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Corpus Delectable - 2016-11-10

Five for watching the evil of liberals missing the point. We let Hillary run over Bernie, let the establishment run over the populists in a populist time. And then we made jokes until the election. And now the joke's on us.

Maybe doubling down on jokes--stay with me--isn't the answer, here? Maybe figuring out why people held their nose for Trump, instead of Hillary, might be more useful?

Crazy. I know. It's a good thing the Republican Party is the only establishment monstrosity that can't learn from their mistakes.

Xenocide - 2016-11-10

Yes, how dare this professional comedian make jokes. I am also offended that professional plumbers continue to insist on fixing pipes. How's that going to help Bernie Sanders?

Bort - 2016-11-10

When you say "we let Hillary run over Bernie", I think you mean, "we put it to a vote, and most people preferred Hillary to Bernie, especially among the minority communities that white 'Progressives' only claim to give a shit about".

And we already know why people preferred Trump; it was made clear in the exit polls if nowhere else. Trump got his support almost exclusively from white voters, and he cleaned up in the over $50000 crowd. What motivated Trump voters was not grumbling over low wages, it was about immigration (their #1 concern) and terrorism (their #2 concern). Or making a couple reasonable inferences: bigotry against Mexicans and Muslims. (Their #3 concern was "the economy", but I would bet the over-$50000 crowd isn't obsessed with raising the minimum wage; they're probably more concerned about their tax dollars going to lazy blacks.)

Bernie would have lost to the embodiment of right-wing America's id too, and for that matter I think Obama would have lost as well. You may recall that Republicans faulted McCain and Romney for being too-wishy-washy; had either been 180-proof avatars of racism / misogyny / xenophobia like Trump is, not even Obama could have beaten him.

godot - 2016-11-10

It wasn't letting HRC run over Bernie. HRC was the choice of the minority constituencies, and appeared the only centrist choice for DNC types that still remember the McGovern campaign. Bernie never had pull with either group. Nor do I think Bernie could have won in the general. All a Trump ad would have to do is superimpose Bernie dissecting the finer points of socialism vs. social democrat over images of what's happening in Venezuela right now.

I think the real issue is that HRC was generally acceded to be heir apparent in 2008, by people who had no conception of how negative her brand was after decades of malignant right wing attacks. As liberals, we decry persecution, but its so much easier to simply side-step the mud. There are other, far more electable names in the party (McAuliffe, Hickenlooper, Kaine, Webb, Warren, etc), and had the DNC encouraged a wider pool I think they may have beaten both HRC and Bernie (much of the Bernie vote was an anti-HRC vote).

Bort - 2016-11-10

You may be right godot, but the larger problem is that America LIKES Republicans and what they stand for. Check out any presidential election in the 21st century, and you'll notice that over 45% of Americans voted for a Republican candidate completely unfit for office.

I have no idea what the answer to the problem is, but while that problem persists, the Democrats have far less control over outcomes than they would in a sane country.

Bort - 2016-11-10

BTW I just read an article that says the reason the black vote was low this year wasn't lack of support, it was voter suppression. I don't know if that's true yet -- at this stage there's going to be a lot of speculation parading as fact -- but it's entirely possible.

It wouldn't have taken much to swing the election the other way.

Gmork - 2016-11-10

"When you say "we let Hillary run over Bernie", I think you mean, "we put it to a vote, and most people preferred Hillary to Bernie, "

LOL that fairy tale again

Xenocide - 2016-11-10

Oh, so now it's a rigged system? I think I just hit bingo on my "traits that make Berniebros indistinguishable from Berniebros" card.

Xenocide - 2016-11-10

Holy shit, that's the best typo I ever made. I'm legitimately proud of that.

Of course I meant "Berniebros indistinguishable from Trump supporters," but the mistake above is too perfect, and is now official canon in both the Marvel and Toy Story universes.

Bort - 2016-11-10

Five Xenocides for Xenocide.

Bort - 2016-11-10

Gmork - yes, blacks and Latinos count as people too. Five-fifths people, even.

garcet71283 - 2016-11-10

Since when did "Over $50000 crowd" become synonymous with wealthy? Sounds like someone needs to finish school or find a different job. $50000 is barely above the poverty line for a two income family.

