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betamaxed - 2017-06-22

Giving the full 5 as for once in a Telugu movie they explain why the protagonist has fighting skills that defy the laws of physics. It seems this person has divine powers rather than just be another protagonist with an unhealthy BMI that can mysteriously float in the air for no reason.

Space Odin - 2017-06-22

The editing in this clip kind of glosses over the fact that the grieving villagers are praying over his carcass at that shrine.

This pantheon has like ten billion gods. Surely some of them are listening?

gmol - 2017-06-23

I'm genuinely impressed. The sfx is a lot tighter than I am used to seeing in these sorts of films. The red cloth and poses of the hero are really well composed.

betamaxed - 2017-06-23

The SFX in bollywood and telugu pictures have drastically improved in the last five years to the point where they're getting to be just as good as big budget western movies

You should check out the work done in Baahubali 2:


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