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TeenerTot - 2016-08-19

Horse remix

Space Odin - 2016-08-19


betamaxed - 2016-08-19

For some reason the clip with the EXTREME ZOOMS and the break out of the "HITLER!" song is no longer on youtube. :(

Space Odin - 2016-08-21

Guess again!


memedumpster - 2016-08-19

I wish the Betamaxed household was a post-apocalyptic town where the entire economy was based on having and showing movies 24/7.

I would grow a mohawk and a shotgun just to run the projector.

betamaxed - 2016-08-20

Your description of my household is not far off from reality. Also if you want the job of projectionist you need to wear a pair of bright orange welding goggles in addition to having a mohawk.


casualcollapse - 2020-06-18

Marry me Beta, That sounds like a dream life

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