an up tense, like he's six years old telling you about his action figures and their adventures.

William Burns - 2016-07-18

Can't we please just all agree that this is stupid and so is orcs?

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2016-07-18

I'm confused. Are you saying I support orcs because orcs is racist trash or Brian Redban? Because I don't think Brian Redban is racist and I don't know anything about this orcs fellow.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2016-07-18

For the record, I just kind of laugh at you in general. It has nothing to do with other users.

SolRo - 2016-07-18

Well it's great you're supporting the videos of a white supremacist because of a random idiotic internet grudge.

But keep in mind I don't really remember any of your posts or any arguments I may have had with you, so whatevs yo.

EvilHomer - 2016-07-18

Why does it matter if Orcs is a white supremacist or not? It's the content of his videos, not the color of his skin-hatred, that truly matters.

Honestly, I was pretty worried about the fact Big Brother tracking-chipped half the population in one fell swoop thanks to Pokemon Go, but if THIS is the level of social discourse you've been engineered into, perhaps it's for the best that our billionaire overlords cull you off.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2016-07-18

You tend to overreact, dude. Has orcs said he's a white supremacist? Because usually those guys are pretty hardcore proud of being white supremacists. I know nothing about your beef with him.

Also, I like Joe Rogan a lot. So I stick by my stars.

Oscar Wildcat - 2016-07-18

I would characterize him more as a nilihist who needs a lot of attention.

lotsmoreorcs - 2016-07-18


Oscar Wildcat - 2016-07-18

Must press the Reply button. The shiny, candy colored Reply button!

Nihilist, I meant.

Gmork - 2016-07-18

"Why does it matter if Orcs is a white supremacist or not? It's the content of his videos, not the color of his skin-hatred, that truly matters."

EH if you believed what you said even a little bit, you'd stop tilting at windmills with me and let go of the whole "pretending gmork is a bigot" bit you've been doing lately.

Incredible hypocrisy coming from you these days.

Oscar Wildcat - 2016-07-18

You're a regular phony, EvilHolden.

lotsmoreorcs - 2016-07-18

The sky burns with the troubling green afterglow or a recent tactical nuke strike, jet trails crisscrossing over head forming strange light filters. Sporadic pops of gunfire punctuate a deceptive silence as Professor Solrod scrambles to the top of a rubble pile to get a better look at the most recent devastation of a recent battle. Clad in filthy rags stained with the blood of his fallen comrades, the Professor scrabbles for purchase on the uneven tower of rubble and fishes a partially shattered pair of binoculars from a tattered plastic bag tied around his belt of rope. SolRod is tall and emaciated, with wild patches of greying hair exploding in sporadic tufts around the broad luminescent dome of his head. Mismatched spectacles lashed together with a rubber band hang around his scrawny neck, jangling against a monocle and partially shattered headlamp. The most recent push from the Orc Hordes has taken its toll on his fledgling encampment, the modest tent city erected in the past few days had been a risky endeavor met with a fair amount of resistance at the General Assembly meeting. The folly of assumption that the enemy had moved on after clashing so violently with the scattered militia was now laid bare before him, the tents and lean tos hastily constructed by the Skeptic Objectors had all been upended and torn apart in a night raid by enemy scouts. Obscene smears of viscera, blood and bone streak the pavement under a partially decimated freeway overpass, some of them stretching all the way up the concrete pillars framing what SolRod had hoped would form a temporary safe haven. The ragged torso of one of the Professors closest confidantes, a young boy who had become his lover during their trek from the scorched countryside to the skeletal remains of the metroplex, had been wedged into the crotch of a tree at the top of an embankment leading away from the overpass. How had it come to this? How could underestimate the enemy to this degree Shuddering, dying bodies laid out around the rubble pile he now crouched upon only reminded him to the audacity of his folly. They had hoped to form new society, unmolested by outside differing opinions, an autonomous safe space where the, meds of tolerance and multiculturalism would grow again despite the crushing grip of the occupiers on the land. It had all been for naught, and now his modest pilgrimage had been for naught. It had failed in all regards despite his best intentions, despite his movement behind rooted firmly in logic and tolerance, his modest attempt at a following laid bare before him in pieces. His enemies had proved more formidable than he ever co have imagined. And now, as his swirling despair and anxiety began to fully take hold, he heard the worst possible scenario he could have imagined start to unfold. The clanking, unmistakable footsteps of a mech beginning to pick up speed started to bleed into his periphery from what his filthy, battered compass told him was the Northeast. Panicked, the Professor began to stumble down the rubble pile he’d scaled to attempt to get a better view of the night’s devastation. As he scrambled crabwise down the broken slabs of concrete and twisted metal he lost his purchase and fell head over heels down the scrap heap. The mechanical footsteps increased their pace and SolRod felt the air tingle with the frequencies of the robotic beast’s mass sensors being deployed. Attempting to run on his badly twisted ankle, the disgraced intelectual l limped his way towards a bombed out building and had almost made it when the mech turned the corner. As the machine turned a street corner and came into view, Professor SolRod’s blood froze. It was the worst possible scenario imaginable, the unmistakable gold crescent of the Glorious Leader of the Orc Brigade, General Lotsmo. As the mech bore down on him, right before it began to stomp him into pieces, SolRod’s last living thought was that he had wasted his life trying to get others to join his cause, and as the maniacal General stamped down on him and separated his shuddering, dying body like a chicken kicking at the dirt he thought only of his own folly. If they had only listened….

Doc Victor - 2016-07-18

Redban is a legitimately twisted little pervert. I sincerely hope he moves to the forefront of the public consciousness soon.

Quad9Damage - 2016-07-18

When Redban was a regular part of the show he acted as the perfect saboteur when things seemed boring or too serious, performing such anarchistic feats as adding 'butt sex' to every Google search, starting an argument over sniffing his ass-itching fingers, interrupting with a Liberace/gay stereotype voice, being subtly rude to guests, having his porn star friends call him gross, and all manner of other mayhem that got Rogan finger-wagging. Redban is a shining example that age is just a number, and you're never too old to keep your inner assclown.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2016-07-18

There was also an episode where Joe Rogan was randomly talking about Pokemon and Brian Redban went back to his car because he just happened to be carrying around a Pikachu costume for some reason, which he wore for the rest of the show.

chumbucket - 2016-07-19

Whoaaah, bro.

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