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Albuquerque Halsey - 2016-11-12


dubz - 2016-11-12


Team Hillary blew it, she knew she was the chosen one, it was her turn! The DNC did a happy dance the second Trump got the nom and then sat around huffing each others farts right up til the end. They just assumed they had every vote that Barry got and it was a lock. You know she never had a single campaign stop in Wisconsin? Send Chelsea and Bernie okay no worries it's dependably blue after all....WELP. Then factor in all those rural counties in OH an PA that Obama won in '08 and '12, Trump fucking smoked her by %50 or more in some cases.

It wasn't pissed off Bernie supporters, or apathy, Trump really did have a movement. None of pollsters actually went out and counted yard signs, and there wasn't a "stealth Hillary vote". They didn't get their change with Obama and they see this loud asshole promising to torpedo the system and it's fucking musical. Trump is a brick through the window of the establishment, with bonus bag of poo on the porch.

I voted for Hillary btw.

Also cool song I guess

robots - 2016-11-12

I dunno, i feel this country is going to be seeing more presidents who point out the mistakes of the previous administration, promise drastic change, find opposition in congress, leading into unfulfilled campaign promises, unhappy citizens, and the cycle repeats itself.
I honestly think most developed nations are out of "big ideas" that would unite its citizens. The big ideas that are out there, usually sound insane to any rational person. I'd say that had a lot to do with why Trump got elected, he had great plans, the best plans, you won't believe how awesome it's going to be.

Still, i get this grimey feeling that a shitty used car salesman got elected president because he promised rust-insurance and free gasoline for life

dubz - 2016-11-12

Your used car salesman analogy is pretty apt imo. Maybe our country won't end up burning down in a ditch like a repainted pinto?

Can't say I'm too optimistic right now :(

Nominal - 2016-11-12

Except most people don't seem to realize (or care) it was a historically uncooperative Republican congress that blocked or blunted every move to fulfill campaign promises. They think that if they "punish" Democrats enough that will "shift them left" or whatever retarded phrase they're tossing around now. If only Democrats had tried harder or were purer, then they would have magically overcome sheer numbers in the opposition and gotten everyone their unicorn.

Nominal - 2016-11-12

and that's why I don't think this country is ever going to recover and get back on track. Republicans have the winning formula of endless obstruction when they're not in power, public puts entire blame on Democrats, votes more Republicans into power.

It's a lose lose whether Democrats adopt these tactics or not. We are going to be so unimaginably fucked over these coming years. If you thought one meek idiot president and one corporate crony was bad, now we have one aggressive idiot president corporate crook, and en entire cabinet of corporate cronies who have already been part of one of the biggest national plunders in history.

This is to say nothing of the violence and social unrest resulting from once dormant shitheels who are now emboldened by seeing their new hero get away with publicly saying all the things they thought were previously unacceptable.

Recommended reading: It Can't Happen Here, by Sinclair Louis. I wouldn't call it a well-written book (it was a rushed first draft), but it absolutely nails how a totalitarian regime would look like in this country, and nails even more the attitude of the common people who eagerly embrace it. The true horror of an early fascism isn't government jack boots, it's your the local neighborhood brownshirts getting to act out their shittiest fantasies.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2016-11-13

Here's something I never thought I'd say, I'm starting to sympathize with the Trump voters a little bit. I'm getting fed up with the way the liberals keep leaning on the racism narrative. It doesn't really explain much, it's just what they do.

It's hardly extravagant praise when I say that, as Republican candidates go, I don't think Trump is particularly racist; he just doesn't speak dogwhistle, and it won't be long before certain mouth-breathing knuckle draggers realize that yanking the hijab off a muslim woman, or yelling racial epithets at schoolchildren still makes you an asshole.

The point of Donald trump isn't that he's racist; it's that he's not a politician. Which is going top turn out to mean that he's incompetent, because being president is all about politics.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2016-11-13

>>>Team Hillary blew it, she knew she was the chosen one, it was her turn! The DNC did a happy dance the second Trump got the nom and then sat around huffing each others farts right up til the end. They just assumed they had every vote that Barry got and it was a lock.

