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Caminante - 2007-05-06

I love these two guys so much.

thebaronsdoctor - 2007-05-06

Are these the same guys from the Snorlax clip?

Herr Matthias - 2007-05-07

i must be missing something here

RandomFerret - 2007-11-24

Your sound don't work? You don't got ears? Speaka da English?

Charles - 2009-09-12

Naw Ferret, he put da fuckin' game in wrong!

Afgh - 2007-05-07

Someone put the tape in wrong.

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2007-05-07


fluffy - 2007-05-07

I like how they keep on referring to it as a "tape"

EvilHomer - 2007-05-07

These guys are AMAZING. Please tell me this is real.

xenocide - 2007-05-07

You put the tape in wrong, thus causing it to generate an entierly new level.

oddeye - 2007-05-07

Tapes? WTF

citrusmirakel - 2007-05-07

Now I know what dorks sound like in Boston.

arjay - 2007-05-07

I got even more points. What the fuck!

enjoy - 2007-05-07

Nice find. I'm guessing guidos.

Rudy - 2007-05-07

The pins get dirty!

KnowFuture - 2007-05-07

Why is that young man so angry?

fourthguy - 2007-05-07

Q-ba tips and rubbin' alcohol!

Hooper_X - 2007-05-07

This is heavy with the stench of Baaahstahn.

Willfro - 2007-12-11

Sounds more like Brooklyn to me, I dunno. Fake Brooklyn maybe...

Vicious - 2008-04-18

They say they bought it in a pawn shop in "down over in Brooklyn."

Bone_Vulture - 2007-05-07

Wow, that's some un-spontaneous dialogue.

oswaldtheluckyrabbit - 2007-05-10

there is nothing funnier than angry, confused cursing

gambol - 2007-05-26

Bone Vulture is right. And the one guy sounds like Zack Morris.

FABIO2 - 2007-05-28

People give the "frustration with audio" hacked level commentary clip one star, but this shit five?

Charles - 2009-09-12

That video is 23 fucking minutes long. It's also pretty clear that the guy thought it through beforehand.

This video, on the other hand, is a watchable 2 minutes, with more genuine-sounding anger (even if they are acting), and added realism with the camera focused on the TV screen.

Smellvin - 2007-11-20

Two young males fighting like a married couple about an SNES game. Priceless.

Gwago - 2008-03-29

"This level is RELENTLESS!!"

There isn't even an enemy in sight.

YakooMarkTwo - 2008-04-04

"That's the last time I buy a game from Vinnie" is going to be my new personal expression of disappointment. Car won't start? Movie ends up sucking? Blind date ends up being ugly? "That's the last time I buy a game from Vinnie!"

kingofthenothing - 2008-10-13

The whistle! This is the game with the whistle! "NO, not this one! The one with the vegetables!"

joyofdiscord - 2009-09-16

Very nice.

spiteful crow - 2012-05-06

Is this the NFL?

dairyqueenlatifah - 2013-10-12


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