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SolRo - 2017-04-29

Basically a special road for rich people.

...who will then lobby to get lower tax rates for maintaining the roads of the peasants

garcet71283 - 2017-04-29

More like a scheme by the Parking Garage lobby. Just look at all that free, parallel parking that is being eliminated.

Maggot Brain - 2017-04-29

"it's a car-car, like a shoe for your hat!"

Raggamuffin - 2017-04-29

Hey, if there is an easier way to transport people in tunnels under cities than this I'd sure like to hear about it.

SolRo - 2017-04-29


First you stick them in a pressure vessel, then have that ride on a maglev system, through a tube at a near vacuum.

fedex - 2017-04-30

nah, ya grease 'em up like an eskimo, and genetically engineer miles of spastic colons to push them along with the peristaltic pressure!


Rafiki - 2017-04-30


BHWW - 2017-04-30

Obviously, the Boring Company is Elon Musk's thinly veiled plot to mine top secret and powerful "time crystals" with public money.

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