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chumbucket - 2017-02-02

Leather coat over the shoulders, like some flamboyant gestapo agent.

Born in the RSR - 2017-02-02

Is it just me or is this Martin fellow fucking plastered.

Binro the Heretic - 2017-02-02

Apparently, he was only good at playing a drunk. According to those who knew him, he actually drank very little and too much alcohol would put him out like a light.

On stage, he sipped apple juice or colored water.

RomeoGunn - 2017-02-02

Dean Martin is an auto 5 stars for me. God I love this show.

fedex - 2017-02-02

Dean was having a great time with all them Dames before Lynde shows up.

Binro the Heretic - 2017-02-02

An interviewer once asked Lynde if he planned on getting married and having kids. Lynde laughed and asked, "What, have you been living under a rock?"

Also, holy shit, this came on the same year I was born.

Pillager - 2023-04-10

I wish that Nick Fury had been based on Paul Lynde instead of Dino.

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