Bort - 2016-11-10

Fair enough, $50000 isn't the cutoff on where wealth starts. But it's where the support for Trump starts and it just goes up with income level. It pretty strongly undercuts the notion that Trump support is about the working man just trying to earn a decent wage -- that tracks much better with Hillary supporters.

Bort - 2016-11-11

Though it looks like the median income in the US is around $54000, so the $50000 figure is pretty close to the dividing line between the top 50% and the bottom 50%.

chumbucket - 2016-11-10

america: roasted

Caminante Nocturno - 2016-11-10

Well, at least you still get to feel clever.

alitheiathricechastened - 2016-11-10

kidfucker nocturno, you can cover yourself in alt-right glory all the live long day but everyone knows you're a kidfucker who can't stop watching animes with lolis getting raped.

Bootymarch - 2016-11-10


RedRust - 2016-11-10


Oscar Wildcat - 2016-11-10

So have you been painting communist murals on the sides of upstate NY barns with your old man? He must be beside himself now.

Oscar Wildcat - 2016-11-10

Oh yes, and your stars of course.

Tough American Bouncer - 2016-11-10

You constantly mock a guy. You had chance to leave him alone to be forgotten, but you chose the cheap shots. That guy ends up being the president of USA and all you can say is "go and suck a dick"?

godot - 2016-11-10

Trump was, and still is, believed to be a wildly successful businessman (he isn't), thanks to reality TV and licencing deals on buildings. He wasn't going to go away, even without the media coverage and comedians.

What we lacked, sadly, is interest by his supporters in learning whether he was who he said he was. The news coverage should have been on his demonstrated ineptitude and his long, long history as a con man, rather than the campaign gaffes his supporters didn't care about.

The Russians, by the way, largely admitted to orchestrating WikiLeaks and having contacts with the campaign today. NATO intelligence services think Russian intelligence "compromised" Trump during his Moscow visits. So, we have an inarticulate, inept, immoral Manchurian candidate. And its not because our media failed us, but because half our citizens failed in their duties to become informed.

Anaxagoras - 2016-11-10

Yes, but RESENTMENT. So there, Mr. Liberal Elite.

Xenocide - 2016-11-10

Putin also has a "no one is allowed to make jokes about me" policy, so it's good that you're getting in the practice for when it becomes the law here, too.

Gmork - 2016-11-10

"The news coverage should have been on his demonstrated ineptitude and his long, long history as a con man, rather than the campaign gaffes his supporters didn't care about."

This. This right here.

Jerm - 2016-11-10

This clip is from three months ago.

MacGyver Style Bomb - 2016-11-10

I'm guessing it's like a slim jim.

Monkey Napoleon - 2016-11-10

It's been a year. We've got 4 years to be shitty. Can't we just, like, take a break for week?

Xenocide - 2016-11-10

Being shitty to Trump for four years sounds like too little time.

Besides, we probably only have fifteen months or so before the stresses of the job cause him to drop dead with enough coke in his system to kill a particularly 1980's Hippopotamus.

StanleyPain - 2016-11-10

It's hilarious there are still "Edgelord" fucktards who think that Trump is actually some kind of middle finger to the system when he is, in fact, the most status quo candidate you could possibly imagine. He won't shake SHIT up. He and the people surrounding him are business as usual. American as usual. Nothing different, just the same old white guy bullshit we have seen over and over again who do nothing for the country whatsoever, everything for their wallets and bottom line, and end up leaving only footnotes in history about how awful they were.

Trump is boring. You people who think he's so different are the fucking boringest people on the planet. I grew up in the 80s, man. Reagan sucked, his Presidency sucked, he was a boring, corrupt, shitty old man. You just re-elected Reagan, only with more psychological issues. It's Nixon again. Reagan again. Bush Sr. again. It is as predictable and bland as you can get. You are not edgy. You are not forcing a change in the system. If you voted for Trump, aside from being facists and bootlickers (which you are, just admit it and the next 4 years will go slightly easier on you, just admit you're a dumbass bigot and it will hurt less now), you are doing the most predictably lame thing you possibly can.

Anaxagoras - 2016-11-10


Also, fuck you. You're not the boss of me.

