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Bobonne - 2017-04-03

He's a....uh...actually, I'm not sure which country he's from, but he's from an African nation, and his schtick is that he'll make a video saying whatever you want for money. 4chan's been using him for years (like, YEARS) to make videos to amuse themselves, and you can see that he is rather charming in his own way.

So this is him making somebody else's video, once again, almost certainly, could be any number of people (as his popularity as a meme figure has caused his services to be sought by people outside of 4chan specifically as well).

Bobonne - 2017-04-03

Oh, wait, Eric from Internet Etiquette with Eric is behind this. Oh Eric.

Oh wait, it's some other guy paying BOTH of them to make this. Wow. Kudos to this Adam guy, whoever he is.

Tyrone. That was his name. Tyrone.

Nominal - 2017-04-03

Whoever Adam of YMS fame is? YMS, the channel this very video is on?

Bobonne - 2017-04-03

The channel information I don't see if I let the video play on this webpage?

Yeah, that channel information, I guess.

Nominal - 2017-04-03

Well geez, you were doing detective work with everything else. That's like digging up tons of background info on Inside the Actor's Studio guests then saying, "Whoever this James guy is."

yogarfield - 2017-04-03

Yeah, this is just Big Man Tyrone. Probably already has some vids up here.

Anybody remember when somebody paid a guy to do a poetv ad in front of the Taj Mahal?

infinite zest - 2017-04-05

That guy was paid?

infinite zest - 2017-04-05

I like how Stephen King famously said he'd never direct another movie, as Maximum Overdrive was a disappointment (more for King than his fanbase really) to keep people - including himself - away from tarnishing a product like, I dunno, Kubrick apparently did with The Shining. And yet then he let 2 Lawnmower Mans happen, the first one because virtual reality and Stephen King were popular concepts in the 90s. That's pretty much all the short story and movie have in common. So why NOT a sequel, right?

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