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Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2017-05-28


The Mothership - 2017-05-29

Jupiter. Damn.

fedex - 2017-05-29

Jupiters' butt is nasty

il fiore bel - 2017-05-29

Hey! You try sitting out in space for eons with random asteroids treating it like a truck stop.

godot - 2017-05-29

Pretty amazing to see the polar storms. More amazing when one considers how weird Juno's camera(s). The Juno spacecraft spins at 2 rpm, and its cameras are akin to the slit cameras once used for panaramas. To prevent a blurry mess at such speeds, its integrates the incident light on the sensors , I suspect over several rotations.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2017-05-31

Fuck. People talk about how there is no space program, but Unmanned space programs are the shit. I've mentioned this before: I used to be into space exploration when I was a kid, and back then Jupiter had 12 moons, Saturn had ten moons, and there was no kuyper belt, no moon of jupiter with massive volanic explosions. Everything is different out there than what we used to tthink.

Voyager has a website, where you can get real time data on how far Voyager 1 and 2 are from the sun, and from the earth. Voyager 1 just left the solar system just a couple of years ago, and it's still sending data, some of which is apparently, still of great scientific import. Before I die, I really need to study some of this stuff.

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