Oh, stop that. Did you think that Trump was going to win? I sure didn't. Watch the footage of Trump voting in New York that morning. He looks defeated. Stop trying to amuse yourself with the bullshit narrative that it was the height of hubris for Clinton to believe what nearly everyone believed. Have a little respect, if not for the candidate and her supporters, then maybe for reality.

EvilHomer - 2016-11-13

>> Stop trying to amuse yourself with the bullshit narrative that it was the height of hubris for Clinton to believe what nearly everyone believed.

Nearly everyone in YOUR circle of experience, maybe, but that's the problem isn't it? It's easy for Americans to get locked inside echo chambers - in your case, John, it was the echo chamber of pro-Hillary, push-polling, Old Media nonsense. Yours was a world in which Pussygate was more important than Juanita and Kathy Shelton, in which Trump University was more important than jobs or Syria, in which every God-fearing American was going to fall in line merely because a popular celebrity called Trump Hitler. OF COURSE you believed "reality" was against Donald Trump, because everything within *your* reality confirmed your biased narrative!

And as Mr Dubz points out: that kind of complacence, sadly, is why history has discarded you.

alitheiathricechastened - 2016-11-13

emil homer,

i like semen universe, do you like steven universe?

dubz - 2016-11-13

>>Oh, stop that. Did you think that Trump was going to win? I sure didn't.

Nor did I, or Trump. You're right he did look defeated.

~Election night anecdote warning~

So I'm watching the numbers come in, flipping between FOX and CBS on TV, MSNBC on the computer. There was this amazing, surreal half hour between 11 and 11:30 pm. MSNBC and CBS talking heads become increasingly worried, the numbers aren't adding up right. Their banter and body language change, they are thinking "holy fuck are we going to lose?"

Meanwhile on FOX the polar opposite is happening. Wide-eyed, wildly gesticulating, pointing at the rising red numbers in FL, WI, OH, NC and PA. "holy fuck we might actually win!"

Then NC and FL went red, a hot mic picks up a muttering Chris Matthews; "ain't that a bitch?" I finish my bottle of Jack and put myself to bed with the dim hope I'll wake to a early Christmas Miracle.


I freely admit that I was stuck in an echo chamber, and I was making what I thought was an effort to avoid it. The shotgun blast of information that we have to digest each day is too much. The forums, feeds, channels and cycles just become white noise eventually and we wind up leaning on what we know.

Also, fuck me I kinda agree with EH here. This is the worst timeline.

EvilHomer - 2016-11-13

If it makes you guys feel any better, the only thing that happened was a single, largely ceremonial, government position got filled by a candidate other than the one whom the neocon establishment wanted to work with. The rest of the American Deep State system - the banking industry, the military-industrial complex, the corporate media, and so forth - those people all remain at their posts, and they will make sure that the policies of Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama with Clinton, and what should have been Clinton again, are followed through to the letter.

There will still be wars in the Middle East, there will be domestic spying at home, regulatory bodies will still be run by corporate insiders for the benefit of the corporations that are supposed to be regulated. Hell, given Trump's connections to Epstein, I highly doubt he's even going to pursue those criminal investigations into Hillary and John "Cheese Pizza" Podesta which he promised to the American people! Basically, everything you guys hoped Hillary would do for you (except maybe war with Russia), will still get done - it's just going to get done by a dude with better mic skills and a hotter daughter.

dubz - 2016-11-13

As a straight, white male that has a decent job with good benefits I largely agree with your assessment of the day to day workings. The fewer of those conditions one can meet, I fear it may be a different story.

Then there are those Supreme Court nominations....

I'm scared, ya'll.

Potrod - 2016-11-12

Dupe, and an easily found one at that. Also I kind of hate this guy. Cool song, though.

Born in the RSR - 2016-11-12

I'll be five staring the placeholder video.

bawbag - 2016-11-12


bawbag - 2016-11-12


Nominal - 2016-11-12

I'd like to take a moment and brag how right I was 5 months ago that the GOP wasn't anywhere close to "eating itself" and dying off, that all it would take is a rebranding of its image to revitalize the party. Lo and behold look what happened.

It makes it even sweeter getting to rub it into resident shit-flinger Shoebox Joe's face ^_^


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