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Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2017-01-01

Outsider art..
I watched it all, I couldnt turn away.

boner - 2017-01-03

When cynics encounter sincerity.

boner - 2017-01-03

this was in response to biggerj

BiggerJ - 2017-01-01

Tag suggestion: Sonic Underground (the specific series this is based on)

Outsider art is right. This guy is amazing. This comments show he's surprisingly self-aware and utterly untrollable.

Links below. Yeah, yeah, I know, /cow/, but they're pretty much stumped by him. People trying to insult or psychoanalyze him find little purchase in the threads' discourse.


Nominal - 2017-01-01

Speaking of Sonic, Hellsing Abrdiged just came out with episode 7.

http://teamfourstar.com/hellsing-ultimate-abridged-episode-07- teamfourstar/

Give it a couple minutes...

Nominal - 2017-01-01

Abridged, even!

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