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Old_Zircon - 2016-11-26

I wonder if this is related to the easter egg built in to cats whereby if something is touching their stomach their brain thinks they are lying down and their back legs just stop working.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2016-11-26

Poetv gets back to its bread and butter

TeenerTot - 2016-11-26

Temple Grandin shops at Babies R Us.

magnesium - 2016-11-26

This made me so uncomfortable. Five stars.

jangbones - 2016-11-26

its rare to see an organism long for the sweet embrace of death so

kingofthenothing - 2016-11-26

Five for evil.

Boomer The Dog - 2016-11-30

Somebody wants a baby! This is kind of cute, baby anthro Dogs need to start somewhere.


EvilHomer - 2016-11-30

Hey Boom, I think I've asked this before, but do you imagine there are any dogs who think they're people? If they had internet access, would they go to Fleshy conventions and dress up like canomorphic human characters?

"This is my fleshsona. His name is Bill Shadowthumb. He gathers a lot of food, and is super skilled at hunting cats."

I think that'd be neat!

EvilHomer - 2016-11-30

Oh, also, I met a cool new dog the other day. I shit you not, he is a doberman/chihuahua mix. I have no idea how that happened or what madman dreamt it up, but that is what he is.

Also also, the current frontpage video "America, Land of the Dead" has some dog related stuff you might enjoy; check it out! :)

Boomer The Dog - 2016-11-30

You have to think about the other side, it's true! Your ideas are pretty playful, and sure, I'd go along with that and would like to see it if possible.

What if a Dog did turn into a Human and had an emerging mind that started to contemplate humanity and what it means? I'm thinking there would be lots of introspection on the new Human's part, the same as if a person became a Dog, and realized what they were before, such as in the movie Fluke.

Maybe the ultimate outcome would depend on how the Dog person was received by Human society, mammals respond to acceptance and love. Having that as a common point with both species might make it two times stronger.

There's a body swap movie you might want to look up, if you can find it, like on a torrent. It's called Dogmatic, where executive Dennis changes places with his Dog, Rocky, a Terrier who looks a lot like the one being dressed in this video. It's Disney style comedy, it was on Disney's weekly TV show one time, but made in Canada.

Otherwise, I'd like to see Doggies compete and have their own Humanity conventions. The faster we can break up the Furry cabal, the better!


EvilHomer - 2016-11-30

Something else: one of the things I've noticed with Furry conventions is how much attention they pay to color; Furries loves working with colors, playing around with different ways to make their characters stand out. The trouble with DOGS, of course, is that dogs cannot see in color. While a Furry fursuit might have a rainbow of rich colors, a Fleshy humsuit would either have no colors at all (flat, undyed fabric), or it would be colored in a blindly random, visually-unappealing fashion.

Instead, do you think perhaps the dogs would focus on *smells*? Like, instead of having color charts and fancy colored fabrics, they'd have smell charts for each character, and tie to their suits many little bags of intricate dog-style perfume?

EvilHomer - 2016-11-30

I imagine there would be some element of culture shock. Like, maybe humans go to the dog convention, and they wonder why all the dogs look so drab and boring? But then dogs go to a human convention, and the dogs are wondering why the humans haven't taken the time to smell like deer or pine trees or three-week-old toilet bacon.

Maybe one day, some really enterprising individuals in both camps would become so steeped in the other's culture that they would start focusing on the "correct" senses for their adopted species - but then they'd probably be called autistic, ostracized by their peers, and it'd quickly grow pretty lonely for them. "Your fursuit looks like crap, and it smells like crap too!" "That's because I am a wolf, and I rolled in moose dung so as to camouflage my scent. Now I can sneak up on an entire herd of prey without being detected." "Ewww, get out of here, you weirdo!" something like that.

EvilHomer - 2016-11-30

"Bowser! What the hell, man? You smell like after-shave, and there are weird shades of grey all over your body!"

"That is because I am a human. I'm wearing 'colored' clothes and perfuming myself, so that I can find a fertile mate, and so my employer will like me and let me hunt for dollars in his pack!"

"Gross, dude; go find a dead squirrel and unwash that crap off."

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