*Puffs out chest*

Crackersmack - 2016-11-10

Same, except about people who voted for Clinton.

bawbag - 2016-11-10

Nailed it stanley. If you want some entertainment, go find the Fat Wreck Chords page and read the comments on their 'Not My Fuckin President' t-shirts.

Chock-full of 21st century edgelords and middle-aged 'punks' who apparently listened to NOFX and the like but totally missed the fact that a lot of these bands are left-wing as fuck and HATE trump as much as they hated Reagan.

Crackersmack - 2016-11-10

Look at all the sad feels.

We killed a fucking vampire on Tuesday! One that was sucking all of the credibility out of the Democratic Party. Let's put a few more stakes in her chest, bury her extra-deep, and pile tons of rocks on top of the grave. Now we get to rebuild this party into something that's useful to people outside the 1%.

The future is brighter now than it was on Monday. Bernie is already backing Keith Ellison to head the DNC. Lots of work to be done to chase away the Clintonites, but they are on the ropes now. Years from now we're gonna look back at this week and remember it as the point that the tables turned.

Bort - 2016-11-10

This is what you're cheering.


Dunno if you're trolling like EH, or if you're really just that self-absorbed and broken.

bawbag - 2016-11-10

"but they are on the ropes now. Years from now we're gonna look back at this week and remember it as the point that the tables turned."

This is what everyone in the UK said when the Labour Party imploded, but the Neocon Blairites are still there and they are still knifing the old guard in the back at every opportunity. The party is in its death throes, and meanwhile they are an unelectable soup of fuckwits and Red Tories and they will be out of power for potentially the next decade or two.

I strongly suspect the Dems defeat will do much the same for your political scene. I hope I'm wrong.

Bort - 2016-11-10

Here Crackersmack, more good news in your little utopia:

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/day-1-trumps-america_us_58 2497afe4b0cdd5e7e99e86

Crackersmack - 2016-11-10

Birt, what you are doing here is a good representation of the facetious shit that caused your candidate to lose on Tuesday.

No I don't support racial hate crimes, but I do support a strong repudiation of the incredibly destructive neolib economic policies that the Clintons and their sycophants represent. And that's exactly what happened when the working class people of the rust belt didn't show up for Clinton in the same numbers that they did for Obama.

The Wall Street branch of this party, backed and populated by comfortable middle class suburbanites, were dangerously close to unifying with the center-right (aka Repubs that aren't religious nutjobs) and creating an unkillable monster that would drive the lower 1/3rd of our population even deeper into poverty. The long line of neocons lining up to vocally support Clinton should have scared the shit out of all of us, but the denial and Clinton fangirlism was so deep that this was considered a good thing! They were weaponizing identity politics and using it to shut down economic justice efforts. And they came damn close to succeeding.

So yeah, we are gonna have to survive four years of Trump though. We've been through worse. It's a small price to pay to witness the rebirth of the only vehicle that poor people have any chance of using to better their representation in government. Seriously, this party became more credible, more ethical, more useful, less craven, and FAR less corrupt Tuesday night. The anchor hanging around our necks was cut loose. Once the shock wears off it will become easier to see and you'll understand why those of us that have been immersed in this are celebrating.

Bort - 2016-11-10

"So yeah, we are gonna have to survive four years of Trump though. We've been through worse. It's a small price to pay"

Ladies and gentleman, Susan Sarandon, but even more self-absorbed and broken. Like her, you don't anticipate paying any price personally, therefore whatever white supremacist horseshit comes down the pike is fine with you. That puts you a lot closer to the white supremacists than you're likely to ever grasp.

Crackersmack - 2016-11-10

Oh please just STFU with the hyperbole shit, that contributed to all this. You all crying wolf like that just diminishes the suffering of people that really are marginalized. Trump's not going to kill anyone. He's a shitty mainstream Republican just like Clinton except without the thin veneer of 1%-approved, celebrity endorsed identity politics.

Bort - 2016-11-10

"Trump's not going to kill anyone."

Rolling back Obamacare is going to kill people. Rolling back social services is going to kill people. Undoing environmental regulations is going to kill people. Reversing course on climate change is going to kill people. And emboldening his shitty racist misogynist followers is going to kill people at some point.

Just not you, as far as you can foresee, so it's all good.

