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bawbag - 2016-10-30

He's nailed the mannerisms! This and 'Alice' are excellent stuff.

StanleyPain - 2016-10-31

This song is actually really old by Pogo standards, I remember it floating around his original Last.fm account ages ago (when he was still mostly known as "fagottron"), but he's been resurrected some of his older stuff to either make videos or re-release them in better quality now that he's discovered Ableton Live.

cognitivedissonance - 2016-10-31

In one of the linked videos, he explains he's been banned from entering the United States for ten years and spent three weeks in jail for working while on a Visa Waiver. He seems really distraught over it.

StanleyPain - 2016-10-31

I heard about that awhile back. Basically the State Dept. pulled some bullshit about him touring on a waiver when he was actually making money, thus he was "working" without permission or paying taxes and violated the terms or some bullshit.

DriverStabby - 2016-10-30

This is the stupidest fucking thing I've ever seen or heard of.

Fuck this guy, and fuck his whore mother.

StanleyPain - 2016-10-30

Edgelord status:


Born in the RSR - 2016-10-30

Yeah! Get this weird nonsensical nerd shit off PoeTV! It doesn't belong here!

The Mothership - 2016-10-31

Dude, dude. chill dude.

Gmork - 2016-10-31

Go fuck yourself to death, you tasteless waste of flesh.

BillLumbergh - 2016-10-31

jesus, calm the fuck down.

casualcollapse - 2016-10-31

YouTube is infecting this site with these comments.

DriverStabby - 2016-10-31

No, it's actually fucking stupid. It's so bad it makes my ears hurt, and the kid is a hammy cunt.

I love nonsensical, weird nerd shit. I love Star Trek and riffs on Star Trek. However, this sucks, and you suck.

Gmork - 2016-11-01

You're human garbage.

DriverStabby - 2016-11-01


Gmork - 2016-11-01


Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2016-10-30

Great job with the lighting.

Corpus Delectable - 2016-10-30

The entire Internet should be this.

kingarthur - 2016-10-30

This is pretty great.

fedex - 2016-10-30


Callamon - 2016-10-30

His Data is better than his Picard

Simillion - 2016-10-31

at least yours is useful constructive feedback!

The Mothership - 2016-10-31

My wife and I have been bickering over the raising of the children recently, and this cheered her up and brought us togehter tonight. Thanks, POETV.

cognitivedissonance - 2016-10-31

What an oddly proportioned young man.

boner - 2016-10-31

He sourced the original Data makeup but didn't bother with a bald cap.

zurf - 2016-10-31

stupid horrible music

Gmork - 2016-10-31

kill yourself

Ugh - 2016-10-31

the drum beat from billie jean is weirdly distracting

Crab Mentality - 2016-11-01

This is made fairly well, but the nature of Pogo's sampling kinda music doesn't really work well with a live performance. I very much didn't like this.

Nikon - 2016-11-01

I wish this guy could do voice over work in an audiobook for TNG or cartoon. This is great.

Nikon - 2016-11-01

Dang it, just noticed that this is samples. Still great though.

jaunch - 2016-11-01

I'm really impressed with the lighting and greenscreen work.

Gmork - 2016-11-02

Agreed. Lots of love went into this.

Gmork - 2016-11-02

And come on - flawless data makeup and contacts!

jaunch - 2016-11-10

I read on the description on YT-- he didn't have a gold uniform OR yellow contacts. All of that was done in post. Amazing.

DriverStabby - 2016-11-03

I wish I could one-star it again.

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