You can shove your heartfelt concern for the disenfranchised and marginalized, which is about as genuine as Trump's.

RockBolt - 2016-11-11

Yeah, I'm sure Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin is really going to stick it to Wall Street. And a cabinet of Guliani, Gingrich, and Christie are just the political outsiders we need!

Bort - 2016-11-11

Hey Crackersmack, this is some of what's happened in the day after Trump's victory:


Please tell me again how nobody's going to get killed because of Trump. Then go fuck yourself.

Crackersmack - 2016-11-11

'... and there are Russian agents everywhere! Behind every bush, waiting to attack, trying to steal the election from our Slay Kweeenn! Trump works for Putin! He's Hitler! These are the end times! Kristalnacht!"

The Chicken Little act that you all put on for the last year just helped hand the election to Trump, and you still won't let it go.

Crackersmack - 2016-11-11

Rockbolt - Clinton was suggesting Jamie Dimon for Treasury.

dairyqueenlatifah - 2016-11-10

It's funny because behind all the joking you can just see the bitterness written all over his face.

Oh well, Trump being president will most likely make the jobs of these guys even easier than it was when Bush was in office. Maybe Jon Stewart will come back out of retirement! Lord knows TDS sucks shit since he left.

Bootymarch - 2016-11-10

I've been thinking that, more than anything, the cult of personality that got Trump elected has been about rape.

Bootymarch - 2016-11-10

I mean, just look at where the rhetoric is at now. Liberals aren't just "nigger-lovers" anymore, they're "emasculated slave cucks." Nobody really aspires to be a "bigot", but a powerful man that just takes the pussy he deserves? He talks about his cock, says he forces himself on women and they love him even more.

Oscar Wildcat - 2016-11-10

From what I heard of the cabinet suggestions today, every person including the president will have had multiple wives, and cheated on one or more partners. Every one.

That said, 58% of white women voted for Trump, so you know there is a receptive audience for this kind of thing. It's just bog standard primate behavior really.

Retardo Montebaun - 2016-11-11

Leonard Cohen died today, and David Bowie died earlier this year. 2016 will not be a year i fondly remember. But i honestly have to say, that whatever happens in the next four years, I really believe in you guys. Some really amazing things have happened in the last eight years, like suddenly out of the blue people cared about gay rights. People actually started to talk about how many people are in prison, and the effect of a militarized police. Yeah this is bad, but it won't last and despite what some really terrible people want, America isn't going back to Jim Crow, it's just some growing pains. You are on the right path, and your friends up north will keep cheering for you. America never stopped being great.

moldprince - 2016-11-11

Thank you.

That's the first thing I've read today that moved the needle a bit up from "total numb despondency"

I hope we prove you right.

Bort - 2016-11-11

Rather than go for total numb despondency, I went this direction: we won't be able to count on government to work for us from top-down, so instead we're going to have to work from the bottom-up. Find a local organization, or two, or three that can generate a little stability, and help out there.

My own personal choice of action: police militarization. There's a good chance we know why cities used to be crime-ridden and it got worse until the 1990s, when it suddenly declined: lead in the air from auto emissions. Kids exposed to lead emissions in the 60s and 70s were more prone to the behavioral problems that led to becoming criminals in the 80s and 90s. This continued until the EPA started cracking down on lead in the 70s, leading to a generation of kids who didn't grow up with quite as much lead damage.

Why this matters to police militarization: because the entire justification for a militarized police is that they're keeping high crime rates from returning. But if it turns out that they have nothing to do with crime rates going down and staying down, and that becomes a good reason to return the police to a "peacetime" mentality.

http://www.motherjones.com/environment/2016/02/lead-exposure-g asoline-crime-increase-children-health

It's a change that won't happen because the White House mandates it, though -- not the Trump White House anyway. It's got to start at the local level.

EvilHomer - 2016-11-11

>>I went this direction: we won't be able to count on government to work for us from top-down, so instead we're going to have to work from the bottom-up.

Well fuck me, Bort, welcome back to the libertarian side!!! :D

I've been saying since Tuesday that the narrative was going to start flipping, but the changeover is going much faster than I anticipated. Now that we've got you on the side of the citizens, not the state, we're ready to rock!

Bort - 2016-11-11

Yeah I've lost interest in playing with you EH.

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